The 9 Best Air Compressor for Home Garage

Tired of going to the gas station to fill your tires?

Need to start a DIY project but can’t figure out what air compressor to buy?

If you’re running short on time, the best air compressor for the home garage we found was the Stark Portable Quiet Air Compressor.

Everything else you need to know is just below here.

9 Best Air Compressors for Home Garage

California Air 10020C5.30CFM @ 90PSI
10 Gallons
70 dBA
Stark Compressor3.5CFM @ 90PSI
10 Gallons
California Air 8010A2.2CFM @ 90PSI
8 Gallons
60 dBA
DeWalt DWFP551262.6CFM @ 90PSI
6 Gallons
75.5 dBA
Bostitch BTFP020122.6CFM @ 90PSI
6 Gallons
78.5 dBA
6 Gallons
75 dBA
California Air 4710SQ2.0CFM @ 90 PSI
4.7 Gallons
California Air 4610AC 2.2CFM @ 90PSI
4.6 Gallons
60 dBA
1.5 Gallons
79 dBA
California Air 1P1060SP1.2CFM @ 90PSI
1 Gallon
56 dBA

1) What’s a good size air compressor for home use?

It depends on the CFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) required by your air tools. For most practical at-home use, any air compressor on this list will get the job done.

If you need something that is continuously running like a die grinder or disc sander, you will require a bigger air compressor suitable for a workshop. You can check here to see if this model suits your needs.

2) How often should you change air compressor oil?

At least once a year if your model isn’t oil-free. Air compressors take SAE20 or SAE 30 oil.

3) What is the best air compressor for home use?

We found the Stark Portable Quiet Air Compressor to be the best overall home garage air compressor.

If you’re looking for the best portable air compressor, the PORTER-CABLE CMB15 is a great choice.

Need a quiet model? The California Air Tools CAT-4710SQ will suit you just fine.

Also, don’t forget to pick up a hose, most units don’t come with one.

Best Overall Air Compressor For Home Garage

Stark Portable Quiet Air Compressor

Stark Portable Quiet Air Compressor

Look no further, the Stark 3.5HP air compressor is the best air compressor for home use.

With a 10 gallon tank and 3.5CFM @ 90PSI, you’ll be able to power any home air tool you throw at it. Perfect for taking care of tire filling, nail gunning, and some light spray painting. It’ll be plenty to make use of an impact wrench.

If safety is an issue for you, there is an automatic shutoff feature. Air stops pumping when an object is fully inflated. Even though these days air compressors are relatively safe to use, always take the necessary precautions when using heavy-duty tools.

The industrial-style air filter increases air intake and allows for greater efficiency. The cylinder is also made out of cast iron which reduces wear and tear and provides for a faster recovery time.

The Stark air compressor does use oil if you had any concerns about that. SAE20 or SAE30 is perfect for air compressors.

Comparing all of the other air compressors I could find, the Stark seems to be the best all-around air compressor.

It was noted that this unit was not the quietest out there but if you’re using it outside it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • 10 Gallon Tank
  • 3.5 HP
  • Great Value
  • Not Suitable for Continous Use Air Tools (IE: grinders)

Best Heavy Duty Air Compressor For Home Garage

California Air Tools 10020C

California Air Tools 10020C

Need to up the CFM? The California Air Tools 10020C does 5.30 CFM at 90 PSI with a 10-gallon tank. This model will be great if you need to do heavy-duty continuous use.

The California 10020C has a 70 dB rating which can be a bit loud if ran for extended periods of time. You’ll have a hard time upping the CFM while keeping the noise level down if that is an issue for you.

The model is oil-free allowing for hassle-free. The life cycle of the piston is 3000+ hours which is an incredible amount compared to the average air compressor’s 500-hour life span.

The tank is 82.5 pounds but has wheels for easy portability. You’ll also be satisfied with the thermal overload protector which will shut off the machine if it were to start overheating.

This is a great pick if you need that extra power to complete bigger projects. It’s even vertical so it takes up less space!

  • 5.30 CFM at 90 PSI
  • Oil-Free
  • Great for Heavy Usage
  • Can Get Loud

Best Runner Up Air Compressor For Home Garage

California Air Tools 8010A

The best part about the California Air Tools 8010A is that it’s ultra-quiet and oil-free. If you are looking for a hassle-free compressor, this one is the one for you.

Just because it’s oil-free doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do its job. With an 8 gallon capacity and 2.2CFM @ 90PSI, you shouldn’t have a problem running most of your tools in the garage. If you are looking to do angle grinding for longer periods of time, then you should be looking for a tank that can do 5CFM+.

A few reviewers mentioned that while the name is “Ultra-quiet” it doesn’t quite live up to the name. It is 60dB, which is just under a conversation noise level. If you are after a more silent model, you can check out the Silentaire Sil-Air 50-9-D.

The tank is created out of aluminum which will be rust-free for long-term usage. The wheels make it super easy to transport if you need it.

A great option if you’re after a quieter, all-around air compressor.

  • Oil Free
  • 8 Gallon Tank
  • Lightweight
  • Not Really “Ultra-Quiet”

Best Budget Air Compressor For Home Garage


The BOSTITCH BTFP02012 is a fantastic budget air compressor for smaller DYI projects.

Even though the Bostitch is a budget option it still offers a 6-gallon tank and up to 2.6 SCFM* delivered @ 90 PSI. You don’t need to compromise anymore with such a great deal.

It does list this unit as “Quiet” but 78.5dB is a bit more than quiet. Be aware that this unit isn’t going to be like a whisper, if noise is an issue then you’re going to have to pay a bit more for a better model.

The Bostitch is oil-free and comes with a high flow regulator and coupler to make your next project incredibly easy.

  • Great Budget Value
  • Handles DIY Projects
  • Only .8 Horsepower
  • Loud

Best Alternative Air Compressors for Home Garage

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Here are 5 more air compressors for your home garage.

You might be in the need for a tiny, quiet air compressor and you’ll find those at the bottom of this list.

1) DeWalt DWFP55126 Air Compressor For Home Garage

DeWalt DWFP55126

The DeWalt DWFP55126 offers 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI with a 6-gallon tank.

DeWALT has built this air compressor with a high-efficiency motor for easy start-up in cold weather. The high flow regulator and coupler maximize your tool’s performance.

Oil-free makes this air compressor hassle-free. It also weighs only 30 pounds, you can take this with you anywhere!

The 75dB level is not going to be quiet, so do make sure you aren’t in need of a quiet unit.

DeWALT mentions that you should check the drain valve is fully closed before using the compressor.

This is one of the highest-rated air compressors on Amazon, it’s hard to go wrong here.

  • Heavy Duty Handle
  • Lightweight
  • Not Suitable for Big Projects

2) CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K Air Compressor For Home Garage

The CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K comes in at 2.6 SCFM @ 90 PSI and a 6-gallon tank. Size isn’t everything, this air compressor still gets the job done.

The 13 piece kit includes everything required to fill up your tires and more, perfect for saving extra cash you can spend elsewhere.

CRAFTSMAN also created this model with you in mind, ensuring that the pump is oil-free for no maintenance.

At only 32.5 pounds, it’s incredibly powerful and lightweight. Hard to beat that combo.

With a one-year limited warranty, you’ll be able to sleep easy at night knowing your money won’t go to waste if anything goes wrong.

You don’t need to purchase the biggest and the best if all you’re going to do is use a nailgun and fill your tires from time to time. You’ll be happy with this purchase long term.

  • Oil Free
  • 1 year Limited Warranty
  • Not Suitable for Large Projects

3) California Air Tools CAT-4710SQ Air Compressor For Home Garage

While not every “quiet” compressor has actually been quiet, the consensus is that the California Air Tools CAT-4710SQ is actually quiet!

You’ll be more than happy if you live in a quiet neighborhood but still want to take advantage of the utility an air compressor has to offer.

This unit comes in at 2.00 CFM @ 90 psi and is still capable of powering a plethora of air tools in your garage. You won’t be disappointed.

Not only is it extremely quiet and capable, but it’s also incredibly well built with longevity in mind. It’s oil-free and created out of aluminum for a rust-free finish.

  • Actually Quiet
  • Amazing Value
  • Low CFM

4) California Air 4610AC Air Compressor For Home Garage

California Air 4610AC Air Compressor For Home Garage

The unit comes in at 2.20 cfm @ 90 psi and has a capacity of 4.6 gallons.

This model has two pistons unlike the others. The reason for this is that they reduce wear and tear and increase the longevity of the air compressor. It is quoted to run 3000+ hours before any repair is needed.

Purchase this model if you will be frequently using your air compressor, otherwise, you’re better off buying a cheaper model for the same effect. It’s going to be great if you want to utilize the best air impact wrench.

The California Air 4610AC is also incredibly quiet at only 60 dB. No worries here if you don’t want to wake up the neighbors.

To top it all off, it’s oil-free and is rust-free with wheel attachments for easy transportation.

You won’t be disappointed if you need a quiet, powerful, and lightweight air compressor.

  • Will Last a Long Time
  • Quiet
  • Light
  • Not Suitable for Bigger Projects

5) PORTER-CABLE CMB15 Air Compressor For Home Garage

The PORTER-CABLE CMB15 is an ultra-portable choice that comes with a 25-foot hose. Plug and play!

It’s not the biggest nor is it the quietest, but it is the smallest! If you don’t have much space around in the garage but still need an air compressor, this is for you.

It comes in at 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI which allows for quick recovery time. The tank is only 1.5 gallons, so don’t expect to be using an angle grinder or anything like that.

Sometimes you only need the bare minimum but still require quality, and this is exactly what you get with this model.

  • Ultra-Portable
  • Quick Recovery Time
  • Comes with Hose
  • Low Capacity

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