The 9 Best Electric Garage Heaters 120v

You don’t need to have electrician-level knowledge to stay warm in your garage this winter. With the perfect 120v electric heater, you’ll be comfy all year round.

After comparing many options, I found the AirNmore Comfort Deluxe to be one of the best 120v electric garage heaters.

If you’re on a budget, the Dr Infrared Heater is also a great choice.

Below you’ll find all the product reviews and comparison tables to find the perfect 120v electrical heater for you.

The 9 Best Electrical Garage Heaters 120v

AirNmore Comfort Deluxe

De'Longhi Panel HeaterConvection CHECK PRICE
Heat StormInfared CHECK PRICE
Aikoper Space HeaterInfared CHECK PRICE
Lasko 754201Ceramic CHECK PRICE
Dr Infrared HeaterInfrared CHECK PRICE
Dr Infrared Heater DR-238Carbon Infared Heater CHECK PRICE

Best Electric Garage Heater 120v

AirNmore Comfort Deluxe

Have pets or kids running around in your garage? With the copper PTC heating element within this electric garage heater, you won’t ever have to worry about anyone getting hurt.

What I like

My favorite feature of this device is that you won’t ever have to worry about your kids or pets running around. It has dual high limit sensors to keep you safe. Alongside the tip-over sensors, you won’t need to think twice when leaving the garage for a minute or two.

It comes with two power choices, 1000 and 1500 watts. You’ll be able to decide if you want your garage hot or warm. It also has memory on board so it’ll remember your exact settings when you turn it off and on.

The inside utilizes copper PTC heating elements which are more efficient than conventional heaters. It comes with a remote so you’ll be able to control this heater from anywhere in your entire garage.

Want to keep your garage at your preferred temperature? You can decide to keep it between 40-90 degrees with no issue. That’s why I prefer this model over the others, you have the ability to control how toasty your garage gets!

This device utilizes a forced fan heater so the warm air gets to every square inch of your garage. You won’t have to worry about the heating elements going out which will reduce maintenance costs.

What I don’t like

Some purchasers mentioned that the fan can get quite loud at times. This can be a bit annoying if you have a small garage, but it should keep your garage at your desired temperature regardless.


Considering this heater is cool to the touch, has a remote AND you can keep the temperature where you want it, it’s hard to find better than this. I think that you won’t have an issue staying warm this winter if you go with this model.

  • Control the temperature with the remote
  • Two power settings
  • Cool to the touch
  • Safety features
  • Fan can get a bit loud

Also Great Electric Garage Heater 120v

De’Longhi Panel Heater

The De’Longhi Panel Heater is another great 120v electric garage heater I could found. You won’t have to mess with any 240v plugs or hardwiring, plug this directly into your wall outlet and enjoy your garage becoming warmer by the second.

With 1500 Watts of forced air heating power, you’ll be warm and toasty in no time. The dual heating system was created to fill your garage with heat quickly.

Want to save on floor space? You can conveniently mount it on your wall or ceiling. You won’t have difficulty carrying this from room to room if you decide to bring it inside with you, just wait for it to cool down. It should stay cool to the touch, regardless. You can also utilize its ceiling mounting option.

The aesthetic look is going to be a great addition to any garage decor. You can rest easy knowing that it has safety thermal cut-off features should it begin to overheat. If your pet or child tip it over, it’ll turn itself off to prevent any damage from occurring. Not only that, the quiet operation allows you to stay attentive to your tasks.

Set your preferred temperature with the digital thermostat. The timer will turn off the unit after the set time has passed. You can turn it to 3 different heat settings to save on power should the 1500w option be too hot.

The ECO function automatically adjusts the temperature to save your energy bill. Purchasers of this item mention that it doesn’t get hot to the touch so children and pets should be safe around this device with proper supervision.

Forced air heaters are perfect to keep your garage warm this winter. The heat output they provide is incredible compared to standalone electric garage heaters.

Overall, the De’Longhi Panel Heater was the best 120v electric garage heater I could find. It’s priced reasonably well and has tons of great reviews.

  • Safe around children/pets
  • ECO function to save on the electric bill
  • If you want to wall mount it, it doesn’t come with a remote control making it difficult to control

Check Price

Best Wall Electric Garage Heater 120v

Heat Storm

*This item doesn’t come with the feet included making it a floor model.

One of the issues with many infrared heaters is that you constantly need to get up to change the temperature. A remote control is included so you can change the temperature from anywhere in the room.

Save on space with the ceiling or wall mount system. You won’t need to give up your precious garage floor’s real estate with this heater. If you would like, you can easily take it inside with you into any room, it stays safe to the touch.

The plastic that covers this unit doesn’t burn skin. Your pets and children will be able to play around this unit, it’ll turn itself off if they tip it over.

The Heat Storm 120v electric garage heater will do you well if you need a fast and easy wall-mounted infrared heater. One fault I did find was that some users noticed their power bill went up quite a lot while others found theirs didn’t increase as much with tons of use.

I assume that you won’t be using this electrical garage heater 24/7, but just be aware if you are careless like me and forget to turn things off.

  • Wall mounted
  • Safe around kids/pets
  • Doesn’t come with feet for floor usage

Best Budget Electric Garage Heater 120v

Aikoper Space Heater

Make your garage as warm as you want with this space heater, you can adjust the thermostat to 41-99°F. The infrared element starts warming up within 3 seconds. You won’t need to spend a ton on a heavy-duty heater that won’t be used throughout the year.

Enjoy the adjustable thermostat, low, medium, and high settings. If you have a smaller garage, you may find that medium is more than plenty.

It’ll fit perfectly on top of your workspace so it’ll keep you nice and toasty while you tinker away on DIY projects. It’s small enough that you can take it with you anywhere.

You won’t have to worry about any pets or children knocking this infrared heater over, it has ETL certification which ensures that this device will turn itself off anything should go wrong.

For such a great price, the Aikoper Space Heater’s sleek design and ability to heat compared to the pricier options on this list.

Few reviewers mentioned they were able to stay warm in their garage with this in there, this infrared heater heats up fast as well so you won’t have to wait too long to get warm.

  • Gets hot FAST
  • Great little heater
  • Can increase electric bill if used a bunch

Best Ultra Budget Electric Heater 120v

Lasko 754201

Lasko 754201

This little space heater is tiny, cheap, and is the perfect heater for your garage. It’s made by Lasko, one of the top producers of home appliances.

It’s powered by an energy-efficient ceramic heater element with 2 settings (1500W and 900W). You can also choose the fan-only option to eliminate cold spots in your garage.

You can place this infrared heater on your workbench to keep your hands cold during the winter if your hands get cold as mine do. Place under your workspace as well to keep your legs warm as well. It’s quoted to work up to 300 sq ft which is quite a feat for a small unit like this.

It’s plug and play and comes with an 8-foot long cord so you can get it all the way to the center of your garage if needed. It comes with an easy-to-carry handle should you need to transport it inside of your home.

Safety isn’t an issue with the Lasko 754201, it comes with a tip-over safety switch and automatic overheating protection.

It’s not fancy, it isn’t going to make your garage into a paradise, but it’ll keep your feet and hands warm.

Reviewers did mention that the metal grate will get hot, so be careful if you have children or pets that may come in contact with the hot metal. For such a tiny package, it’s the best portable space heater I could find.

  • Cheap as heck
  • Includes safety features
  • Metal grate not suitable for children/pets

Best Portable Electric Garage Heater 120v

Dr Infrared Heater

Looking for a portable, 120v space heater? Dr Infrared Heater is one of the best-rated portable garage heaters out there.

You’ll be able to heat up a large room easily with the high and low features. In reality, “infrared heaters” are merely convection heaters with a fancy name slapped on them. Nothing too crazy, but still get the job done.

You’ll be able to change the adjustable thermostat from 50 to 85 degrees easily with the included remote control. It’s the only model that comes with wheels attached to it on this list, roll it around anywhere you’d like in your garage. Want to hear a needle drop? This unit stays quiet.

It’s one of the only garage heaters that I’ve reviewed that has a replaceable filter ensuring that this unit will last years. Reviewers mention that this unit is great at keeping the energy bill down even when used all day. It’s not the perfect garage heating solution, but it works in a pinch.

It’s durable and safe with overheat protection and tip-over switch protection. It’s safe to the touch if you’d like to roll it around your garage. Program it with its 12-hour timer to shut off when you’re ready to head out and start your day.

The Dr Infrared Heater is one of the best heaters for your garage around. Reviewers mention that they were able to heat a 300 sq ft insulated garage space with no issue.

  • Stays super quiet
  • Has wheels
  • Has issues maintaining heat under 30 degrees

Best On The Go Electric Heater 120v


Are you constantly on the go and need a 120v portable space heater? The BLACK + DECKER Utility is perfect if you want something that will heat you up and can throw it easily in the back of your truck.

What I like about this is that BLACK + DECKER is a household name, so you know that if anything goes wrong you’ll be taken care of.

The adjustable tilt allows airflow to be directed in any direction. Many models on this list are only facing in a static direction which makes it difficult to get the heat to hit the right spot.

Whether the unit is hot or not, you can carry it by the handles and take it anywhere you need it to go. When you’re done in the garage, take it with you to the kitchen and chow down on some grub while staying warm.

You can turn the heat to either high, low, or fan only. The options are available to make your space as comfortable as possible.

It would be hard to tip this thing over but I did not find any tip-over protection. That makes this item not suitable to be around pets or children, be careful while leaving this device unattended.

If you want a fair-priced portable space heater that you can throw in the back of the truck with you, check out the BLACK + DECKER Utility heater.

  • Perfect for on the go heat
  • No safety features

Best Forced Air Electric Heater 120v

HETR 5120

For being so tiny, this little guy shouldn’t be good. But from what I’m seeing, this unit is “small and mighty” perfect to heat up your garage.

The forced air heating element is perfect to heat up your garage. The fan will blow out the hot air to circulate the heat inside of your garage so you can get comfortable fast. If you need to keep your pipes warm in your garage for a great price, this unit will do just that.

It’s also incredibly portable, take it inside with you once you’re done using it in the garage. It’ll compliment any patio, office, kitchen, or bedroom. The durable powder coat finish is long-lasting, giving you a longer-lasting unit.

With 5120 BTU of heat, you’ll be as toasty as a piece of toast out of the toaster in a jiffy. It has overheat protection but it doesn’t have tip-over protection, be aware of this if you have children or pets.

The HETR 5120 is incredibly easy to assemble and a perfect addition to a garage looking to be warmed right up.

  • Small and portable
  • Works as well as bigger units
  • No tip over feature, gets hot to the touch

Best Wall or Ceiling Mounted Heater

Dr Infrared Heater DR-238

This electric heater is perfect for a wall-mounted solution. You’ll be able to utilize the direct heating element with three heat settings, 900, 1200, and 1500 watts. It gives you the flexibility you need when working in the garage all winter long.

It’s made out of durable and weatherproof aluminum so if you get chilly outside, you can bring it outdoors (for sheltered usage only). It also has an additional tripod option if you’d like this heater to follow you around the garage, perfect for anyone who moves around a lot!

This garage heater is a great solution if you’re running low on floor space. It has enough heat output to keep you warm when you need it to maintain warm air within the garage. It also has a remote control so you won’t need to worry about getting out your ladder to control it.

I think if you’re working in your garage during the winter and would like a source of direct heat, it’ll be hard to look away from this option. Purchasers mentioned that they were able to heat a 1000sq.ft garage with two of these bad boys.

  • Has three heat settings
  • Comes with a remote
  • Perfect infared heater for your garage
  • Can draw a lot of power if left on all winter long.

Safety Precautions for Electric Garage Heaters

Whenever you’re using electric garage heaters, you want to be sure that you’re going to be safe. When you’re using an electric heater, it’s wise to never leave the garage while you aren’t around. You want to be around if anything starts to happen so you can act quickly.

If you are forgetful, you can leave a timer on your heater so it will turn itself off after an hour or two. This will not only save you on your energy bill, but if you go off to sleep you won’t be in danger of anything happening.

Infared VS Forced Fan Heaters

Infrared (or space) heaters work by converting electricity into radiant heat. This is different from a forced fan heater that has a heating element and moves the hot air across the room that it’s in.

Safety Features of Heaters

For extra safety, you want a heater that has an automatic shut-off switch if it gets tipped over. This will help if you have any kids around so you can avoid having any mishaps in the future. It’s also a good idea to look for one that doesn’t get too hot, such as the De’Longhi Panel Heater.


1) Is a 240v heater better than a 120v garage heater?

You should only buy a 120v garage electric heater if you don’t have the means of plugging it into a 240v outlet. Not every garage has a 240v outlet and you may not want to spend 300 dollars to get a 240v outlet installed by a professional.

2) Will my electric bill go up a lot with a 120v electric garage heater?

I would assume that if you’re considering electric heaters for your garage, you won’t be spending all day in there. It’s a great little investment in a pinch that’ll keep you a little bit warmer during the cold months. You will have to spend a bit extra on the electric bill, just be sure to be mindful and don’t forget to turn it off.

3) Should I insulate my garage before considering electric heaters?

Insulating a garage will keep the heat in better. It’ll be difficult for a 120v electric garage heater to fully heat a garage that isn’t insulated. You’ll save money on electricity as well as increasing the value of your home by insulating your garage.

4) Are electrical garage heaters better than gas?

Electrical garage heaters are less efficient than gas or propane garage heaters. While an electrical heater will cost more to run, you do get the benefit of having less maintenance. You won’t need to worry about any fuel leaks either with an electric heater.

5) What is the best heater for your garage?

120v garage heaters are a great choice if you don’t have a 240v outlet available. They are costly and if you don’t spend time a ton of time in your garage, it doesn’t make sense to invest money into one.

6) Where should I place my heater?

Considering most 120v heaters aren’t going to be capable of heating a full garage on their own, I would recommend placing it near your body so you can warm up quickly. I would avoid placing them near flammable objects just in case something were to happen.

You can also get a mounted heater and place it on your wall as well. You will need to read the instructions to ensure safety.

7) How do I maintain my electric garage heater?

You want to make sure that you wipe down your garage heater from time to time. Dust can build up and cause it to malfunction or even worse, catch fire. You can also vacuum all the fans and grills as well.

8) What is the best heating system for my garage?

If you’re after pure heat, then you’re better off looking for a 240v or gas garage heater. They are super powerful and can heat up almost any sized garage workshop.

If you are ok with a cheaper model that will be able to sufficiently warm your garage for a few hours, then a 120v should be a good option for you. They aren’t the most energy-efficient heaters out there, but you likely won’t leave them on all day anyhow.

I’d say for most people out there, a 120v heater should be more than enough.

Final Thoughts

A 120v is going to warm up your garage enough to make it tolerable during the winter. I would suggest though if you want to really warm up your space that you invest in a 240v garage heater.

Regardless, the De’Longhi Panel Heater should be able to keep a moderate-sized garage warm this winter without a problem. Take a look and you’ll never spend another cold second in your garage!

Interested in propane? The best propane garage heaters may be a good option for you.

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