The 9 Best Garage Floor Tiles [Aesthetic]

Is your garage floor cracked, flaking, or just plain boring? Garage floor tiles are a great way to customize your garage’s aesthetic instantly. Mix and match a variety of different colors and shapes to your liking.

After looking far and wide, I found the IncStores Coin Nitro to be the best garage floor tiles with a ton of colors and shapes to choose from.

Another option for a more rugged look would be the RaceDeck Free-Flow.

Check out the table below to find the perfect garage floor tiles for you.

The 9 Best Garage Floor Tiles

IncStores Coin Nitro52 SQFT CHECK PRICE
BalanceFrom Puzzle96 SQFT CHECK PRICE
RaceDeck Free-Flow48 SQFT CHECK PRICE
RaceDeck Diamond24 SQFT CHECK PRICE
GarageTrac Diamond48 SQFT CHECK PRICE
Speedway 789453B-5050 SQFT CHECK PRICE
Swisstrax Modular Tile43 SQFT CHECK PRICE
SnapFloors Male Transition48 SQFT CHECK PRICE

Best Garage Floor Tiles

IncStores Coin Nitro

IncStores Coin Nitro
  • Colors: Artic White, Black, Blue, Graphite, Gunmental, Red, Sahara Sand (Available in Coin or Diamond Design) Vented options in Black, Blue, Graphite, Gunmental, Red Sahara Sand available as well
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Thickness: 3/8” thick

It’s easy to see why these come in first. Their color and pattern selection are unmatched. You can make any pattern or design with the options available.

Depending on your style, you can go for the coin, vented, diamond, or smooth finish. The possibility of design is endless, your imagination is the limit.

Adding tiles to your garage will up the aesthetic of your garage and protect the longevity of your concrete. You don’t need to worry about parking your car on these tiles, they’re going to hold up.

You’ll have no issue installing these with the interlocking tiles that weigh only .62 pounds each. If you take your time and plan, they’ll be calling you the next Picasso.

The IncStores Coin Nitro is also stain and slip-resistant. Simply hose off the tiles when they get dirty and that’s about as much maintenance they’ll require in their lifetime.

Be aware that you will damage the tiles if you attempt to use a car jack on them. Take your car jack and use it on concrete or you’ll risk damaging the tiles.

  • Endless amount of color variations
  • Easy to maintain
  • Tiles come pinned together which make it difficult to take them apart

Best Runner Up Garage Floor Tiles

RaceDeck Free-Flow

RaceDeck Free-Flow
  • Colors: Alloy, Black, Graphite
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Thickness: .5″ thick

You’ll be capable of putting up to 80,000 pounds on these bad boys.

Installing will be a breeze, requiring no tools at all. You’ll only need to set aside some time to make your garage look exactly how you want.

The benefit of using floor tiles is that you won’t have to get messy with an epoxy job. You’ll also be protecting your garage floor from any long-term damage.

The tiles are self-draining and slip-resistant. Liquid automatically drains preventing mold and mildew that’s commonly found in garages.

If your garage floor is cracked or flaking, you can still easily install the RaceDeck Free-Flow over them without worry.

Racedeck is so confident, they’re offering a 20-year warranty. Not only that, these garage tiles are manufactured in the USA.

  • 20 year warranty
  • Sleek look
  • Not many colors to choose from

Best Cheap Garage Floor Tiles

BalanceFrom Puzzle

BalanceFrom Puzzle
  • Colors: Black, Grey, Blue
  • Material: Foam
  • Thickness: 3/4″ thick

You’ll save a fortune with the BalanceFrom Puzzle garage floor tiles. Included are 96 square feet of coverage making this one of the best deals on this list.

Do be aware that these mats are NOT suitable for a car or heavy machinery to be on top. You can however put these down to protect your garage floor and utilize your garage space for a home gym or recreational space.

These puppies are pretty thick at 3/4″ thick, non-slip cushioning your every step from hard concrete. You’ll be able to easily wash these off with soap and water should any accidents happen in your garage.

A 2-year warranty is included with these garage floor tiles. These are some of the highest-rated tiles I could find anywhere on Amazon.

  • Saves money
  • Covers 96 sqft
  • Not suitable to park car

6 More Garage Tile Choices to Choose From

1) RaceDeck Diamond Garage Floor Tile

RaceDeck Diamond Garage Floor Tile
  • Colors: Alloy, Graphite, Yellow
  • Material: Copolymer
  • Thickness: .5″ Thick

I suggest picking these up if you only need to cover around 24 sqft in your garage. You can choose from three beautiful colors to help make your garage look as cool as heck.

Made in the USA out of copolymer, they’re made without glue or toxic fumes. You’ll be able to clean these in a jiffy as they won’t leave stains, peels, or chips. Any common garage spills like oil will easily wash off should an accident occur.

You’ll be safe in your garage with the nonslip resistant material keeping you steady for every task. You won’t need to call up your friend to come over to help you install, but maybe give him a ring anyway and see how’s he doing?

15 years of warranty are included with the RaceDeck Diamond making these another great budget buy.

  • Made in the USA
  • 15 year warranty
  • Not many colors to choose from

2) GarageTrac Diamond Garage Floor Tile

  • Colors: Alloy, Black, Graphite, Red, Royal Blue
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Thickness: .5″ thick

One of the benefits of these garage floor tiles is that they are compatible with the Race Deck products. You can mix and match the available colors to make your garage unique.

You’ll be installing these quickly with 16 powerlocks that create a tough substructure. You won’t need any tools or glue to install these, just snap them right in and enjoy.

Not everyone wants to epoxy their garage floor or knows how, these are a great option to consider. You’ll also be protecting your garage floor should you want to sell your house at a later date.

The diamond top design is great to add safety to your garage or workshop. You likely don’t want to be slipping and sliding everywhere once you install these.

The GarageTrac Diamond can be installed within an hour in even a 400sqft garage.

  • Easy installation
  • Patented Substructure
  • Limited color selection

3) Speedway 789453B-50 Garage Floor Tiles

  • Colors: Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Silver, White, Yellow
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Thickness: .5″ thick

I really dig the colors that these garage floor tiles provide. You could make the USA-themed garage easily, how cool would that be?

You’ll be impressed with the combination of aesthetics, performance, and durability that these tiles offer. The diamond plate pattern offers a distinct look that’ll even impress your wife. (I hope, anyway)

The copolymer material was created to withstand oil, gas, and any other fluids coming out of your car. Even if they get dirty, cleanup should be a breeze once these are installed.

What I love about these tiles is the 6 interlocking tabs on the sides. If you’re worried about your garage floor tiles moving around, I would look into purchasing the Speedway 789453B-50 for the ease of mind.

  • 24 connection points per tile ensuring no movement
  • Hard to find faults!

4) Gladiator GAFT48TTPS Garage Floor Tiles

  • Colors: Charcoal, Charcoal Drain, Black, Blue, White, Silver
  • Material: Plastic (Couldn’t find exact material)
  • Thickness: 5/8th” thick

Gladiator is a quality brand that builds many great products. The issue is the price, and these are quite pricy. Considering you might need more than 5 boxes to cover your entire garage, the bill will add up FAST.

Even though they are pricy you will be able to install these fairly quickly with the locking mechanism. They can withstand temperatures from 0-120F and withstand humidity.

No worries if they get wet, they naturally drain themselves with the floor drains tiles. You’ll also receive edge tiles if you would like to tile your garage from end to end.

Reviewers mentioned that they shopped around and the Gladiator GAFT48TTPS were the garage tiles that moved the least. Looking at pictures of how they installed them, the end result looked really amazing.

  • Won’t move
  • Drain and end tiles included

5) Swisstrax Modular Tile Garage Floor Tiles

  • Colors: Racing Red, Citrus Yellow, Mocha Java, Slate Grey, Turf Green
  • Material: Plastic (Couldn’t find exact)
  • Thickness: .75 thick

These tiles are a commercial product, but you can purchase it for residential uses if you need to use heavy machinery at home. One of the only garage floor tiling that can withstand a car jack being used on top of it if that’s what you’re looking for.

Capable of withstanding over 70,000 pounds, you’ll have no issue with any residential needs.

The colors they have available are unique. You’ll have a hard time finding any other colors coming close to “Citrus Yellow” in this lineup.

The Swisstrax Modular Tile is also incredibly thick at .75″, you’ll have no issue with these protecting your garage floor. Swisstrax does recommend you may need to install double-sided tape if you find that the floor tiling is moving around too much.

Reviewers did mention that if they got dirty they can be difficult to clean since they are made with a grill design.

  • Great for heavy use
  • Eye catching color choices
  • Hard to clean

6) SnapFloors Male Transition Garage Floor Tiles

  • Colors: Black

If you want to make it easier for your car to roll into your garage to park on top of your new garage floor setup, this is the product for that.

These are compatible with all RaceDeck, GarageTrac, and GarageDeck products on this list. Included are 10 beveled male edge pieces and 1 beveled male edge attached corner.

These are incredibly easy to clean and will be the cherry on top of your garage floor tile setup.

Few reviewers mentioned that although the price is good, the quality might be a bit lacking compared to more expensive options.

  • Rounds off your garage tile setup
  • Not as good as more expensive options

Best Garage Floor Tile FAQ

1) How many tiles will I need to cover my entire garage?

  • Average one car garage = 150 sq.ft
  • Average two garage = 350+ sq.ft

Almost all the tiles on this list are 1 square foot each. You will need 150 tiles for a one-car garage and 350+ for a two-car garage. Make sure to measure your garage beforehand just to make sure.

To save on cost, you can also look at the best garage floor mats to compare your options.

2) How much does it cost to tile a garage floor?

You’re looking at spending anywhere from $1.5 to $3.5 per square footage of your garage. The good thing about buying garage floor tiling is that you’ll be able to extend your garage floor’s lifespan. Also you’ll be given a 10+ year warranty on most of these products should anything happen.

To find these prices compared to other flooring options, learn more about the best garage floor coatings.

3) Are garage tiles waterproof?

All of the tiles on this list except the BalanceFrom Puzzle are waterproof.

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