3 Best Garage Storage Hooks for Organization

Running out of garage floor space? Quality garage hooks are just what you need!

The best garage storage hooks I could find were the HUPBIPY 12 Pack. With their superior quality you’ll be able to store your items safely without any worry.

The Shepherd Hardware 8088E garage hooks are also a great heavy-duty option for heavier items.

You’ll find the hooks reviewed below, let’s get to it!

Best Garage Storage Hooks

HUPBIPY 12 Pack Garage Hooks Heavy Duty

This set of garage hooks is a great way to get everything organized in your garage.

What I like

I love that this set of garage hooks has everything you need. It comes with 4 small square hooks, 4 medium square hooks, 2 large, 2 J-hooks, and 2 medium J-hooks. You’ll notice that for each hook, it has two arms ready to securely hold your items without any worry.

Once you run out of floor space, getting your items on the wall will get you organized fast. The bigger hooks will be a good way to secure ladders, tires, tools or anything else you want to secure on your garage walls.

They’re made of high duty steel and have a non-slip coating so it’ll prevent slipping and damage to your items when placing and replacing. It’s easy to install and comes with all the screws and wall plugs necessary right out of the box.

If you’re going to install it on plaster or brick/wood/concrete, it comes with both types of screws so you can keep it fastened on any type of material.

What I don’t like

Hard to find anything wrong with these garage hooks!


I think if you’re after a variety of the best garage hooks to start getting organized, then these hooks will do just that.

Also Great Garage Storage Hooks

12 Pack Heavy Duty Garage Storage Hooks

Have a ton of items waiting to be hung in your garage? This set of 12 heavy-duty garage hooks will get you started!

What I like

I like that it comes with double hooks so your items will stay secured and safe while you’re away. These garage hooks come in 5 different sizes so you’ll have the right hook to hang with your tools without it being awkward.

The anti-slip coating will keep your items secured and will reduce the number of dings/scratches from long-term usage. The J hooks are a nice addition that you’ll be able to hang extension cords or hand saws from.

Your shovels, ladders, drills, and other tools will be able to be hung without any issue. (Just make sure that you secure properly!) You’ll be given two sets of installation screws if you want to install them on wood, brick or concrete.

What I don’t like

Reviewers of this product mentioned that the included screws/fasteners weren’t of the best quality. If you have access to other hardware then it’s advised to use that instead and use the hooks that way.


As long as you replace the included hardware with these garage hooks, they’re another great option to choose from.

Best Heavy Duty Garage Storage Hooks

Shepherd Hardware 8088E Heavy Duty

These garage hooks are a great heavy-duty option to hang up the toughest and heaviest objects in your garage!

What I like

My favorite thing about these heavy-duty hooks is that they aren’t shoddily welded onto a backplate. You’ll secure these hooks right onto your garage wall with 2 screws so it’ll be safe and secure holding your heavy items.

These are perfect to hang up your tires, ladders, lawn chairs, or anything else that is taking up a bunch of space on your garage floor. All you’ll need to do is mount it on your wall and screw it in, easy as that.

Each hook can hold up to 25 pounds, so if you utilize 2 you’ll be able to hold up anything 50 pounds or less without any worry. I’d not want to hang up my valuables on some cheap hooks and these will stand the test of time with their quality build.

What I don’t like

These garage hooks don’t come with hardware so you’ll need to find the right screws/nails to install them.


If you’re after a reliable set of hooks that can hold up to 25lbs each, these will do just that.

Final Thoughts

Hanging items in your garage doesn’t need to be difficult with the best garage storage hooks. If you’re after a bundle of hooks, the HUPBIPY 12 Pack set isn’t a bad choice. For heavier items, the Shepherd Hardware 8088E Heavy Duty is a great choice as well.

You can learn more about organizing your garage here.

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