The Best Electric Garage Heater 240v [HOT]

Garages get extremely cold during the winter without proper heat sources. That doesn’t mean you have to suffer while enjoying working on your car or favorite hobbies.

A 240v electric garage heater is going to be your best bet when it comes to heating your garage.

If you’re looking for the best all-around option, the Dr. Heater DR966 is an inexpensive option that’ll keep you warm all winter long.

If you don’t have a budget, the Fahrenheat FUH is a great investment.

Don’t have a 240v outlet in your garage? Check out the best 120v electric garage heaters.

Below you’ll find reviews and comparisons of all the best 240v heaters.

The Best Electric Garage Heaters 240v

Dr. Heater DR9666000W CHECK PRICE
Fahrenheat FUH5000W CHECK PRICE
Dr. Infrared DR-PS1152415000W CHECK PRICE
Dr. Infrared DR-988A5600W CHECK PRICE
Mr. Heater 3.6kW3600W CHECK PRICE
NewAir Portable5000W CHECK PRICE

Best Electric Garage Heater 240v

Dr Heater DR966

Dr. Heater DR966
  • BTUs: 20,500
  • Watts: 3000/6000
  • Amps: 25

*This product requires hardwiring, no power cable included.

The Dr. Heater DR966 was the best 240v heater out of all the electric garage heaters I could find. Not only is it extremely affordable, but it’s also got the features to boot.

You’ll be able to choose between 3000 or 6000 watts depending on how hot you want it. 5 adjustable louvers are included to ensure the air flows in the direction you need it to.

The large 8″ fan provides maximum airflow with minimum noise to distribute the air evenly throughout your garage. Mount it easily on your wall or ceiling with the bracket included.

Purchasers were stating that their 30×30 workshops were easily heated by Dr. Heater DR966. Not only that, they noticed that their electric bill didn’t go up wildly with sporadic use. Be careful though, if left on all day it will use up quite a bit of electricity.

Another thing to watch out for in purchasing an amp breaker that won’t trip from use. You’ll want to buy one that’s 35 or higher to avoid having any issues with the breaker tripping.

All in all, for such a great deal, it was hard to find any fault with this product. This heater was one of the best 240 electric garage heaters I could find!

  • Amazing value
  • Will keep any garage warm
  • 5 adjustable louvers to direct airflow
  • Only 2 temperature options

Also Great Electric Garage Heater 240v

Fahrenheat FUH

Fahrenheat FUH
  • BTUs: 17,000 
  • Watts: 5000
  • Amps: 30

What I like about this unit is you can control the temperature with its built-in single-pole thermostat from 45 to 135 degrees. You’ll be able to transform your garage from a drag to paradise in no time.

This unit is ideal for large and drafty spaces like your garage. It has an incredibly powerful output which means it can warm cold commercial areas, including outdoor areas. Take it outside for your next winter get-together and stay warm while catching up with your buds.

The ceiling mount included allows for vertical or horizontal mounting. The adjustable louvers included allow you to aim the heat exactly where you need it to go. Decide what temperature you’ll keep your garage at with the built-in thermostat.

You’ll sleep easy knowing that this unit has overheat protection and will reactivate the heater once the temperature returns to normal. The fan will continue to work even after the unit is turned off to ensure that the unit gets cool.

Deliver yourself as much heat as you need with either 208 or 204 volts compatibility.

It’s a bit pricy, but it was hard to find any cons on this one. Purchasers loved this garage heater and some even bought two to take care of their 1000sqft garage.

You will be fine with a 30 amp breaker on this one. If you don’t mind spending a bit on upgrading, this is one of the best electric garage heaters out there!

  • The real deal
  • Will turn your garage into a workable space
  • Adjustable thermostat from 45-135
  • It’s pricy

Best Heavy Duty Electric Garage Heater 240v

Dr Infrared Heater DR-PS11524

Dr. Infrared DR-PS11524
  • BTUs: 50,000
  • Watts: 15,000
  • Amps: 60+

Look at it, it’s big, it’s beefy, it’s got 15,000 watts of power. It’s got the power to keep you warm all winter long. It does require a 60 amp breaker, be aware of that before purchasing.

You’ll be able to enjoy clean, instant, odor-free heat. The heavy-duty steel frame will keep this on the ground and provide you with warmth in your garage. Safety guards are on both ends should anything try and sneak its way into the unit.

The adjustable thermostat can be changed from 40-100 degrees. This unit does require hardwiring.

What I like about this unit is that it has wheels and can be adjusted to the perfect angle. The other wall/ceiling-mounted electric garage heaters may have a tough time reaching your every movement.

One reviewer mentioned that he kept his entire 3200sqft warm with this unit. That’s a bit outrageous! Your tiny garage surely will be able to be kept warm with the Dr. Infrared DR-PS11524.

Another mentioned that this product will not be suitable for outdoor use as it’s better used in an indoor environment, preferably insulated. This is a super powerful electric garage heater that will surely keep your space warm.

  • Has wheels for perfect placement
  • Will keep your garage HOT
  • Not suitable for outdoor environments like construction

Best Budget Electric Garage Heater 240v

Dr. Infrared DR-988A

Dr. Infrared DR-988A
  • BTUs: 19,100
  • Watts: 4800/5600W
  • Amps: 30

*This heater uses a 6-30R Plug. (receptacle NeMA #60-30R 250V 30 Amps)

You’ll be heating your garage and saving money at the same time with the budget Dr Infrared Heater electric garage heater 240v.

The thermostat has a low or high setting. You can change the wattage from 4800/5600 watts depending on your preference. Included is a fan to provide you with continuous warmth.

The industrial heater was made to last with a built-in cord to keep your space tidy. The safety features include a finger-proof intake, discharge grills, and an overheating limit.

One purchaser mentioned he was able to bring a 500sqft room from freezing to 70 degrees within an hour – while not on the maximum heat setting.

Others mentioned that while the fan worked well, it was a bit noisy.

The Dr. Infrared DR-988A is not fancy, it does require some know-how to install, but it will save you a ton of money in the long run especially if you only need to warm a one-car garage.

  • Perfect budget option for one car garage
  • Included safety features
  • Loud
  • Requires special plug

Best Budget Floor Electric Garage Heater 240v

Mr. Heater 3.6kW

Mr. Heater 3.6kW
  • BTUs: 12,283
  • Watts: 3600
  • Amps: 15

*This heater uses a 6-30R Plug.

You don’t need to buy a huge unit to heat your garage. You may not have space or time to get it all set up, that’s where the Mr. Heater 3.6kW comes in.

With 3600 watts of power and 12,283 BTUs, you’ll be keeping your garage warm easily. Keep it on your table or floor depending on your needs. You can adjust the barrel vertically to point it in the direction you’d like it to go.

It covers 307 square feet, perfect for a one-car garage. Use either the high or low setting heat depending on how toasty you want to be. A 6ft cord is included so you can reach the perfect position with your new 240v electric heater.

Reviewers mentioned that this unit is a great choice for small spaces and isn’t noisy either. A downside could be that you’ll lose some garage space as it isn’t able to be wall mounted.

If you’re handy with wiring up your house or have a friend who can install a 6-30R plug for you, the Mr. Heater 3.6kW is a great 240v floor electric garage heater.

  • Covers 300 square feet
  • Small unit but capable
  • Requires special plug

Best 240v Portable Electric Garage Heater

NewAir Portable

NewAir Portable
  • BTUs: 17,000
  • Watts: 5000
  • Amps: 30

Looking for portable garage heaters? The NewAir Portable is just that.

It’s rated to cover 500 sqft of space which should be more than enough for any 2 car garage. Once you hardwire this puppy to a 30 amp breaker, you’re only a switch away from being able to work in your garage all winter long.

You can adjust the heat anywhere you want with the adjustable louvers and tilt head. If you are like me and prefer less direct heat, simply direct the heat to the side to get your entire garage nice and warm.

The hard-shell exterior is made from heavy-duty material made to last, especially in tough climates and work conditions. Feel safe when you mount it on your wall or ceiling, you’ll save space while it circulates warm air throughout your garage.

It’s ETL certified with overheat protection, making the NewAir Portable one of the best-reviewed 240v electric heaters out there. This unit doesn’t come with a remote control though, which is unfortunate.

Reviewers mention that if you purchase, you will need to buy a switch separately to make sure this unit turns off. Otherwise, it will be on permanently, so make sure you’re aware of that before purchasing.

  • Covers 500sqft of space
  • Easily take it with you anywhere, it ain’t big
  • Requires hardwiring

Best 10000w Electric Garage Heater 240v

KING KB2410-1-B2-ECO

KING KB2410-1-B2-ECO
  • BTUs: 34,000
  • Watts: 10,000
  • Amps: 31.25

Did I mention it’s got 10000W and has 15000W options for you folks that like it HOT in your garage?

You’ll be delighted to hear that the KING heater works smarter, not harder with its 2-stage energy-saving smart heating. It’ll automatically lower the wattage necessary as your garage’s temperature begins to climb. The integrated fan circulates the air around your garage.

The metal sheath element is copper brazed with spiral fins coiled to perfection. This allows for heat transfer that eliminates hot spots allowing for maximum airflow.

This unit has something all the others on this list don’t, A REMOTE. When you hang this on your wall or ceiling, you’ll be able to fully control it with your remote from anywhere in your garage. You’ll be able to keep it at your desired temperature without an issue.

You’ll be able to be at ease with the smart limit protection which shuts the power off in an abnormal event. Should it occur, you will have to manually reset the unit to turn it back on again.

Install this unit in 3 easy steps. Secure it to the wall or ceiling, attach the heater and wire to the power supply and adjust the air louvers to your desired position. BAM, you’re gonna be hot as heck in your garage with this 10,000w 240v heater.

Made in the USA. Heats up to 600sqft. Has a remote. 2-Stage heating. Summer fan Only mode. The KING KB2410-1-B2-ECO fairs well when compared to all garage heaters in this price range.

This is a super powerful electric garage heater, so please be careful!

  • 10,000w of pure heat
  • Patented Smart Limit Protection
  • Heats up to 600sqft
  • Has remote
  • Hard to find any!


1) Are electric garage heaters expensive to run?

Depending on where you live and how much your electricity costs, running garage heaters can be expensive. You’ll need to calculate the cost of electricity where you live and how much your electric garage heater will be spending.

Gas heaters are going to be less expensive than electric by around 20%. Be mindful of how long you keep your heater on, you shouldn’t need to keep it on that long unless you’re staying in the garage for long periods. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

2) How do you wire a 240v garage heater?

I’m not a qualified electrician nor will I pretend to be. If you aren’t aware of how to properly wire your heater, please call a professional. 240 volts is enough to kill, always take the necessary safety precautions to protect yourself.

I know that I can’t stop everyone, here is a great video that goes into great detail about how to wire a 240v electric garage heater.

3) Can a 240v heater run on 120v?

I wouldn’t take any risks when it comes to plugging in something where it doesn’t belong. The heater will likely fail to operate and you’re putting yourself and your heater at risk.

4) Is a 240v heater more efficient than 120v?

Not necessarily. 240v uses half the amps as 120v, but that doesn’t mean that your electric bill will be any less. The wattage is what will be the determining factor when it comes time to pay your bills.

5) What size electric heater do I need for my garage?

The rule of thumb is 10 watts for every square foot. A typical 2 car garage is 400 sq. ft so you should aim for roughly 4000~ watts.

Shoot for more than you think you need without an insulated garage. You’d be better off insulating your garage before buying an electric heater to save in the long run.

6) Should I get an infrared heater over a 240v garage heater?

If you do a lot of woodworking in your garage, you may find that a forced air heater will pick up dust around your garage/workshop. If you want to avoid this, you may find that a 120v heater may do you better than the best 240v electric heater.

7) How many BTUs do I need for an electric garage heater?

For a two-car garage, you’re going to want a 40,000 BTU to 60,000 BTU heater. If your garage isn’t insulated, you may want to insulate it first before you go ahead and invest in the best electric garage heater.

8) Can I heat an uninsulated garage?

I think that you may be able to get away with bringing up the temperature a bit even in an uninsulated garage with the right heater. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in insulation. Before you purchase the best 240 electric garage heater, I would focus first on ensuring the hot air stays in your garage by insulating your garage as well as you can.


We learned a lot today about electric heaters. You can keep your garage warm without spending a ton of money with a little know-how. You’ll be thankful when it’s next winter and your 240v electric garage heater is warming you up. In my opinion, 240v heaters are one of the best ways to heat a garage.

The Dr. Heater DR966 was one of the best electric garage heaters I could find. It’s not expensive, has great features, and provides for an all-around great 240v electric garage heater. The KING KB2410-1-B2-ECO was also another great option from the list of electric garage heaters. If you need a remote to change your electric garage heater from any position.

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