The Best Garage Wall Organizers

Running low on garage floor space? No worries, a garage wall organizer is exactly what you need.

I found the best garage wall organizer to be the Wallmaster Garage Storage Tool Organizer. It’s a heavy-duty option that’s built like a tank and holds up to 265lbs.

If you’re looking for a rail option with multiple hook attachments, you may want to check out the CRAFTSMAN Versatrack Garage Storage System. You can even split the rails and install them in separate locations.

If you’re wanting to read the reviews, you can check them out below.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Wallmaster Garage Storage Tool Organizer 265LBS CHECK PRICE
CRAFTSMAN Versatrack Garage Storage System75LBS CHECK PRICE
StoreYourBoard BLAT Tool Storage Rack200LBS CHECK PRICE
64 Inch Garage Hooks Tool Organizer5LBS PER HOOK CHECK PRICE
HORUSDY Wall Mounted Storage Bins Parts Rack1-2LBS PER BIN CHECK PRICE

Best Garage Wall Organizer

Wallmaster Garage Storage Tool Organizer

  • Size: 16.14 x 3.15 x 5.91 inches
  • Weight limit: 265 lbs

What I like

The best feature of this wall organizer is the moveable hooks that allow you to space out the hooks to fit your belongings. With other options, you may be limited with how you can space out your items. With this organizer, that’s a problem of the past.

It’s made out of heavy-duty steel with a weight limit of 265lbs. This is great for anyone with lots of heavy tools, chairs, and other items that need to be stored securely. The hooks also come with rubber-coated sleeves that prevent slipping or damage.

Installation is easy as well with it coming with everything you need. It is recommended to utilize a power drill, so if you don’t have one then you may want to look at other options. This rail comes with 6 double hooks as well for added sturdiness, each can hold up to 88lbs.

What I don’t like

One purchaser mentioned that the hooks that are shown in the picture aren’t the same hooks that come with the product. You may get 3-inch hooks instead of the bigger ones that are shown.


If you have a ton of tools, chairs, mops, brooms, and other doo-dads that need to be stored, this is a heavy-duty option that you can’t go wrong with. The hooks move where you want them to go, giving you the flexibility you need when storing all your items. Installation is easy as heck, too!

  • Can hold a ton of stuff
  • The hooks are moveable
  • Built to last
  • You may not receive the same hooks as pictured

Best Garage Wall Rails

CRAFTSMAN Versatrack Garage Storage System

  • Size: 48-in W x 5-1/2
  • Pieces Included: 20
  • Weight limit: 75lbs per lineal foot

What I like

What I love about this garage wall organizer is that you have the flexibility to store your items how you want to. You aren’t limited by a single set of hooks, you can hang your tools, brooms, mops, and any other gear how you want.

The hooks latch onto the rails so your belongings stay in one place. It also gives you the option to move the hooks, so you can enjoy being able to fit your odd-shaped tools without any issue.

You can install these rails as one piece if you’d like or connect them. You even have the option to separate the rails and keep your tools in your preferred area in the garage. The rails support up to 75lbs per lineal foot. Some purchasers showed that they hung up all of their tools on the rails without an issue!

This rail system is compatible with all Craftsman VERSATRACK trackwall systems so you can upgrade your garage storage as much as you’d like.

What I don’t like

Some reviewers mention that the rack wobbles a lot and can be a bit bothersome. Others said that the installation was a bit of a hassle as well and doesn’t come with enough screws.


If you have a lot of Craftsman tools already and need a place to store them, you should be able to do so without an issue. Even if you don’t, you’ll still be able to enjoy the flexibility these rails offer. Get all of your off the floor and enjoy an organized garage today!

  • Lets you decide how you want to store your items
  • Rails can be installed together or separate
  • Holds up to 75 lbs per lineal foot
  • Instructions can be unclear
  • Doesn’t come with all the pieces to install

Also Great Garage Wall Organizer

StoreYourBoard BLAT Tool Storage Rack

  • Size: 37 x 10 x 3.25 inches
  • Weight limit: 200lbs

What I like

This organizer rack was built for anyone who enjoys doing a ton of yard work and has shovels, rakes, and mops to hang. You’ll also be able to fit your power tools on it as well as it can hold up to 200lbs. Each hook can hold up to 50lbs without an issue.

You won’t have any problems with installation either as everything you need comes with it. The durable black coating of the hook will allow you to protect your tools over the long run.

I think this would be great installed right next to the garage door for easy access. Instead of having all of your tools scattered around the garage on the floor, you’ll be able to pick up anything you need and go.

What I don’t like

The bolts that come with this organizer aren’t the best, so you may want to pick up some quality bolts so your rack stays in place. It doesn’t have moveable hooks either which can be a downside if you had a lot of oddly shaped stuff to hang.


If you have some heavy-duty stuff that needs a tank of a wall organizer, look no further.

  • Built like a tank
  • Can hold up to 200lbs worth of stuff
  • Bolts that it comes with aren’t the best

Best Budget Garage Wall Organizer

64 Inch Garage Hooks Tool Organizer Wall Mounted

Size: (4) 16.9 inches x 1.9 inches

Weight limit: 5lb per hook

What I like

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get organized. With this garage organizer, you’ll be able to hang your broom, shovel, hat, rake, and anything else that’s under 15 pounds. It’s a great way to hang up light objects that are taking space on your garage floor.

It’s 64 inches long which will let you hang a ton of stuff. The hooks also have an anti-slip coating so your items won’t be moving around and damaging each other. It comes with 20 pegs so you’ll be able to store around 100 pounds worth of stuff.

This rack also comes with 4 separate sections so if you’d like, you can install them in separate areas. A good idea would be to have half near the garage door and another half near the entrance of your home. That’s some good multi-tasking!

What I don’t like

If you’re expecting to hang HEAVY tools on this, then beware. It’s made for hanging light objects like shovels, hammers, hats, stuff like that. For heavy-duty options, check out the first option on this list.


I think this is a great budget option for anyone who wants to organize their garage. You can separate it into 4 different rails and install them where you need them.

  • Separates into four pieces
  • Can hang up to 100lbs worth of stuff
  • Easy to install
  • Not meant for heavy duty storage

Also Great Budget Garage Wall Organizer

HORUSDY Wall Mounted Storage Bins Parts Rack

  • Size: 25.5 x 13.7 x 4.6 inches
  • Pieces: 30

What I like

If you have tons of screws, bolts, hooks, and other knick-knacks that are stored in a bucket somewhere in your garage, this is the storage system for you. It comes with 30 buckets that will help you finally get organized!

You can label each bucket with the slot on the front. Before when you needed a screw, you would have to dig for ages. Now, you’ll never have that problem again. If you get organized once, you’ll stay organized with this system.

You can easily remove the buckets as well if you ever need to swap them out. The pegboard is made out of 2 pieces so you can level it without a problem. You can also keep the two halves in separate locations if you wish.

What I don’t like

This isn’t a heavy-duty option that is going to hold up if you want to dump tons of weight on it. It’s made to hold a lot of tiny objects at once, not hold super heavy stuff. Don’t expect this to be anything more than a budget storage option and you’ll be fine.


I think that if you have a lot of loose screws, bolts, hooks, and other small items, this is going to be a great fit for you. Just beware that this isn’t the most heavy-duty option out there considering what you get for the price.

  • Comes with 30 bins
  • Can seperate it into pegboards
  • Not for heavy duty items

Final Thoughts

If you have a lot of heavy items you need to store, you won’t go wrong with the Wallmaster Garage Storage Tool Organizer. It’s a great choice that’ll get you organized in a jiffy.

A more versatile option would be the CRAFTSMAN Versatrack Garage Storage System, it allows you to freely move all kinds of hooks where you need them.

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