The Best Garage Door Rollers + Your Questions Answered

Is your garage door old, slow, and noisy?

It’s time to purchase new garage door rollers. You’ll put less force on your garage door mover and have to deal with less noise!

After searching for the best garage door rollers, I found the DURA-LIFT Ultra-Life MAX 2” to be the best bang for your buck.

Below you’ll find everything you need to replace your garage door rollers.

The Best Garage Door Rollers

1) DURA-LIFT Ultra-Life MAX 2″, 4″ Stem

DURA-LIFT Ultra-Life MAX 2", 4" Stem
SizeStem Size

You won’t have any more worries once your garage rollers are replaced with these bad boys. You won’t be hearing any odd noises nor will you be wearing out your garage door opener.

If you own an older home, likely, you’re already overdue for replacing them. The good thing about the Dura-Lift is that they are designed for max performance and are ultra-weather resistant.

With sealed caps, they also prevent dirt and grime from corroding the bearings allowing for longer shelf life. They are also available in a 10 or 12 pack.

Needing to replace your garage rollers is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, why not go with the best?

These are easy to install, have a lifetime warranty, and are worth the price.

The time it takes to replace them is worth preventing the inevitable damage a broken garage door can cost to replace. (sometimes in the 1000s!)

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made with Nylon
  • Reduces Noise up to 75 Percent
  • Might not fit your garage

2) XiKe 10 Pack Black 2″

XiKe 10 Pack Black 2"
SizeStem Size

Xike is a company that has been around since 1945. If safety is your concern, don’t double think when it comes to these garage rollers.

The Xike garage rollers are made out of nylon reducing the amount of noise they create and are extremely durable. They can hold a load of 150lbs and have been stress tested to about 100,000 cycles.

The downside is that these only bring a 3-year warranty with them, unlike the Dura-Lifts that came in first.

You can choose between white, blue, and black if you prefer to keep your garage stylish.

  • Comes in 3 Colors
  • Reduces Noise by up to 80%
  • ~150lb Load
  • Only 3-year Warranty

3) ABN Quiet Garage Door Rollers Nylon

ABN Quiet Garage Door Rollers Nylon

SizeStem Size

ABN is an American company. You can sleep easy at night knowing these were built right here in the US of A.

The ABN garage door rollers are made out of nylon so they will be great at reducing noise. Each roller has 13 bearings that are stronger than a standard bearing.

Included are 10 garage rollers but they only come in black. ABN also guides you through the process of replacing your garage rollers in plain English which is hard to come by these days.

And last but not least, these are the cheapest of the bunch so far. What’s not to love?

  • USA made
  • Cheapest
  • Made from Nylon
  • Only 1 Year Warranty

4) FKG 2″ Inch Nylon Garage Door Roller 7″ Stem

SizeStem Size

Looking for a longer stem? These are exactly what you need.

These come in a pack of 12. Be sure to measure your garage door before you go ahead and purchase. You will want to buy the right item before installing.

  • Comes in 12 Pack
  • 7 Inch Stem
  • No Warranty

Best Garage Roller Kit

TF Garage Door Hardware Kit

Is your garage door in need of new hinges and cables?

This kit is everything you’ll need to get your garage back in proper order.

The kit comes with 10 rollers (11 ball bearings), a Cable 7′ high 1/8 thickness, and galvanized steel hinges.

Please be wary, though. Measure your garage door and compare them to the specifications to see if they fit. The product mentions they “fit any door” but a few others have stated that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Better safe than sorry! Also, take the proper precautions when working on your garage door. Safety first.

  • Comes With Everything You Need
  • Made from Nylon
  • Well Made
  • No Proper Instructions
  • No Warranty

Best Lubricant For Garage Door Rollers

You don’t want to be using normal WD-40 when lubricating your garage door. The protective White Lithium was made for metal on metal use that requires heavy lubrication.

It sprays on evenly as a liquid and sets dry which is ideal for hinges, pulleys, and cables like in a garage door.

Protect your garage from future damage and lubricate every 3-4 months. A little investment in your future is never a bad thing.

  • WD-40. Nuff Said.

    Garage Door Roller Replacement FAQ

    1) How often should I be replacing garage door rollers?

    If you haven’t changed them in a while and you are bothered by the noise, it’s a good time to change them. The cost of replacing them isn’t necessarily high and it’s better than paying for a repair in the long term.

    Most garage door rollers are rated to last around 6-7 years. Ask your previous homeowners if they have changed them in the past or if it’s time to get around to replacing them.

    If your garage door isn’t closing, then you may find benefits from replacing your garage door rollers.

    2) Can replacing my garage door rollers be dangerous?

    Yes, so please do take the precautions of keeping yourself self. If at any point you feel as if you’re lost adjusting your garage, it might be time to call a professional.

    The spring that holds together the garage door is wound fairly tight and could be life-threatening if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

    3) What size garage door rollers do I need?

    Measure the width of your pre-existing garage door rollers. Rollers come in 1,2 and 3 inches. The exact measurement will be .75 inches, 1.75 inches, and 2.75 inches so don’t worry if they aren’t exact.

    4) How do I replace my garage door rollers?

    Here is a video documenting every step in the process of replacing garage door rollers:

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