The Best Garage Ceiling Fan To Stay Cool

The garage keeps getting too damn stuffy, and you’re tired of being hot!

The buildup of hot air inside of a garage can easily make it unbearable in little time.

Instead of having to open the garage door all the time losing privacy, why not buy a garage ceiling fan to keep you cool all year round?

We searched far and wide, and the best garage ceiling fan we could find was the Westinghouse 7861400.

Below you will find all the other fans for any garage size or budget.

Let’s cool down your garage!

The 7 Best Garage Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse 786140056-Inch CHECK PRICE
Minka-Aire F896-65-CL Xtreme65-Inch CHECK PRICE
Hunter Key Biscayne Indoor52-Inch CHECK PRICE
Hunter Cassius 52-Inch CHECK PRICE
Big Ass Fans 2025 Silver7 Feet CHECK PRICE
Honeywell Belmar52-Inch CHECK PRICE
Air King 902020-Inch CHECK PRICE

Best Garage Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting Westinghouse 7861400

  • For: Medium to Small Garages
  • Height: Requires to be hung 10 feet above the ground
  • Color: Brushed Nickel

The Westinghouse Industrial is the best garage ceiling fan I could find for medium to large garages. The 56-inch wingspan is going to circulate the air and cool down your garage with ease.

You won’t have to worry about installation either as it only requires minimal assembly. If you do have questions about installation, you can contact our professionals for a quote. Regardless, it should be incredibly easy to install yourself.

What I like about this unit is that it comes with a wall control unit giving you full control with its 5-speed settings. You can even change the direction of the fan spin, allowing for your garage to feel warmer during the winter. For the price of this fan, it’s hard to beat it.

One downside is that this fan isn’t damp rated, but considering it was made for industrial usage it should hold up.

Without lights or fancy features, this garage ceiling fan still does a great job. You’ll get to enjoy the sleek, industrial workshop look right in your garage, all for a bargain price!

  • 56 inch Blades
  • Workshop look
  • Moves a Lot of Air
  • Doesn’t have a light or remote

Best Heavy Duty Garage Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F896-65-CL Xtreme H2O 65 Inch

  • For: Large Garages
  • CFM: 9092 on high
  • Color: Coal

If you have a big garage that needs to be cooled down ASAP, this is the best garage ceiling fan for you. It’s a beast coming in at 65 inches, which is perfect for 400 square foot garages. The 9-degree blade pitch was designed to get the air in all corners of your garage.

I love the sleek, black aesthetic that this garage fan gives. I imagine in my mind a huge workshop full of these, but even one would still be the cherry on top of any at-home garage.

It’s wet and ETL damp-rated, so you know it’s suitable for a garage. I don’t imagine a garage ceiling fan getting too wet, but it’s nice to have the insurance that this fan provides.

One downfall of this garage ceiling fan is that it doesn’t come with an LED light which can be a dealbreaker for some. I do suggest getting the best garage lighting possible to help illuminate your garage at any hour of the day.

You can also put this bad boy on a covered porch if you think it’s too big for your garage. Regardless, if you have a large garage, it’s going to be hard to beat this beast of a fan. Highly recommend you check it out.

  • Perfect for large garages
  • Amazing sleek aesthetic
  • Pricy

Best Runner Up Garage Ceiling Fan

Hunter Key Biscayne Indoor / Outdoor

Hunter Key Biscayne Indoor / Outdoor
  • For: Medium to Large Garages
  • Blade Span: 52″
  • Color: Onyx Bengal

You don’t need to settle on looks when purchasing the perfect garage ceiling fan.

The Biscayne offers an LED adjustable light while none of the other fans do. It’s powerful and quiet, leaving you to work without distraction in a comfortable environment.

If you feel like swapping out your garage fan, this model can be used inside and outside. It’s damp rated so you can use it in any area of the house. If you know a bit about wiring, it’s incredibly easy to install.

With five 54″ blade span, you’ll be keeping your entire garage cool while staying fashionable to boot! You can utilize the multiple speed settings to blast air during the summer, and chill out during spring.

This fan comes with a remote control included with this fan adding to its already amazing functionality. It’s also the only ceiling fan with light on this list making it unique.

The price, looks and build quality cannot be beat. That’s why the Hunter Biscayne gets best garage ceiling fan.

  • Elegant Look
  • Can Be Used Indoors/Outdoors
  • Has a Light
  • Pricier

Best Budget Garage Ceiling Fan

Hunter Cassius Indoor / Outdoor 

  • For: Medium to Large Garages
  • Blade Span: 52″
  • Color: White/Black Metal

Another amazing fan from Hunter, hard to go wrong with them! The Cassius industrial style fan is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

If a rustic look is what you’re going after, the Cassius is a perfect fit for you. The brass finish is sure to bring the garage together.

The Cassius offers a reversible fan motor for keeping moving warm air during the winter. The Whisper Wind motor was designed to be ultra-powerful yet quiet, allowing you to focus on the taks at hand.

Unlike the other fans, this fan has adjustable downrods allowing you to install it however you please.

This fan is damp-rated so there is no worry about erosion from humidity. You can take advantage of the pull chain as well whenever you want to turn the fan off or on.

Hunter emphasizes on their quality control, and returns are available if anything were to go wrong. It’s also Energy Star qualified, making this deal that much better.

  • Rustic Look
  • Adjustable downrod
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Not the Most Powerful

More Garage Ceiling Fan Ideas

Can’t decide just yet what the perfect ceiling fan is for you? I’ve gone ahead and found a few more options that you can choose from.

I know how difficult it can be when it comes to making decisions, let me take care of the hard work for you.

1) Big Ass Fans 2025 Silver and Yellow Shop Ceiling Fan

  • For: Extra large garage workshops with 13-20 feet ceilings
  • Blade Span: 7 feet
  • Color: Aluminum

This is one big ass fan! It’s not made for a typical at home garage, but if you have high ceilings you’ll be able to enjoy the cooling that this workshop fan provides. They claim that it’s as powerful as 29 ceiling fans, that’s crazy!

The fan blades were patented to protect the way they provide air flow. They’re designed to be efficient and reduce drag, saving you on a heft energy bill. It also uses a magnetized motor reducing noise AND and less energy consumption. No gears within this ceiling fan so you won’t need to worry about it giving out after use.

It also comes with a variable wall speed controller for your wall. What’s great about these fans is that you can hook them all together so you only have one controller for all of your fans. Perfect for workshops that need to be cooled down during hot summers.

This fan reduces the ambient temperature by 10 degrees which is going to be a big difference during mid summer. You’ll be able to stay in your garage all year round, and this fan won’t let you down.

I will say that this fan is going to be expensive, but well worth it. You WILL feel the air moving with this ceiling fan in your garage workshop. Worth the price? That’s up to you!

  • Best fan for a workshop
  • WILL cool you down
  • It’s expensive

2) Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch

  • For: Medium to large garages
  • Blade Span: 52 inch
  • Color: Oil-rubbed bronze

The Honeywell Belmar is a 52-inch bronze beauty. The matte black is also a nice touch.

Included are 5 ETL damp rated blades perfect for your garage workshop. The motor is reversible allowing for the garage to be heated during the winter in reverse mode.

Honeywell offers a Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty which is an exclusive on this list.

The only downside is that it is made out of wood which can over time degrade even though it is damp rated. How wet does a garage really get, anyway?

With a 45 minute installation time, this ceiling fan is going to be the cherry on top of your garage. You’ll be able to enjoy its quiet performance and cool air for years to come.

  • Reversible Motor
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Damp Rated
  • Made Out of Wood

3) Air King 9718 18-Inch

This isn’t a ceiling fan but it is one of the best industrial grade wall mounted fans out there.

If you are constantly moving throughout your garage and need to have certain areas cooled off, you could purchase two of these. You will be clearing more air than any ceiling fan ever could.

The adjustability is also a great factor to consider. If you are a woodworker and are always slaving over your project or you’re getting your hands dirty under your car, it’ll be hard to feel an overhead ceiling fan.

This fan packs a whopping 8780 CFM which is higher than any of the fans on this list. The Air King truly is a king at keeping you cool.

  • Incredibly Powerful
  • Adjustable
  • Can Buy Two For More Coverage
  • Loud

Garage Ceiling Fan FAQ

1) Can you put a ceiling fan in the garage?

Yes, of course! The great thing about ceiling fans in garages is that you save up to 40 percent of the power usage by cooling through ceiling fans. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient option and stay cool at the same time, a ceiling fan is the way to go.

If you are unsure how to install one yourself, call your local electrician to give you a hand. You’ll be able to get the perfect ceiling for a garage in no time.

2) What size ceiling fan for garage?

You want a 50 to 60-inch ceiling fan in your garage for best air circulation. Anything less than that, it’ll be a waste of money. If your garage is over 400 square feet, consider purchasing a fan greater than 60 inches for maximum air movement.

3) What is the best ceiling fan placement in garage?

If you’re buying two separate wall-mounted fans, you should have one as an intake and the other as an exhaust. Having two fans blowing in hot air is only going to make the garage circulate hot air even further.

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