6 Best Garage Door Keypads to Open Your Garage

Tired of going inside of your house to open your garage? Did your garage’s keypad finally die after 10+ years of use?

Find the exact keypad you need for your garage.

The best smartkeypad I could find was the MyQ Smart Garage.

If you have a Chamberlain garage door opener, the 940EV-P2 will suit you well.

Got a Genie? The Genie Garage Door is perfect for you. Slow garage door opener? Don’t forget to change your garage door rollers.

Below you’ll find reviews for all of the best garage keypads.

Best Garage Door Keypad Openers

MyQ Smart GarageUniversal CHECK PRICE
Chamberlain 940EV-P2Chamberlain/LiftMaster/Craftsman CHECK PRICE
Universal Garage DoorUniversal CHECK PRICE
Genie Garage DoorGenie CHECK PRICE
Domino Engineering (Wired)Universal CHECK PRICE
Chamberlain KLIK3U-BK (Remote)Universal CHECK PRICE

Best Smart Garage Door Opener Keypad

MyQ Smart Garage

MyQ Smart Garage

Have a smart home? Want to take your garage to the next level? The MyQ Smart Garage is one of the best smart garage opener keypads around.

Open or close your garage door from anywhere with the MyQ app. I get paranoid if I forgot to lock my house, so having this feature would let me live without worry.

It’ll work with any garage door opener made after 1993 that has standard safety sensors. This product requires a 2.4 gigahertz router that is within 50 feet of your garage.

Installation is incredibly easy with step-by-step instructions on the MyQ app. Give your guests access through the app for easy access to your house whenever they come to stay over.

You’ll be notified via the app whenever your garage door was opened or closed. Open your garage for deliveries remotely so you won’t need to worry about packages being stolen.

While the MyQ Smart Garage opener keypad is incredibly easy to use, the caveat is that it requires a monthly or yearly subscription of 10 dollars to use with Google Home or IFTTT.

Overall, it’s still packed with incredible features for a great price.

  • Great addition to smart home
  • Know whenever your garage door opens/closes
  • Requires monthly/yearly subscription of 10 dollars to use with Google Home or IFTTT

Best Keypad for Chamberlain Garage Door



The 940EV-P2 is the best keypad for any Chamberlain garage opener, period. It’ll work with any Chamberlain, Liftmaster garage door openers, or Craftsman garage door opener from 1993 to the present.

You will need to have a working lightbulb in your opener as it is a programming indicator.

Close your garage with one button. Install the battery and program keyless entry before you install. You can also program a temporary pin for guests or delivers.

You’ll be able to install the 940EV-P2 easily and within minutes, no wiring needed here. The backlight illuminates easy-to-read numbers during the nighttime.

Connect to multiple garage openers if you need to use this in a multi-garage facility. The all-weather cover will protect your keypad from rain, snow, and hail.

Purchasers of this product mention that the included instructions are wrong and to follow the instructions that are under the lid of the unit.

  • Backlit keypad
  • Works with multiple garage door openers
  • Temporary pin for deliveries/guests
  • Instructions included are wrong

Best Universal Garage Door Keypad

Universal Garage Door

Universal Garage Door

Look no further, the Universal Garage Door will be the last wireless garage door keypad you’ll need. Compatible with Chamberlain, Genie, Stanley, Crafstman, and Linear. It also works with 310/318/315/390Mhz frequencies and more.

You can control 2 separate garage openers with this keypad. It can handle two different pins, allowing you to only purchase one for 2 different openers.

You won’t have to worry about anyone breaking in, it comes with built-in encryption. The sliding cover has gone through quality control to make sure that it’ll last through various weather conditions.

Included in the package are the keypad, 9V battery, instruction manual, and 2 mounting screws.

Reviewers mention that the product works but the instructions aren’t written in plain English.

Programming the Universal Garage is done in 2 steps. Select which door and which opener you’re using, then change the code you want from the factory code of 1111# for door 1 and 2222# for door 2.

  • Usable with 2 different garage doors
  • Encryption included
  • Instructions unclear

Best Genie Garage Door Opener Keypad

Genie Garage

Genie Garage Door

Got a Genie? The Genie Garage opener keypad is the best keypad I could find, bar none. This product works with all Genie Intellicode openers, single or dual frequency, manufactured after 1995.

Secure your garage by preventing unauthorized persons from accessing your garage easily. Intellicode Security changes the code on each door activation to help prevent unauthorized persons from entering your home.

The backlit keypad will make it incredibly easy to use during the nighttime.

Use three different garage door openers with the same keypad. The Auto-Seek Dual Frequency technology minimizes interference with conflicting signals to maintain a strong signal.

Like all the other keypads on this list, the instructions are unclear. If you are to purchase this and have issues try the following:

Hold the “program” button and the “up/down” button for five seconds, then press 3-5-7 and press “Program”. After you press “Program”, enter your pin and press “Program” again. Wait 30 seconds and the Genie Garage keypad should be programmed to your desired pin.

  • Use with 3 different garage door openers
  • Tons of great reviews
  • Instructions unclear!

Best Wired Garage Door Keypad

Domino Engineering (Wired)

If you’re handy with wires or have an older model garage opener, the Domino Engineering (Wired) is the best-wired garage keypad I could find.

Open your garage without a remote or having to walk into your house. You’ll be able to set the code yourself in three easy steps. It should work with all garage openers except fairly new smart garage openers.

Reviewers mention that they were purchasing another one as this one lasted them for 4 years before it broke down. Not a bad investment at this price point.

  • Compatible with all garage door openers (except new smart garage door openers)
  • Wired
  • Uses batteries

Best Universal Garage Door Remote

Chamberlain KLIK3U-BK

Chamberlain KLIK3U-BK

The Chamberlain KLIK3U-BK garage remote is the best universal remote around.

You’ll be able to control up to two different garage doors, even with two different brands if you’d like. Perfect for a real estate agent on the go! Clip it onto your car’s visor and take it with you where you need it.

You can easily program it wirelessly to your garage opener without installing any wires or keypads. The clicker is compatible with virtually any garage opener made after 1993.

The Chamberlain KLIK3U-BK universal remote has a long battery long and will stand the test of time with Chamberlain’s quality control. It’s also the best-looking garage door remove I’ve seen.

  • Programs to two different doors
  • Universal Compatability
  • Works with models made after 1993

Garage Door Keypad FAQ

1) Are garage door keypads safe?

Yes, they are safe. You will sleep safe knowing that there are 10,000 different four-digit combinations from 0-9.

The real question is, how strong are your windows? If a burglar wants to get in, they will get in. But garage keypads aren’t normally a common entry point for wrongdoing.

What is a common entry point are thieves looking for garage remotes in a car to open your garage. Always hide your garage door remote if you leave it in your car or take it inside with you if you’re being extra safe.

2) Can a garage door keypad be hacked?

Yes, they can be. The issue lies within the garage door keypad itself if it doesn’t use a rolling code or encrypt its frequencies. This entire procedure would require someone scanning the radio signals and picking up these signals in the first place.

A bit far fetched to imagine someone going to these lengths, but it is possible.

3) Can I install a keypad for my garage door?

Before purchasing, double-check to make sure your garage door opener is included. Even though some of the garage door keypads on this list are “Universal”, they still have limitations.

The biggest thing to watch out for is if your garage door opener was manufactured pre 1993, that seems to be the year that these keypads work.

Learn more about how to change your garage door opener code.

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