The Best Propane Garage Heater Reviewed

The best propane garage heater is going to have enough BTUs to heat your entire space, safety features and has to look great in addition to your garage’s decor.

The Bluegrass B30TPB-BB ended up being the best option because not only is it an aesthetic addition to your garage, it is more than capable with enough BTUs and safety features to keep you warm and safe this winter.

If you’re looking for the best 80,000 BTU propane garage heater or the best portable propane garage heaters, you’ll find all of those reviewed below here.

Ready to finally be warm this winter and put end to frustrating temperatures keeping you from working in the garage?

Let’s find you the best propane garage heaters!

Our Top Picks

Bluegrass Living B28TPIR-BB
Bluegrass Living B28TPIR-BB
  • 30,000 BTUs
  • 1400 sq.ft coverage
  • Has thermostat
Mr. Heater Corporation F299730
Mr. Heater Corporation F299730
  • 30,000 BTUs
  • 750 sq.ft coverage
  • Has Thermostat
Mr. Heater Buddy
Mr. Heater Buddy
  • 9000 BTUs
  • 225 square feet
  • Affordable

Best Propane Garage Heater

Bluegrass Living B28TPIR-BB

Key Features:

  • 30,000 BTUs
  • 1400 sq.ft coverage
  • Has thermostatat

What I love about propane gas heater is that it’s powerful and can heat a garage or workshop to 1400 sq. ft. You’ll be able to quickly heat your entire garage so you can get started on your favorite project.

This propane heater works around you with its built-in thermostat. You won’t need to micromanage the temperature inside your garage, you’ll be able to set it and forget it.

Depending on your preference, you can lay it on the floor with the floor feet or hang it on the wall. If your garage is full, then you’ll be able to enjoy its space-saving convenience.

You won’t have to worry about safety features as this comes with a built-in oxygen depletion sensor. “Bullet” heaters are powerful but they lack the safety features that this product provides.

Sadly, some reviewers mentioned that igniting the flame took a while at times but they opted to use a torch lighter instead.

Overall, the Bluegrass Living B28TPIR will heat your garage through any winter and save you money over similar electric heaters.

You’ll have ample BTUs to provide you with heat and a thermostat which isn’t common among other propane heaters on this list.

Out of all the propane heaters I could find, this was the best I could find.

  • 30,000 BTUs for extra warmth
  • Wall and floor compatible
  • Great price compared to electric models
  • Can be hard to light at times

Also Great Propane Heater for Garage

Mr. Heater Corporation F299730

Key Features:

  • 30,000 BTUs
  • 750 sq.ft coverage
  • Has thermostat

*This unit is unable to be shipped to California or Canada and also doesn’t work above 4,900 FT.

Some propane heaters require additional electricity to keep them lit, this unit stays lit without any external power.

Unlike infrared heaters which heat objects first, the blue flame propane heat will start heating your garage instantly.

This propane heater also comes with a thermostat so you can set your desired temperature and it won’t waste any propane. You’ll save money and keep your garage at your desired temperature.

It also comes with safety features that rivals the best propane garage heaters.

The forced air heater within will work around the clock to circulate hot air within your garage.

You’ll be able to put this unit on your wall with the wall mounting hardware or on the floor with the included legs.

Sadly, while this model is popular, although they mention that the elbow that comes with the heater isn’t a good fit. You’ll have to purchase one separately (1/2 female pipe to 3/8 male flare).

  • Capable of heating 750sq.ft
  • Included thermostat
  • Wall mountable
  • Elbow piece that comes with the unit needs to be replaced

Best Portable Propane Garage Heater for Garage

Mr. Heater Buddy

Key Features:

  • 9000 BTUs
  • 225 sq.ft coverage
  • Affordable

*This unit doesn’t work over 7,000 FT above sea level.

Are you always on the go? Love working in your garage but go camping too? The Mr. Heater F232017 is the perfect portable propane heater for your garage and more.

It’ll keep a 225 square foot space heated, your hands and feet toasty.

It burns clean and you can use it indoors and outdoors. Not everyone has a big garage, and you don’t need to spend a ton of money to keep warm this winter.

This propane heater will turn itself off should you tip it over, the pilot light goes out if it detects low oxygen levels.

The propane inside of the canister lasts around 8-10 hours. If you’re going in and out of your garage all the time, that should be plenty to keep your hands and feet from being frozen.

Propane is NOT included with this purchase, so you will have to fill your own canisters. Use caution whenever handling flammable gas.

One purchaser mentioned that he was capable of heating his entire 600 square foot garage with this unit.

Others mention that the canister will empty if you leave it on pilot mode, so be sure to bring enough propane with you (or store it in your garage).

  • Portable
  • Safety features included in a small package
  • Propane canister not included
  • Runs out of propane fast on medium/high settings

Best Budget Propane Heater for Garage

Mr. Heater Little Buddy

Key Features:

  • 3800 BTUs
  • 95 sq.ft coverage
  • Has safety features

Say hello.. to my little buddy, Mr. Heater Little Buddy.

This little gadget is the best budget propane heater for the garage I could find. Be aware that the picture doesn’t do this thing justice, it’s sizeable in real life.

You won’t be heating every inch of your garage with this device but you will have a nice hand warmer for the coldest winter days.

A benefit of purchasing this heater is that you can bring it with you camping or for any outdoor activity as well as use it in your garage.

It uses 1 pound disposable propane cylinders which are not included. Each cylinder is quoted to run at around 5.6 hours.

You will need to give it 4 square inches of ventilation for proper usage.

Even though this is a budget option, it still comes with a low-oxygen sensor and an accidental tip-over switch will protect you should anything occur.

You won’t have to worry when using this in an unventilated garage (but you should keep an eye on the CO2 levels or keep it ventilated if possible.

Unfortunately, this product can be hard to light at times and the canisters can be difficult to find.

This is not a forced air heater unlike other more premium propane heaters so it won’t circulate the air well either.

If you’re looking for portable propane garage heaters, it’s hard to go wrong with this choice.

  • Portable
  • Has all the normal safety features
  • Great for outdoor heat like camping
  • Canisters can be hard to find
  • Ignition can take a while

Best Propane Garage Heater for Small Garage

ProCom MG10TBF Ventless

Key Features:

  • 10,000 BTUs
  • 300 sq.ft coverage
  • Has Thermostat

If you have a small, one-car garage but want to stay warm this winter, the ProCom MG10TBF propane garage heater is a great choice for that.

It heats up to 300sqft with 10,000 BTUs, which is more than ample power.

You can use natural or propane gas, whichever you prefer.

The thermostat will cycle on and off to maintain your desired temperature.

With safety being a major concern, this unit comes with an oxygen sensor that shuts the heat off if it reaches critical levels. You won’t have to worry about safety like with bullet propane garage heaters.

If you’re worried about finding space, you can mount this unit on the wall with the included wall mounting bracket.

As mentioned previously, users state again that while the product may be good, ProCom’s customer service leaves something to be desired.

  • Perfect for smaller garages
  • Included safety features
  • Poor customer service

Best Forced Air Propane Heater for Garage

Remington REM-60V-GFA-O

Key Features:

  • 60,000 BTUs
  • 1400 sq.ft coverage
  • Comes with safety valve

The best forced air propane heater for your garage goes to Remington REM-60V.

You WILL need to have proper ventilation in your garage for this unit otherwise it will shut itself off.

60,000 BTUs will heat your garage right up, even on the chilliest days. You’ll be capable of heating to 1500sq.ft which is perfect for any workshop or large garage.

It has a fan that will circulate the air around your garage keeping you warm.

It’s a heavy-duty propane heater for a heavy-duty job. It doesn’t come with any fancy features, but still has all the required safety valves you’ll need to keep you safe.

Be careful, though. These are very powerful units that are meant to either be used outdoors or indoors with proper ventilation.

It doesn’t have an oxygen shut-off valve so you’ll need to crack the garage door a bit to circulate fresh air.

Purchasers mentioned that the Remington REM-60V was a quality propane forced air heater, but you will need to mind a little noise.

  • Heavy duty heat for any job
  • Heats up to 950sqft
  • A bit noisy
  • Requires proper ventilation for use

Best Garage Propane Heater with Thermostat

ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel

Key Features:

  • 25,000 BTUs
  • 1100 sq.ft coverage
  • Aesthetic

This unit is without a doubt, one of the best looking propane garage heaters on this list. Not to mention it’s the best propane heater with a thermostat I could find anywhere!

Upgrade the décor of your garage with a fireplace-esque look. While it is incredibly stylish, you’ll also warm the heck out of your garage with 25,000 BTUs built right in.

This burner is 99.9 efficient without needing to be vented, no duct or chimney is required. It comes with oxygen sensors so you don’t need to worry about carbon monoxide build-up.

You should however always be careful when using a heater indoors.

The ProCom QNSD250T is a great choice over other propane garage heaters if you’re looking to upgrade not only your garage heater but also your garage’s décor.

Purchasers were overall happy with this unit but some ran into problems with the customer service that ProCom has provided.

  • Amazing look
  • Thermostat to maintain desired temperature
  • Ventless
  • Price
  • Customer service is lacking

Best Propane Heater for Garage Workshop

Mr. Heater MH60QFAV 60,000 BTU

Key Features:

  • 60,000 BTUs
  • 1500 sq.ft coverage
  • Has high limit switches and safety valves

*This unit requires ventilation for proper use.

The Mr. Heater MH60QFAV is the best propane heater for a garage workshop. It has 60,000 BTUs that will keep your entire workshop warm and covers up to 1500 square feet.

What I love about this propane heater is that it’ll last 14 hours on the lowest setting with a 20-pound propane tank.

With it being rated for bigger spaces, you’ll be able to get away with using less propane while still keeping your garage warm.

This unit comes with high-limit switches and thermoelectric safety valves to make you feel comfortable in your workshop.

You simply need to plug this unit into any 20 pounds or larger propane tank and your workshop is going to warm up instantly.

You’ll be impressed with the heat this thing can output, just be sure to monitor the CO2 levels in your garage.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an oxygen depletion sensor so you need to ensure that your garage is properly ventilated when using this unit for longer periods.

You’ll be able to heat any garage workshop with the Mr. Heater MH60QFAV and get the job done right. Invest in your garage workshop, you don’t need to endure the harsh winter any longer.

  • 60,000 BTUs to keep a garage workshop warm
  • Runs 14 hours continuously on low setting
  • No oxygen depletion sensor, make sure you use proper ventilation

Best 80,000 BTU Propane Garage Heater

80k BTU
Mr. Heater Corporation Convection

Key Features: 

  • 80,000 BTUs
  • 2000 sq.ft coverage
  • Can work up to 14 hours with a 100lb propane tank

*Please ensure before purchasing that you have the proper ventilation to use this unit indoors.

Need 80,000 BTU and won’t take no for an answer? The Mr. Heater Convection is the best 80,000 BTU propane garage heater I could find.

You won’t find any frills on this heater, but you will have a great source of heat working round the clock to warm your garage up. It heats up to 2000 square feet and can operate up to 14 hours on a 100 lb propane tank.

It includes a standard pilot for safety.

It comes fully assembled so you won’t need to waste any time before this unit starts to make your garage extra toasty. Just plug this bad boy in and you’ll be standing around like a campfire!

This unit is mainly used for bigger spaces that require big firepower like barns or workshops, it will be far too large for a garage.

Reviewers mention this unit increased their barn and workshops by up to 20 degrees even during the most frigid winter days.

Always take the proper precaution and purchase a CO2 detector to keep yourself safe indoors.

  • Powerful for the biggest spaces
  • 80,000 BTUs of raw heating power
  • No safety features
  • CO2 detector recommended

Best Propane Alternative Garage Heater

Dr. Heater DR-910F

Key Features:

  • 34129 BTU
  • 1250 sq.ft coverage
  • Has thermostat

No 240v capability in your garage? Check out the best 120v heaters that’ll fix that problem.

One of the main issues with propane heaters is the inability to hang them from the ceiling safely. The Dr-Heater-DR-910F is one of the best electric heaters that runs off 240v power. It has 10,000 watts and is capable of heating 1250 sq. ft.

If you want to mount this on your wall or ceiling, it’s up to your preferences.

The included hardware allows for both installations. The 5 adjustable louvers allow you to direct the flow of the heat in the direction you’d like.

The best part is the included remote, which you won’t be able to have with the propane garage heaters on this list.

You’ll be able to hang this baby on the ceiling or wall and control it from anywhere in your garage. You can control the temperature from 50-90 degrees.

Reviewers mention that this heater is capable of heating their 700 sq. ft garage in about an hour. Be sure to buy the right amp breaker, a 60 amp breaker is recommended.

Not only that, but they also mentioned that Dr-Heater’s customer service was amazing to boot.

You can have your cake and eat it with the Dr-Heater-DR-910F. Instead of having to constantly run out and buy more propane, you can set it and forget it.

Do keep in mind that the electric bill can increase a lot if you are in the garage for long periods with this unit running.

  • 10,000 Watts
  • Remote to control temperature
  • Don’t need to buy propane constantly
  • Have to pay for electricity

Best Budget Propane Alternative Garage Heater

Comfort Zone 5000W

Key Features:

  • 17065 BTUs
  • 300 sq.ft coverage
  • Has Thermostat

You can heat your garage and save a ton of money. The CCC Comfort Zone is a great budget propane garage heaters alternative.

If safety is a concern for you, this unit automatically turns off once its temperature threshold has been met. If you’re careless like me, you might leave your garage and forget you left the heater on.

The three wattage settings allow you to control how much heat you need.

Use the adjustable louvers to direct the heat in your preferred direction.

This unit has an off switch which for the price, is pretty cool. Not many 240v heaters have off switches, and some even require additional purchases to shut them off!

The unit is listed to cover up to 300 sqft, but reviewers mentioned that they have been heating their 450 sq. ft garage with no problem.

Sadly, the customer service wasn’t anything to call home about either should anything go wrong.

The CCC Comfort Zone is still a great budget 240v option to replace a propane heater. Worth consideration if you enjoy hot air being circulated throughout your cold garage!

  • On/off switch
  • Thermostat +safety features
  • Poor customer service

What to Look for in the Best Propane Garage Heater


If you don’t have much space in your garage or workshop, you can rely on a propane heater that can be installed on your wall. Factor this into your buying decision and how easily you can install it yourself.

If you are able to keep it on the floor, then you won’t have to worry about additional costs. You can also consider a portable heater to keep on your workbench instead of a full sized unit.


You never know what may go wrong within a year or two, and a reliable warranty is a must for any product you purchase.

Look for at least one or two years when deciding from the best propane heaters so you aren’t left high and dry when something goes wrong.


How many BTUs (or British Thermal Units) you’ll need will be determined by where you live and the climate of the area. As a general rule of thumb, for a 400 square foot garage you’ll need around 12,000 BTUs.

Also consider that if you garage isn’t insulated, then you’ll not be able to keep the hot air inside. No amount of heat output will be able to keep up with the hot air continuously escaping.

Safety features

If you had kids, pets or dogs, then you may want to consider a radiant heater over propane heaters.

The best propane heaters will come with oxygen depletion sensors which will automatically shut off the propane if they sense that the oxygen is running out in the room.

Some models don’t come with this (the bullet models normally) and will require you to provide ample ventilation or use it in tandem with a CO2 monitor.

Additional features

Additional features like a thermostat, tip over automatic shut off and the ability to use natural gas are all extra features that don’t normally come with basic propane heaters.

If you want to keep your garage extra safe, then look into one with tip over protection. Being able to use two different types of gas is nice, but not all propane heaters are capable of doing so.

A thermostat can also keep your garage at your desired temperature, but they can be finicky as they’re using gas to heat your garage over electric.

Propane Garage Heater FAQ

1) Is it safe to heat a garage with propane?

Yes, although if you purchase units that are 80,000 BTUs or above, you need to make extra sure that you have proper ventilation. You can crack your garage door a bit to get some fresh air so that you don’t have any problems with the oxygen depleting.

Most propane heaters on this list will automatically turn off when your oxygen begins depleting. The problems begin when you purchase higher BTU units that don’t have the safety features that are meant for bigger areas like barns or construction sites.

If you want to be extra careful, you can purchase a CO2 detector that will beep the moment your CO2 levels begin to enter dangerous territory. It’s also not a bad idea to ventilate your garage. It’s always a smart idea to monitor your CO2 levels when working with propane heaters.

If you want to be extra careful, you can also leave your propane tank outside, but only do this with the professional installation of a gas line. When the propane tank is outside, you minimize the risk of things going wrong if a fire were to occur.

2) Can you sleep with a propane heater on?

You are putting yourself at risk of carbon monoxide positioning if you sleep in your garage with a propane heater on. If you leave the door cracked a fair bit, it would help, but I would still not take a risk when your life is in danger and monitor your CO2 with a detector as best as possible.

Never leave your garage heater running unattended. Make sure whenever you’re leaving the room to turn it off and if you have children or pets around to take extra precautions when they’re running about. Propane heaters are not something you want to take lightly.

3) Are garage heaters worth it?

If you love being in your garage all year round, this is a no-brainer question. The problem begins to be what kind of heater to purchase. If you aren’t great with wiring or are low on cash, a 120v garage heater can be a good option. Infrared heating technology has come a long way and may be more than suitable for your needs

A 240v garage heater will also be able to provide you with more heat and a propane or kerosene heater will also get the job done for cheaper.

You don’t NEED to buy one of the best propane garage heaters, but they can make your life more comfortable and that’s what life is all about anyway.

4. Are propane heaters noisy?

Depending on the type of propane heater that you purchase, it can make audible noise. Forced air units use a fan to spread around the heat, and that’s where most of the noise will come from.

5. How many BTUs do I need for my propane heater?

For around a 400 square foot space, you’ll need a 12000 BTU propane heater. Depending on where you live, you may require more or less BTUs for your workshop or garage.

You can use this calculator to find the right BTUs for your garage.

Final Thoughts

A propane garage heater can be a great choice to warm your garage this winter if you are equipped with propane. If you aren’t, then I would suggest either a 120 or 240v heater instead to reduce the risk of fire to nearly 0.

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