11 Best Reciprocating Saws [Air, Cordless & Powered]

Ready to add a reciprocating saw to your collection or upgrade?

The Dewalt 20V Max XR is the best reciprocating saw we could find. If you want a blade included, the Ingersoll Rand is another excellent choice.

Whether you want a reciprocating saw that is powered by air or that has a range of speeds,  you’ll find the reviews below.

Let’s dive in.

Our Top Picks for Best Reciprocating Saws

Best Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Reciprocating Saw

  • Blade length: Not included 
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Variable Speed: Yes

For optimal quality, durability, and convenience, this Dewalt model is the top choice. 

What I like

This Dewalt reciprocating saw has a 14.5” body length that is compact enough to fit in between tight spots, such as between posts or other restricted areas. 

The weight of this reciprocating saw is great for extended use since it only weighs 5 lbs. This means you can use it for longer periods without a sore arm or cramping hands. It can also be single-handed when necessary. 

A variable speed trigger provides adjustable power up to 2900 SPM for maximum efficiency or precision as the job demands. 

The cordless power comes from a powerful 20V ion battery that offers excellent battery life for tackling cutting tasks without an outlet nearby. Whether you simply want convenience without a cord or need to cut through some small trees in the backyard, the strong cordless power is extremely helpful. 

There’s even a bright LED work light for illumination when working in dark spaces like under a deck or an unlit outdoor area. For extra user-friendliness, a simple 4-position blade clamp makes changing out blades quick and simple. 

A 3-year warranty confirms reliable, lasting quality over years of hard work. 

What I don’t like

This Dewalt reciprocating saw doesn’t come with any blades, so blades will need to be purchased separately before the tool can be used. You’ll also need to pick up a battery as well.


If you’re after a reliable reciprocating saw that won’t let you down, this Dewalt saw is the right choice for you.

Also Great Reciprocating Saw

Ingersoll Rand 429 Heavy Duty Air Reciprocating Saw

  • Blade length: 3¾” 
  • Power Source: Air
  • Variable Speed: No

An excellent air-powered option. This Ingersoll reciprocating saw has a lot to offer. 

What I like

One of the best features of this Ingersoll air reciprocating saw is onboard vibration-reducing technology. Your wrists won’t feel strained when working with this saw for longer periods. Plus, you’ll have an easier time staying steady and straight since the tool won’t try to jump around in your hands as much. 

The versatility of this reciprocating saw is one of its best features with six high-speed steel cutting blades for you to choose from when tackling a variety of cutting jobs and materials. 

This saw offers ideal efficiency with 10,000 strokes per minute for power when you need it most. Given the high speed of the blade, the lock-out lever is an invaluable feature on this Ingersoll reciprocating saw since it eliminates the risk of accidental throttle operation.

An adjustable blade guide not only helps with precision but also extends the life of the blade with the help of a positive blade retainer.  This saw is easy to control and is a good option for beginners as a result. 

This Ingersoll saw is one of the most compact on the market with its slim body. This saw can be used in almost any situation fitting between studs, posts, branches, and more. This saw can be used on curved surfaces as well for even more usability. 

Since this is an air saw, it can go all day long since it doesn’t need to charge and uses hardly any air during the process. It doesn’t produce the same vibration as most other air saws and won’t leave that tingling sensation in your hands even after bigger tasks. 

What I don’t like

This reciprocating saw does not have adjustable blade speeds, so users will only be able to operate the saw at 10,000 SPM. You will also need to pick up an air compressor if you don’t have one.


If you’re looking for a compact, versatile reciprocating saw with the ability to power through most composite materials and metals, this is a great pick.

Best Budget Reciprocating Saw

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit

  • Blade length: 5” 
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Variable Speed: Yes

If you want reliable power and lasting quality on a budget, look no further. 

What I like

This Black + Decker reciprocating saw has an innovative blade change system that doesn’t require any tools. Swap out blades without any hassle for quick switches on the go. 

Another great feature for users is the pivoting blade shoe that improves the stability of the blade for better control while in operation. This means you can achieve long straights or smooth curves without fighting the saw for a smooth cut. 

The cordless 20V battery provides users with the freedom to move around without restriction from a cord. You can move around, adjust your angle, or use the tool in outdoor situations thanks to its cordless design. 

This saw is affordable but still offers reliable power with up to 3000 strokes per minute. The variable speed control trigger does give you some extra versatility when tackling various materials as well. 

As a Black + Decker product, the battery is interchangeable with all other Black + Decker batteries, so you have the option of continuous run time by using other batteries or purchasing extra battery packs if you need extra battery life. 

What I don’t like

The blade is a bit lower quality than what you’ll find with some other tool brands, but it should get the job done for most DIY tasks. 


Though not ideal for professional use, this Black + Decker saw is a great choice for casual use around the home.

Runner Up Budget Reciprocating Saw

PORTER-CABLE Reciprocating Saw

  • Blade length: 8” 
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Variable Speed: Yes

Another user-friendly, affordable option offered by Porter-Cable, great for casual use. 

What I like

This Porter-Cable reciprocating saw has an 8” blade that gives users the needed length for thicker pieces of wood like branches and wider planks or posts. 

A great feature for maneuverability is the pivoting shoe. The shoe can also be easily adjusted to various depths so you can cut through anything without hitting the surrounding surface. 

The anti-slip comfort grip makes it more comfortable to wield the saw, and also ensures optimal control over the tool giving you a secure grip at all times. 

Since the saw is corded and connected to a power source at all times, it can work all day long without any breaks. You’ll never get halfway through a project only to need to stop and charge a battery, which is convenient for larger tasks that require power.

A variable speed trigger enables flawless power adjustments simply by changing the pressure placed on the trigger. This design is ideal since users can maintain a steady speed and apply a little extra power when needed without fumbling with additional buttons or switches. 

This is another reciprocating saw that has tool-free blade release and changes. You won’t need to spend longer than a few seconds switching the included wood blade for one that can handle metal or other materials for different projects. 

What I don’t like

The saw comes with a wood cutting blade, so you won’t be able to cut through other materials unless you purchase additional blades. This saw is also a bit heavier at 6 lbs, so users may notice a bit more strain if working for longer periods or at awkward angles. 


If you’re looking for an affordable reciprocating saw for a variety of wood-focused projects, it doesn’t get much better than this Porter-Cable saw.

Also Great Cordless Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit

  • Blade length: Not included 
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Variable Speed: Yes

If you value freedom in your workshop, choose this excellent cordless model by Dewalt. 

What I like

While similar to the Max XR discussed above, this Dewalt 20V max reciprocating saw is full of user-friendly features. It doesn’t come with any blades but is compatible with all lengths and sizes. 

The tool-free blade change is a really handy feature if you need an assortment of blade options for your projects and don’t want to waste time fiddling with tools and shields to take the blade off. And don’t worry, the blade is just as secure with this style of blade change. 

This saw has a 4-position blade clamp for flush cutting at any angle. This helps users achieve that smooth, straight cut without twisting themselves like a pretzel to get the needed angle. 

The 1 ⅛ stroke length is standard and delivers fast cutting speeds for efficiency through a variety of woods, metals, plastics, and composites. 

Like the Max XR, this Dewalt saw has a variable speed trigger for simple, instant power changes while working through materials. The trigger ranges from 0 to 2900 strokes per minute, which is enough power for most materials. 

One unique feature of this Dewalt reciprocating saw is a bright LED work light. You can activate it whenever you need to shine a little more light in enclosed spaces or for safety working in darker conditions. 

The cordless design provides one hour of battery life without any loss of power, so you can work on larger tasks without needing a recharge. 

What I don’t like

You’ll need to purchase blades separately as this Dewalt saw does not have any blades included. 


The Dewalt reciprocating saw is a reliable workhorse for almost any task, but it is a little pricey considering you must buy blades separately.

Runner Up Cordless Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw

  • Blade length: 2 lengths included
  • Power Source: Battery 
  • Variable Speed: Yes

This Dewalt one-handed saw offers even more freedom of movement beyond normal cordless options.

What I like

This Dewalt one-handed reciprocating saw is excellent for small spaces thanks to its compact design and 12.5” body. It also weighs less than larger models at just 3.1 lbs. This makes it easy to handle one-handed above your head or held further away from your body. 

Unlike many other Dewalt reciprocating saws, this model does come with two blades and even includes a belt hook for ladder climbing and such. 

This reciprocating saw goes one step further for user convenience with an LED work light built-in for making darker workspaces safer and brighter. This will come in handy when a headlamp doesn’t provide enough targeted light for you to see what you’re cutting. 

This Dewalt saw also has tool-free blade changes for a quick release and an equally fast blade install. 

A variable speed trigger offers a range of 0 to 2800 strokes per minute. This is a helpful feature since you can take things slow and precise. You’ll be able to add a boost of power and speed when you need it most, such as when you hit a knot in a tree branch or you’re working with denser material.  

The saw is great for tight spaces with a pivoting shoe for maneuverability no matter where you’ll be cutting. 

What I don’t like

The stroke length is quite short at ⅝”, so there is lower utility compared to two-handed models with a larger stroke and more blade travel. This power saw doesn’t come with a battery, so you’ll need to purchase one and a charger separately. 


This Dewalt one-handed reciprocating saw is a unique choice for projects where maneuverability is of the utmost importance – just don’t expect the same power and utility as a larger model.

Best Mini Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee 2420-21 12-Volt Hackzall Saw Kit

  • Blade length: 4” 
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Variable Speed: Yes

If you find yourself regularly working in tight spots, this mini reciprocating saw by Milwaukee is a great choice.

What I like

This Hackzall is one of the most compact reciprocating saws on the market. It can be wielded and controlled using one hand. The grip works equally well for both left-handed and right-handed people as well, which can’t be said for all models.

It is less than a foot in length so it can be used in tight spaces that most other saws won’t fit into. Plus, it doesn’t even weigh 3 lbs, making it a great choice for smaller hands. 

This saw is cordless and has a 30-minute charger to keep you going within a reasonable time after you use up the battery. 

The variable speed trigger allows adjustable speeds between 0 and 3000 strokes per minute, which is on par with larger models. 

Plus, this reciprocating saw has one of the most valuable features found on this power tool: a quick-lock blade clamp for speedy blade changes when needed. 

What I don’t like

Though its size can be invaluable in certain situations, the short blade and small stroke length make it suited only to smaller tasks with thinner materials. 


If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight reciprocating saw for small jobs around the house, this is a great pick.

Also Great Mini Reciprocating Saw

BOSCH 12-Volt Max Pocket Reciprocating Saw Kit

  • Blade length: 2 included 
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Variable Speed: Yes

If you require extra versatility in cramped workspaces, this Bosch pocket reciprocating saw is a great pick.

What I like

The comfortable soft-grip of the Bosch mini reciprocating saw makes it comfortable to use one-handed even when used for longer periods. You can enjoy multiple grip positions and the saw can be used equally comfortably in the right and left hands. 

The trigger provides variable speeds depending on how hard you press it in, so it’s easy to switch between low speed and max speeds in less than a second. 

Its compact size is great, fitting into those tighter spaces where a larger tool couldn’t access. 

Though the battery is slightly weaker at 12V compared to many with 20V, this saw provides up to 3000 strokes per minute at top speeds thanks to a powerful motor and short stroke length.

The pivoting shoe is a must on all reciprocating saws since it offers stability when cutting, carving, and trimming while improving maneuverability. 

A convenient fuel gauge makes battery management easier since you’ll know at a glance if you’re good to go or if you should start that next project after a quick charge. 

This Bosch reciprocating saw makes use of a bumper design to minimize vibration so that your cuts are smoother and steadier for being controlled one-handed. 

What I don’t like

The saw can feel unbalanced in the hand since the weight sits in front of your hand rather than behind – it’s quite top-heavy. 


If you’re looking for a reliable reciprocating saw that can fit in your pocket, this Bosch model is a great pick so long as you don’t have heavy-duty tasks in mind.

Best Budget Mini Sawzall

NEWONE 12V Cordless Reciprocating Saw 

  • Blade length: 2 blades included 
  • Power Source: Battery 
  • Variable Speed: Yes

For those seeking an affordable mini saw, this is the model for you. 

What I like

This reciprocating saw is well-balanced in the hand since the weight of the motor sits in front of your hand while the weight of the battery balances it in the back. This helps prevent exhaustion in the arm since you aren’t straining to hold the saw level. 

The saw comes with 2 blades instead of one, so you’ll be able to tackle all types of projects with various materials involved straight away. 

Its 2.0Ah battery offers up to 3000 strokes per minute with variable speed control thanks to a pressure-sensitive trigger. It’ll respond to minute changes in your grip for more or less power as your work demands. 

A keyless quick-lock blade change system ensures you’re never bogged down trying to open the saw’s casing to change out a blade – it’s as easy as plug and play, but for saws! 

Another useful feature is the power indicator that shows the current battery status at all times. The saw has a 1-hour fast charger so you can get back to work more quickly. 

As a bonus, a built-in LED work light will illuminate your workspace with targeted light at the surface you’re cutting for continued safety and precision in darker environments. 

What I don’t like

The battery capacity is pretty small at only 20-30 minutes of use at a time. The compact design of this mini reciprocating saw may not be compatible with larger hands. The grip is closed in by the battery pack on the bottom, compared to other models with nothing limiting the end of the grip. 


This is a great mini reciprocating saw for a variety of material types, but it may not be ideal for large-scale projects where a 1-hour interruption for charging every 20-30 minutes of use would be frustrating.

Best Air Sawzall


  • Blade length: 6” 
  • Power Source: Air
  • Variable Speed: Yes

If being limited by battery life is so not your thing, choose the Aircat air-powered saw for unending usage and power.

What I like

This air-powered reciprocating saw is quite powerful with 5000 strokes per minute. Considering the blade and stroke length, this is impressive. This is enough power to cut through thick materials such as 3” steel pipe or ¼” solid steel sheet with no trouble.

Another beneficial feature for the user is the rear exhaust design so that you can work without any blowback distracting your focus. 

A top feature of the Aircat reciprocating saw is the quick change blade retainer with universal compatibility with various saw blade lengths and types. This means you can tackle virtually any material during any project without switching tools. 

The 6” blade included is versatile since it is short enough for precision but long and strong enough for the tougher jobs as well. 

The air-powered design requires no power connection, so you can go all day without breaks for charging. For this reason, this saw is a great fit for professionals working long hours. 

What I don’t like

The lengthy body can be difficult to maneuver in tighter spaces, so it is better suited to open space use. 


This is one of the best saws on the market for power, maneuverability, and long shifts thanks to its lightweight design and excellent power.

Best Budget Air Reciprocating Saw

Goplus Air Body Saw

  • Blade length: 2 blades included 
  • Power Source: Air
  • Variable Speed: No

For air-delivered power on a budget, you can’t go wrong with the Goplus reciprocating saw. 

What I like

This saw offers incredible efficiency with 9000 strokes per minute. The design of the saw makes this the perfect choice for delicate, complex cuts where precision and smooth cutting power are essential. 

The lightweight body (1.5 lbs) and slim profile make this a great choice for jobs requiring maneuverability since it can fit into cramped spaces better than larger alternatives. 

An adjustable metal blade guard ensures exacting precision and prevents injury. A built-in safety trigger also helps limit risk since it prevents an accidental start

This air-powered saw delivers excellent efficiency with low noise and vibration for the best of both worlds. 

What I don’t like

This saw doesn’t have adjustable speeds and operates using an incredibly small, short blade. It won’t have the same utility for various projects that a larger multi-purpose blade offers. It only cuts sheets within 1.5mm of thickness. 


This is one of the most affordable reciprocating saws on the market, offering incredible value when you consider its strong power, high maneuverability, and user-friendly features.

What to Look For in a Reciprocating Saw?

  1. Stroke length and speed: These are two crucial features to pay attention to since they determine the efficiency of the saw. Generally, a stroke length of 1 ⅛” is ideal unless you’re working with a mini reciprocating saw. You’ll also want to choose a saw with around 3000 SPM at a minimum. 
  1. A variable speed trigger: This is a key feature to watch out for since it will deliver adjusted power and precision in a split second. The trigger responds to the pressure of your finger, making it easy to adjust as you go
  1. Blade type: The type of blade you get is crucial since some blades can only be used for wood, some are designed for metal, and some perform better on composites. Some reciprocating saws will come with multiple different blades while others don’t include blades. Depending on the type of work you’re doing, you may need just one type of blade or multiple. 
  1. A pivoting shoe: The shoe is really useful since you gain stability and versatility in your cuts. It rests against the surface that you’re cutting to keep the blade steady and prevent it from jumping around. A pivoting shoe gives you steady cuts at any angle. 
  1. Corded vs. cordless: The power source you choose is a key consideration since it will impact how and where you use your reciprocating saw. Batteries will run out of power after 30-60 minutes, but a cord can’t be taken outside and limits your freedom of movement. It’s up to you to determine which power source suits your applications.

Is a Reciprocating Saw the Same Thing as a Sawzall?

A reciprocating saw is the same as a Sawzall since the Sawzall is a trademarked brand of reciprocating saw developed by Milwaukee. Though all Sawzalls are reciprocating saws, not all reciprocating saws are Sawzalls since it is a protected brand name and does not apply to any other brand, such as Dewalt or Ingersoll.

Final Thoughts

The best reciprocating saw we could find was the Dewalt 20V Max XR Reciprocating Saw. Another excellent option is the Ingersoll Rand 429 Heavy Duty Air Reciprocating Saw if you want total freedom without batteries or power cords.

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