The 9 Best Garage Bike Racks

Going for a bike ride now and then is great for your health. Finding a spot for your bike to be stored can be a bit tricky when you’re running low on space.

Stowaway your bicycle properly with a bike rack and free up your precious garage space.

It can be confusing to choose what bike rack is best for you. I went ahead and found the absolute best bike racks for your garage.

If you don’t mind getting out of the drill, you’ll enjoy the Steadyrack Wall Mounted.

For a hassle-free option, the Bike Nook Bicycle Stand is also a great choice.

If you have multiple bikes, need a horizontal option, or want to check out all the options before you buy, check out the box below.

Steadyrack Wall Mounted VERTICAL CHECK PRICE
Wallmaster Garage Wall MountVERTICAL CHECK PRICE
gearup Single Floor Rack<FLOOR CHECK PRICE
Delta Cycle MichelangeloSTAND CHECK PRICE
Bike Nook Bicycle StandNOOK CHECK PRICE
6 Bike Storage RackRACK CHECK PRICE

Best Garage Bike Rack

Steadyrack Wall Mounted

The Steadyrack Wall Mounted Rack is more than a bike rack, it’s the best wall-mounted bike rack for your garage I could find.

You won’t have to lift your bike like other wall mounts require you to. You’ll be able to relax after you come home from a nice bike ride and easily stow away your bike rack.

With its universal fit, any bike you own should fit. They do advise that you check if your tires exceed 85mm or 2.4″, which should only happen if you have a mudguard on your bike.

It’ll hold even the heaviest bike you have with a weight limit of 77 pounds. That’s plenty, even if you’re into mountain biking.

No heavy lifting, amazing reviews, and a universal fit. You’ll save space and store your bike easily with this bike rack. The garage floor will be yours again after you claim your space back.

You will have to install the wall mount yourself which requires a drill.

  • Great Reviews
  • No lifting required
  • Requires drill for installation

Also Great Bicycle Stand For Garage Storage

Bike Nook Bicycle Stand

Bike Nook Bicycle Stand

No installation and upright storage, what a deal!

The Bike Nook Bicycle Stand is a perfect solution for anyone looking to stow away their bike in a vertical position without having to install anything.

Simply roll the back wheel onto the ramp, pop the front of the bike up and wham bam, your bike is secured! Save up to 3.5 feet of floor space in your garage for your next DIY project.

You won’t have to lift your bike like other wall mount bike racks require you to. Not to mention you’ll be able to take this with you anywhere, it’s portable.

The Bike Nook Bicycle Stand can hold any bike with a wheel diameter of 10 inches or higher.

Another benefit is that this stand will help you make quick and easy repairs, no more fussing around trying to get your bike to stay in place.

One of the best racks on this list!

  • No tools required
  • Vertical storage
  • Wheel diameter needs to be 10 inches+

Best Budget Vertical Bike Rack For Garage

Wallmaster Garage Wall Mount

Wallmaster Garage Wall Mount

The Wallmaster Garage Wall Mount is the best budget bike rack for garage storage out there.

You will have to pick up your bike to store it, but that shouldn’t be a problem for a tough guy (or girl) like you. Included are two bike racks so you can store both of your bikes or give one to a friend.

For the price, you’ll still be able to hold up to 50lbs. The hooks are rubber coated to ensure your tires don’t get scratched and stay in place.

The installation is super easy with only four screws required. Measure twice, drill once!

Hard to find fault with this one. It’s a barebones product but does what it does well. The Wallmaster Garage Wall Mount will hold your bike in place and save you space.

  • Two pack
  • Amazing budget value
  • Required to lift bike for storage

Best Floor Bike Rack For Garage

gearup Single Floor Rack

Can’t be bothered to bring out the drill and start measuring? Me either, that’s why the gearup Single Floor Rack is a great choice if you don’t need to save space.

With its incredibly classy look, your bike will be parked in style once you set your bike on top of the stand.

Created out of engineer-grade ABS plastic, the stand is rugged and waterproof. It can fit tires up to 2.25″.

The best part is you won’t have to install anything or have a headache when it comes to making sure it’s in the right place. Easily portable so you can take it along with you anywhere you go.

If you can’t drill any holes in your walls or can’t be bothered, this is going to be a good addition to your garage’s arsenal.

  • Aesthetic
  • No installation required
  • Doesn’t save space

Best 2-Bike Floor Bike Rack For Garage

F2C 2-Bike Rack

F2C 2-Bike Rack

The F2C 2-Bike Rack is a great solution if you need a floor stand for both of your bikes.

Created out of tubular steel with black dust-resistant powder coating, this bike rack will last a lifetime. PVC pads are also included to make sure your garage’s floor doesn’t get dinged or scraped.

The position of the rack is modular, so if you’d like to store each bike in a different direction you can do so to save on space. This floor bike stand is super easy to use, simply roll your bike inside and you’re done!

Store any bike you own with a maximum tire size of 26” and width of 2.5”. Incredibly easy to assemble with no tools or headache required.

Need to take it outside? No problem, this standing bike rack is an amazing solution for your bike’s garage storage needs.

  • Holds 2 bikes
  • Modular design
  • Doesn’t save garage floor space

Best Horizontal Bike Wall Mount Storage For Garage

Pro Bike Tool Wall Mount

Pro Bike Tool Wall Mount

No vertical space, no problem! Store your bike horizontally with the Pro Bike Tool Wall Mount.

What I like about this garage bike rack is that it’s aesthetic, it’ll be sure to add some class to your garage. Stow your bike directly on your wall and free up your garage’s space for other activities. The PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Wall Mount can hold bikes up to 48.5 pounds.

The mount is NOT suitable for bicycles with wide handlebars (31 inches / 78 cm), long wheelbase, or fat bikes.

The mount is created out of strong steel with scratch-proof coating and an arm locking mechanism to hold your bike in place. Adjust the angle up to 88 degrees to form around any bike you own.

The arm cradles are made from rubber to ensure your bike doesn’t get scratched when stored away. A rope is also included to hold the wheels in place and prevent them from banging against your garage walls.

Some reviewers noted that this product can be a bit tricky to install but perfectly doable with some common sense. A bike rack are a great way to ensure that your garage is organized.

Pro Bike Tool is so confident you’ll like it they offer a full refund or replacement for any purchase. Be sure not to install on unsupported wall surfaces or your bike may fall off.

  • Horizontal storage
  • Saves garage space
  • Not suitable for wide handlebar bicycles

Best Bike Stand Storage For Garage

Delta Cycle Michelangelo

Delta Cycle Michelangelo

The Delta Cycle Michelangelo is a perfect solution for horizontal storage that doesn’t require any drilling. Storing up to two bikes, it’s one of the best bangs for your buck products on this list.

It’s designed to hold your bike using a wall and gravity. You won’t need to worry about any headaches with getting the power tools out.

Not only is it hassle-free, but it’ll also make your garage stand out with its versatile and elegant looks. Created out of industrial-grade powder-coated steel to make sure that it’ll hold your bikes up.

The max weight is 100lbs which is going to be plenty for almost any bike owner. This is a great way to take care of bike storage if you own two bikes.

I think this is one of the bike rack I could find on this list, reviewers also mention how easy it is to install. Some purchasers noted that it was difficult removing the bike from the top of the rack, so be careful if you are interested in storing two heavy bikes.

  • No installation required
  • Holds 2 bikes
  • Can be a bit tricky getting bike off top ledge

Best Bike Rack For Garage

6 Bike Storage Rack

If you have a family that enjoys biking or biking is your passion, the 6 Bike Storage Rack for your garage is one of the best options I could find.

This bike rack will hold up to 300lbs, the highest we’ve seen so far on this list. Store up to six bikes on your garage wall, imagine the space you’ll save! Created out of powder-coated steel, this bike storage option will keep your bikes in order.

It is recommended to install the rack on wood, brick, or concrete. Drywall installation is not recommended. You will need a drill and a level for installation.

While the manufacturer did state that the rack can hold 6 bikes, purchasers found that 6 bikes would be impractical.

It’s suggested that you can fit up to four bikes without issue. You’ll be able to fit 6 if you have very skinny bikes. This garage bike rack is a great way to save on space and stow away up to four bikes!

  • Good option for multiple bikes
  • Doesn’t fit 6 bikes as stated

Best Hoist Bike Storage For Garage

RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist

It’s crazy what kind of garage bike racks they’re creating these days! The RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist was the best hoist bike rack for the garage I could find.

Included are rubber books designed to protect your bike from scratches. The safety locking mechanism holds your bike in place to prevent accidental release. You’ll want to sleep easy knowing your bike won’t smash into the floor with it being in proper bike storage.

This bike hoist can be used in indoor ceilings up to 12 feet. I think it’s so cool that you can store your bike in such away. I had no idea these things even existed! Perfect for smaller garages that need to save every inch of space.

You can lift up to 100lbs with the hoist. RAD claims they’re the original producers of this bike rack and they don’t cut corners. With all the positive reviewers I’m going to have to believe them.

  • Stores bike on ceiling
  • No corners cut manufacturing
  • Required to install on ceiling

Garage Bike Rack Storage FAQ

Is it OK to hang bike from wheel?

According to experts, hanging your bike by the wheel is acceptable as long as you can support it in some way. If the bike has aero carbon rims, then you want to avoid hanging your bike by the wheel as the material is too light to support its own weight.

How do I store my bikes in the garage?

Storing your bike in the garage depends on how much space you have available. You may not have enough space, so you can even consider using overhead garage storage space versus buying garage bike racks for multiple bikes.

You can free up some space by organizing your garage as well. Other options for multiple bikes would be to hang them by the wheel. This will save up floor space. If you don’t have any room, than maybe consider a horizontal bike rack which would be mounting on the walll.

Is it OK to store bike vertically?

Yes, you can store your bike vertically. There are specially made vertical bike racks that will aid you in saving floor space, and they look pretty cool too!

What type of bike rack is best?

The best bike rack for you depends on your bike storage needs. If you need to store one bike, then consider getting a bike stand over more expensive options. If you need to store multiple bikes, then you’ll find various bike racks for bike storage that can store up to six bikes without any issues.

Final Thoughts

Bike racks are a great way to organize your garage along with garage storage containers. It’s a great first step to getting your bike off the floor and reclaiming the rest of your garage. Take some time to figure out the best bike storage for you and enjoy from a clean garage.

Don’t forget also that you may want to look into upgrading your garage cabinets as well.

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