The 7 Best Garage Storage Containers [Get Organized]

The best garage storage containers are going to last, be water-resistant and offer stackability for easy storage.

That’s why the best overall garage storage containers we could find were the Homz Tough Durabilt. It’s easy to stack, has easy to grip handles, and has 27 gallons of storage space for all your belongings.

The Rubbermaid Brute Tote is also great if you need to store a ton of stuff.

If you want to read the reviews or are looking for some waterproof containers, you can find them all below.

Let’s get started.

Best Garage Storage Containers

Sterilite 40 Gallon
Sterilite 40 Gallon
  • Ergonomic design
  • Has wheels
  • Great for camping
Homz Tough Durabilt Tote Box
Homz Tough Durabilt Tote Box
  • 27-gallon capacity 
  • Heavy duty 
  • Can be tied down easily
Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Tote
Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Tote
  • Comes with 6 containers
  • Handle drains
  • Made from high strength resin

Best Overall Garage Storage Containers

Homz Tough Durabilt Tote Box

Key Features:

  • 27-gallon capacity
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Lifetime durability 

No frills here. The Homz Tough Durabilt was created to withstand the harshest conditions.

You’ll be able to store all of your tools, personal items, DIY equipment, and more in this 27 gallon storage container. These are HEAVY DUTY, they were built to be impact resistant which makes them great for stacking.

The lid snaps on to ensure that your gear stays protected from any dings or scrapes. Perfect to take with you on a fishing trip or to the beach.

You’ll save a ton of space as they stack easily and you sleep easy knowing your belongings are protected within.

The strong handle design also makes it easy to carry and they have 6 hasp areas if you need to tie them down for easy transportation. It’s a perfect storage bin that will pay for itself when you know your valuables are protected in your garage.

Included are two totes and certified frustration-free! Reviewers mention that they left these out in the rain multiple times with no issue.

  • Can be tied down easily
  • Lifetime durability
  • Yellow might not be your color

Best Runner-Up Garage Storage Containers

Sterilite 40 Gallon/151 Liter

Key Features:

  • Outside dimensions: 36.75 x 21.38 x 18
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Wheels on bottom

These containers are rugged and massive. It’ll take care of any storage needs you have in your garage.

Made in the USA so you know it’s going to be quality. The 40-gallon capacity is enough to store your heavy-duty tools without the worry of the container breaking. Wheels make these easy as heck to move around your garage, too.

The reason why the Sterilite Wheeled Industrial Tote is great is the build quality, they will last you nearly a lifetime. You’re getting two storage containers and for the price and construction, I couldn’t find any better.

You’ll be able to stack these as well, be careful though not to get too carried away. You don’t want them tipping over on ya! Storing your bulky items inside won’t be an issue.

They come in a 2 pack if you require more storage space. If you’re running out of places to store your storage containers, take a look at the best overhead garage storage racks.

  • 40 gallon capacity
  • Comes in a 2 pack
  • Has wheels
  • Might be overkill for your needs

Best Budget Garage Storage Containers

Rubbermaid  BRUTE Tote

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 7.8″ l x 17.4″ w x 15.1″ h
  • Handle drains
  • Stackable

On a budget? No problem, the Rubbermaid Brute Tote 6 pack is going to do you well. You’ll be able to store up to 120 gallons while saving cash at the same time!

The heavy-duty bins are great for storing your tools, gadgets, and clothes. These were built for heavy loads so don’t skimp out when it storing your items.

Ergonomic handles were added to ensure that you keep a good grip on the boxes when transporting them. They make organizing your garage incredibly easy.

If they get wet they won’t stay wet, there are handle drains that allow them to drain water. The lid snaps on tight keeping your belongings safe. You’ll even be able to use them for outdoor storage!

The Rubbermaid Brute Tote can be used for storing your items in your garage, putting items into permanent storage, or even for professional uses.

They’re called “Brute” for a reason, they’re tough! They are the best storage containers for nearly any situation you can think of.

  • Store up to 120 gallons worth of stuff
  • Heavy duty
  • Not waterproof

Best Clear Garage Storage Containers

Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear

Key Features:

  • See what’s inside at a glance
  • Latching lid
  • Good value

The Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear was the best clear garage storage container I could find. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of different sizes to solve any need you may have.

These bins hold 17.75 gallons each and come in a 4 pack. They’re made out of durable polypropylene material which is shatter-free making them safe from any drops. They’re space-saving and capable of handling your food storage needs.

The strong latching lid will secure your garage storage container with ease, keeping your items free from dust. The lid recesses allowing for stacking which is going to save you space when you need to store these containers.

The Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear will suit you well if you want to know where your stuff is at all times.

  • Clear for easy storage
  • Airtight
  • Small for the price

Best Airtight Garage Storage Container

IRIS USA 74 Quart Weathertight

Key Features:

  • Stackable
  • Weathertight
  • Dimensions: ‎23.6 x 17.75 x 14.5 inches

Keep air and moisture out with the IRIS Weathertight containers. You’ll be able to store 18.5 gallons of your items in each container.

You’re paying a bit extra for the airtight containers but it’ll be worth it when your items are safe and sound from spills or flooding.

Reinforced lids make these easy to stack to save you space in your garage. The latches are also durable, ensuring that they stay sturdy for a lifetime.

While these containers are made from plastic, they’re still great at keeping your tools and food items handy.

Protect your important belongings with the IRIS Weathertight plastic storage bins. When your stuff is protected, you’ll be happy you took the precautions.

Be aware that you won’t want to store your clothes in an airtight container as it may damage your clothes during long-term storage.

  • 18.5 gallon in each contianer
  • Reinforced lids
  • Airtight
  • Some items may not be suitable in air tight containers like clothes

Best Waterproof Garage Storage Container

Rubbermaid 24 Gal

Key Features:

  • Lockable
  • 24 gallon
  • Great for emergency supplies

If you need to be sure your belongings are protected, the Rubbermaid Action Packer will do just that. They are small at 8 gallons but make up for it with the weather-resistant lid capable of withstanding harsh conditions.

Need a bigger size? The Rubbermaid Action Packer goes up to 48 gallons. You’ll want to keep all of your electronic gear and valuables inside for protection.

It’s our top pick for waterproof storage solutions for a reason. The smaller size will also fit right into the best garage cabinets as well.

You’ll be able to throw these in the back of your truck and not think twice about damaging your expensive tools. The lockable lid is equipped to keep the contents of your container moisture-free.

Close these bins with ease and the locking mechanism allows for extra security when dealing with flooding and water damage.

Stack these in any way you’d like without cracking or buckling. Even if they survive a hurricane, you’ll be able to wash these bad boys and it’ll look like new.

Reviewers did mention that these can be difficult to pick up if you have arthritis. You can pick up one and use it as a storage box for your ultra-fragile items, it’ll keep them secure and protected.

  • Weatherproof
  • Great for emergencies
  • Small but can be upgraded to larger sizes
  • Expensive
  • Shallow handles make it hard to carry

Best Garage Storage Container for Screws, Nails, and Everything Else

Wallmaster 8-Bin Storage Bins

Key Features:

  • Wall mountable
  • Sturdy
  • Dimensions: Bins 6.3×4 Rails 16 inch/each

I’ve dumped all of my screws and nails into one bucket before. Not my brightest idea!

The Wallmaster 8-Bin Storage will organize all of your nails, screws, and bolts in a jiffy. You’ll have no issue finding what you need after installation. Simply install the railings on your wall and slide them right in.

Each storage bin holds up to 22 lbs which are 176 pounds worth of small parts laying around. That’s a lot of stuff!

It’s the perfect storage solution for your everyday needs. You’ll have easy access to all of your knick-knacks any time you need a loose screw or nut.

You can use them for a variety of different things as well from fishing supplies to crafting materials, They are suitable for any need.

The sturdy construction of this storage system means they are meant to last. Free up your garage and mind today with the Wallmaster 8-Bin Storage.

  • Organizes small items
  • 2 tiers, can store in different areas
  • Only holds 22 pound in each bin

What to Consider When Buying Garage Storage Bins?


When purchasing storage bins, it’s important that they can stack on top of each other. For this reason, consider purchasing the same brand for each type of bin you’re going to purchase.

You’ll be able to keep your bins in your overhead garage storage system or storage shelves with ease.


Consider what you’re storing when purchasing your garage storage solutions. If you want to stow away electronics, then you must go for waterproof over water-resistant.

They are not the same, as waterproof will prevent any water from entering your bins. Keep in mind that some items need to breathe like clothes, so just because your bins aren’t waterproof doesn’t mean they won’t have utility in your garage.


Consider your garage space and then factor in the dimensions of the garage storage bins. If they’re too big, you may not be able to fit them all in one space. If they’re too small, you may not have enough storage space for your goods.

Weight capacity

How much your bins can stow away is important. Heavier duty bins are going to cost a bit extra, but they will support your items without any wear and tear. You mustn’t overstress your containers otherwise they may break on you.


Flimsy, budget boxes will leave you with something to be desired when you transport your storage bins. If you invest in sturdy materials, then you won’t have any issues with your bins imploding on themselves.

Garage Storage Boxes FAQ

How do you keep mold out of storage containers?

If your garage storage boxes are meant to have air circulate through them, you can keep desiccants inside to help curb any mold growth. They are a cheap solution and you won’t have to do anything other than dropping them in each box.

They’re great for containers that are meant to hold clothes. A garage dehumidifier is also a good solution to curb excess moisture in your garage.

Can you use plastic boxes in garage?

Plastic is a great material for storing containers in your garage. You’ll be able to see inside of them so you won’t have to guess or even note down what’s inside of each bin. This way, you’ll save on time when you need to grab your items and go.

Which container is best for storing?

In my opinion, the best storage bins for a garage is going to be the Rubbermaid Brute Tote. It’s a commercial product that’s made to last and made by a great brand like Rubbermaid.

Final Words

No matter what your storage needs are, purchasing storage boxes are a perfect solution. If you’re running out of space in your garage, make sure to check out the best garage overhead storage solutions that will allow you to stow away all of your bins overhead!

If you have a bike, make sure to check out the best bike storage for garage as well. You’ll save even more space by stowing away your bike properly.

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