The 9 Best Fans For Garage Gym [Floor, Wall, Tower]

Working out in your garage doesn’t need to be punishment. You can buy one of the best fans for garage and cool down your garage immediately.

The best fan we could find is the Vornado 783. You’ll have no issue staying cool this summer in your home gym with this fan by your side.

On a budget? The Simple Deluxe 12 is a great option.

For everything else, check out the reviews below.

9 Best Fans for Garage Gym

Vornado 783585 CHECK PRICE
Lasko 20" High Velocity3460 CHECK PRICE
Lasko High Velocity X-Blower Utility Fan350 CHECK PRICE
B-Air FIRTANA-20X High Velocity4650 CHECK PRICE
Simple Deluxe 121800 CHECK PRICE
Hurricane HGC7364744500 CHECK PRICE
Hurricane Wall Mount Fan2118 CHECK PRICE
Lasko Portable Electric 42"N/A CHECK PRICE

Best Fan For Your Garage Gym

Vornado 783

What makes the Vornado so special? It’s unlike any fan on the market. By using the engineered air tensity spiral grill, it moves air around the entire room up to 100ft. You won’t be getting the same output out of any other fan in this price range.

The deep bitch blades were created to circulate the air in the room with multi-directional Vortex Action. Instead of simply blowing the fan in a straight line, the Vornado works to move massive amounts of air around anywhere you put it.

It comes with 4 speeds and 90-degree tilt which gives maximum control. You can set it on low during warm spring days and blast it on full speed during your most intense workouts.

The Vornado also comes in Small, Medium, and Large. You don’t need to break the bank to pick one up, but I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. When you’re in the middle of a sweaty workout, the Vornado will keep up with even the hottest summer day.

You can rest assured that Vornado is with you, it comes with a 5-year warranty. It’s going to be hard to match this fan, for this price, and that’s why it’s a no-brainer. Check it one of the best gym fans for yourself!

Also Great Fan for Garage Gym

Lasko 20″ High Velocity

Lasko 20" High Velocity

The Lasko 20″ High Velocity takes our pick for the 2nd best fan for a garage gym. This fan was built to last making it an incredible investment.

Whether you would like to place this fan on the floor or on the wall, the Quickmount allows for easy conversion. No tools are required for assembly or adjusting from floor to wall mount. I suggest mounting the fan on your wall so you can feel that air on your face!

Enjoy 3 powerful speeds of powerful air-moving power. At 3460 CFM, this fan is sure to cool down your garage gym. You’ll be able to enjoy the incredible air circulation that this high velocity fan provides. You’re not going to get the same power out of a rinky-dink plastic fan!

This fan wasn’t made just to cool down garage gyms, it’ll last you for years and years. Invest in your comfort today!

  • Built to Last
  • Floor and Wall adjustments
  • Keeps You Cool
  • Not the Highest CFM

Honorable Mention Garage Gym Fan

Lasko High Velocity X-Blower Utility Fan

While this fan didn’t win best fan for garage, it’s still an amazing gym fan. It’s up to you to decide if the Lasko High Velocity X-Blower is for you! The best thing about this fan is that you can throw it in the back of a truck easily and take it with you to a job site, no fuss needed!

It also doubles as a ventilation fan, this would be a great double combo with another fan to circulate the air in your garage gym. This thing will cool your garage down instantly with its heavy-duty motor.

It also has 6 positions allowing you to decide which direction the air is going. It’s unique in that you can tilt it on whichever side you like, giving you full control of the direction the air is moving. The rubber pads on the bottom ensure this fan stays in place. A few of these and they would have no problem cooling down a commercial gym!

It’s only 11″x9″ making this a space saver for small gyms. You’ll be able to stow it away after each workout to make room for your car and other belongings in your gym. It even has 2 USB ports, which will charge your perpetually dead phone while you play music!

I love this fan because of how useful it is. Take it with you to a job site, use it as a gym fan, or use it to blow air around during the summer. Use it to your liking and upgrade from your rinky-dink box fan that hardly cools you down at all.

Best No Budget Pick


The DEWALT DXF-2490 was made for warehouses, commercial spaces and barns but that doesn’t mean you can’t place this heavy-duty fan in your garage gym!

Yes, it’s big. Yes, it’s going to be loud. But it moves 6500 CFM worth of air, the highest on this list. The three monster fan blades and the powerful motor will keep you cool no matter the temperature.

If you’re tired of being hot in your garage gym and don’t mind the price tag, this fan is for you. This fan will cool down the whole room in an instance. It’s perfect for homeowners who eat and sleep in their garage!

Included are large wheels for easy transportation, adjustable 360 degree tilt and 5 year warranty. This thing is a monster, sure to keep you cool even on the hottest of days. Anyone who spends time in home gyms will be able to appreciate the cooling this fan provides.

  • High CFM
  • 360 Degree Tilt
  • Loud
  • Pricy

Best Runner Up Fan for Garage Gym



The B-Air FIRTANA-20X has the highest CFM on the list coming in at 4650.

Cool down your garage with 3 different speed settings. Angle the fan to aim directly at you during your workout or when you’re working on your next DYI project. This bad boy will facilitate real air flow to cool down your garage gym unlike other standalone fans.

The all metal housing was made to last and with a 1 year warranty, it’s hard to go wrong here. Metal fans will last the test of time and they aren’t that much more expensive than their plastic counterparts.

Take this fan anywhere you’d like with its ultra-portable handle. Hang it on the wall if you’d prefer, it’s also wall-mountable.

You’ll be able to install it in a minute or two and then you’ll finally have the tools required to beat the heat in your home gym.

  • Highest CFM
  • Well Made
  • Wall Hanger not included

Best Budget Garage Gym Fan

Simple Deluxe 12

Simple Deluxe 12

Need to cool down fast but need to stay within your budget? The Simple Deluxe 12 is one of the best budget garage fans we could find.

It’s even made out of metal for the price, an incredible value! With 3 speeds of high torque, enjoy the direct airflow during your next workout. Adjust it 360 degrees to cool every inch of your garage.

You don’t need to suffer if your budget is limited. This fan will take care of the heat in your garage and allow you to get a workout in on the hottest of days.

The fan is listed to run at least 5 years with good care. Included is a handle on the back for easy transport, take it inside with you once you’re done.

  • Great Price
  • Made From Metal
  • Low CFM (1800)

Best Wall Mounted Fan for Home Gym

Hurricane HGC736474

Wall mounting your fan is a great option. Wanting to keep your floor free from cords and devices keeps everyone safe.

The Hurricane HGC736474 runs at 4500CFM, enough to keep you cool in any scenario. Included is a heavy-duty wall bracket to safely install your fan. Included is a 6-foot cord, so finding the perfect place shouldn’t be an issue.

I love this fan as you’ll be able to get the air directly on your body and face. It also oscillates so you can enjoy the air circulating around you instead of only hitting one direction. It’s a great choice if you are clumsy and trip over wires like me.

The Hurricane fan also comes with a thermally protected motor, which is great in the summer to protect your fan from overheating.

With 3 speeds, adjustable tilt and a wall mounting bracket, this is one of the best fans on this list.

  • Wall Mountable
  • High CFM
  • Pricy

Best Budget Wall Mounted Fan

Hurricane Wall Mount Fan 16 Inch

You can still save money and get the perfect wall mounted fan. The Hurricane Wall Mount Fan 16 Inch is one of the best bargains on this list.

Just because it’s a bargain doesn’t mean it’s a pushover. The Hurricane Wall Mount Fan pushes 2118 CFM. Enjoy 3 speeds of airflow ideal during intense workouts.

Included is a 90 degree oscillation feature so you won’t need to manually adjust the fan to your movements. That’ll help keep you cool when you’re going from kettlebells to the squat rack!

One flaw of this fan is that the blades are made out of plastic. The grill is made out of metal but over time the plastic won’t hold up as well as metal. I do think it’s still a decent option if you’re on a budget and don’t want a floor fan.

  • Great Value
  • 90 Degree Oscillation
  • Made from Plastic

Best Tower Fan for Home Gym

Lasko Portable Electric 42″

Looking for a tower fan for your home gym? The Lasko Portable Electric 42″was one of the best options I could find.

With 3 different air flow settings, you can decide which is the right one for you. The Lasko fan oscillates cooling every inch of your body.

Unlike all the other fans on this list, this one comes with a remote control. Need to change a setting midworkout? You won’t need to get up from your lift, simply take control of the remote.

Out of all the fans on this list, I think that you might be better off with the Vornado 660 for this price range. The tower fan simply won’t be able to output enough air in your garage to make a noticeable difference. They are however great for indoors.

With its compact design, it can be stored anywhere with ease. The built-in handle makes it easy to move around, giving you control of exactly where you want the air flow to go.

  • 3 Air Settings for Control
  • Has Remote
  • Won’t Cool as Well as Floor Fan

Home Gym Cooling FAQ

1) How do I cool my home gym?

The best way to cool your home gym depends on your budget. The lowest budget option would be to buy a floor fan or wall-mounted fan as see on this list.

If you’re interested in investing more into cooling your garage, you can purchase a dehumidifier, buy a garage ceiling fan or install air conditioning.

If budget isn’t an issue, you can also invest in a ductless mini-split. Learn more about how to cool a garage.

2) Where should a fan be placed in a garage gym?

Ideally, you would like to purchase two fans. One fan should be exhaust and the other should be pointed towards you. The exhaust works best opposite the garage door and near the ceiling to remove all the excess heat.

You don’t need to purchase two expensive fans either, I recommend a cheaper one for the exhaust, and investing more into the fan meant to cool.

If your garage isn’t ventilated, you won’t be able to cool down your garage no matter what you do. The heat won’t be able to escape, so investing in a garage exhaust fan will go a long way. You’ll also be able to remove any toxic fumes or chemical buildup.

3) How many CFM do I need for a garage fan?

It’s recommended to get a fan that’s around 2500-3500 CFM to cool down your garage gym. You may be ok going down to 2000 CFM with a smaller gym. Even though the Vornado may seem like it has low CFM compared to other fans out there, it is engineered specifically to move air. If you want a fan specifically to blow air on you, the Lasko is a great choice.

4) Is it okay to use fan while working out?

Of course, it’s ok to use a fan while working out. The main thing you need to watch out for is the power cord. If you’re in the middle of an intense workout, you can get tunnel vision and forget to look down.

Simply make sure the power cord is either taped to the floor or out of harm’s way should you forget and step over it.

5) Is it better to exercise in a hot or cold room?

Muscles work better when they’re warmed up. The issue is, though, the garage gets hot during the summer, and working out can become uncomfortable. I suggest making the temperature in your garage tolerable and a fan is a great way to do so.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have a budget and want to cool down your garage instantly, the best way to do so is to pick up the Vornado 783. You won’t regret it! Check out the reviews and inform yourself on how this fan is different from the rest.

If you’re on a budget, you don’t need to spend a ton of money. You can still get great use out of the Simple Deluxe 12 for a good price. You’ll be glad you spent your money on something that will change your quality of life.

You should also look into insulating your garage if you haven’t already. It can keep your garage 20 degrees cooler and your garage fan will go a long way.

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