Best Shop Stool to Sit Like a Pro

The best shop stool is going to have casters, a multi-year warranty and is going to be comfortable to boot. Tool trays are a plus, as well as the aesthetic look of the stool.

After spending hours comparing different stationery and rolling shop stools and found the best one to be the Dewalt Padded 360-Degree Swivel Seat.

At Hack My Garage, we don’t simply put the highest ticket items at the top. We spend hours researching the best options available and layout the good and the bad making your life easy.

The Dewalt Padded 360-Degree Swivel Seat swivels 360 degrees and has casters that roll right where you need to. The storage shelf underneath can store your tools for easy access. To top it all off, the heavy-duty construction was built to last.

If you’re looking for a shop stool with a backrest or something for a mechanic, you’ll find exactly what you need below.

Let’s get started.

Our Top Picks

WEN Shop Bar Stool
WEN Shop Bar Stool
  • Cheap price
  • 300lb capacity
  • Swivel cushion
  • 29 inch height
Dewalt Padded
Dewalt Padded
  • Tool tray
  • Foam padded seat
  • DeWALT Warranty
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 300 pound capacity
  • Adjustable from  29” to 34”
  • Vinyl padded backrest
  • Foot rest
  • 250lb weight limit
  • Slip resistant feet

Best Garage Shop Stool

Dewalt Padded Shop Stool

Key Features:

  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Seat Height: 22.5 to 26.75 inches
  • Adjustable seat


The best part about this shop stool is the 360-degree swiveling seat and casters. You won’t need to get up, and that will save your back when you aren’t having to constantly reposition every few minutes.

You can keep your tools on the tool tray underneath for easy access. It will save your precious energy when the tools you use constantly are right at arm’s length. Having to get up to go grab a screwdriver will become a thing of the past!

Purchasers loved the high-quality construction of this rolling shop stool and were impressed with it being able to hold 300 pounds.

The padded vinyl seat is built to keep you comfortable at all hours of the day.

One thing you should be aware of is if your garage floor has a rough surface, it can make the wheels a bit difficult to roll around freely.

Other than having a bit of an issue rolling on uneven surfaces, this was the best rolling shop stool I could find. It’s a well-built rolling shop stool with a high weight capacity, and tool tray and is complete with a warranty.

If you’re after some savings, you may want to opt for the WEN 73016 chair instead.

  • Well built
  • 360 degree seat+casters
  • Has difficulty rolling on rough surfaces

Also Great Shop Stool

Performance Tool Pneumatic

Key Features:

  • 330lb weight capacity
  • Adjustable seat
  • Seat height: 24″ to 28.5″

If you find yourself toiling away at your workbench often, you need a stool that’s going to be comfortable as heck. Doing intricate work requires patience and you’re going to want to stay comfortable while you do it.

This stool is perfect for anyone who isn’t doesn’t need to roll around their garage. It has an adjustable height of 24″ to 28.5″ giving you the flexibility you need to get into the right position.

It also has a 360-degree swivel seat with a footrest. I know when I’m sitting down I like to rest my leg, and this would keep my leg in place comfortably.

If you need to turn around to address your annoying wife/husband, you can do it without even getting up. You don’t need to turn around, but it’s probably the right thing to do!

This stool also comes with a heavy-duty frame and is built to hold 330 pounds. I think you’ll be happy with this stool if you don’t find yourself needing to move around much. It’s also great for playing guitar, too.

One downside is that this stool doesn’t have a tool tray which is a bummer.

While this product may seem dull compared to the Dewalt Padded rolling shop stool, it’s much cheaper and has a higher weight capacity.

If you don’t feel that you’re going to be rolling around in your workshop, then I recommend this over the Dewalt chair.

  • Heavy duty frame
  • Comfortable as heck
  • Made out of faux leather, you can replace it if you’d like

Check Price

Best Budget Shop Stool

WEN 73016 300-Pound Capacity

Key Features:

  • 300lb weight capacity
  • 29 inch seat height
  • Swivels 360 degrees

On a budget doesn’t mean you need to suffer from a sore tushy. This shop stool is a perfect budget buy for anyone who doesn’t need a fancy shop stool and just wants to be able to sit down once in a while.

What’s surprising is that this budget stool swivels 360 degrees! You’ll be able to turn around freely and look any which way you need to.

It has a height of 29 inches, which is a bit higher than the other stools on this list. Even though it’s a budget shop stool, it still comes with a two-year warranty. It also holds up to 300 pounds.

Purchasers mention that this stool was difficult to assemble and they felt that it was made out of cheaper materials. The thing is, though, it is cheap.

If you only need a stool to sit down on every once in a while, it will be hard to find a better option than this.

Anyone that isn’t in their garage 24/7 is going to find use out of this stool at this price point. A downside is that you may not get as good of a padded seat compared to more expensive options like the Performance Tool W85011 stool.

  • Cheap
  • Not made of quality materials
  • No tool tray

Best Shop Stool with Backrest

SUNEX TOOLS Hydraulic Stool

Key Features:

  • 250lb weight capacity
  • Adjustable seat
  • Seat height 29″ to 34″

Some have no problem with sitting on shop stools for hours on end. Others need a backrest to lean back every once in a while. I’m one of those guys, and this stool is exactly what you need to lean back and relax.

What I love about this stool is the aesthetic. It’s simple but looks futuristic at the same time. It’s going to fit right in your garage’s décor. The padded seat and backrest are built to keep you comfortable.

You’ll be able to swing around in any direction you need at a moment’s notice with the 360-degree rotation. The backrest will make it that much better when you can lean back and relax in any direction.

The height capacity of 29” to 34″ is 5 inches higher than most of the shop stools on this list. This stool is perfect for shorter people who need that extra height to get in the right position. If you’re tall, this might be too high for you.

Unfortunately, the weight limit on this one is around 50-100lbs less than other rolling shop stools on this list. If you’re a heavier person, then you may want to look into the Dewalt Padded 360-Degree Swivel Seat option instead.

This stool is easy to put together and purchasers were impressed with how sturdy it felt. You’ll be able to enjoy a backrest when working all day long on your next project. While it isn’t a rolling shop stool, you’ll still be able to enjoy working in comfort in a fixed position.

  • Has a backrest
  • Slip resistant feet
  • Height may be too high for taller folks
  • Doesn’t have a tool tray

Best Adjustable Garage Stool

WORKPRO Heavy Duty Adjustable

Key Features:

  • 330lb weight capacity
  • Adjustable seat
  • Seat height: 29″ to 33.86″

This garage stool is aesthetic as heck. Your garage will be transported to another dimension when you plop this stool down in your workspace. Ok, maybe not a different dimension, but it’s going to make your garage look classy as hell.

The adjustable height system goes from 29″ to 33. 86″, giving you plenty of room to decide what height you’re going to work at. What makes this stool so unique is how the adjustable system looks so cool!

If you don’t like black, it also comes in green. You’ll be able to enjoy maximum flexibility with the 360-degree rotation.

Purchasers of this stool mention that they felt safe and secure even when they were hitting the upper weight limit of 330lbs.

You won’t be disappointed with this stool if you’re looking for something that’s going to last the test of time. It looks incredibly durable and the reviews emphasized how great of a product it was.

The padded seat will keep you comfortable as heck compared to other inferior shop stools.

You may want a tool tray, or a backrest, which I would recommend looking into Sunex 8516 Hydraulic Shop Stool. Also, for some reason, the green version of the chair is almost double the price which doesn’t make much sense!

This is a heavy duty shop stool that looks like it’ll last the test of time even when pitted against the much more expensive Dewalt Padded 360-Degree Swivel Seat.

  • Aesthetic as can be
  • Durable, holds up to 330 pounds
  • Hard to find any!

Best Auto Garage Shop Stool

AgiiMan Mechanic Stool

Key Features:

  • 300lb weight capacity
  • Tool tray
  • 2 locking casters

A normal garage stool isn’t going to cut it for a mechanic needing to get down and dirty. If you’re working in low areas on vehicles all day, you’re going to want to invest in this garage stool that works with you.

It’s not adjustable, but it wasn’t meant to be. It’s going to be able to get you to the perfect level without putting extra strain on your back. You can also lock the casters allowing you to stay put and get work done.

The full-length pull-out drawer has two removable tool trays. You won’t need to get up every second to grab a tool you need, it’ll be underneath you. It’ll save you tons of energy when you can simply reach down and grab your screwdriver with ease.

The casters have 3-inch rubber-coated wheels which allow you to fly across your garage without any problem. Cheaper stools have issues moving around on rough surfaces, but this mechanic’s garage stool was made with quality.

This rolling stool costs almost as much as the WORKPRO Heavy Duty Adjustable and will only be used when working. If you aren’t a mechanic, then it wouldn’t make much sense to invest in a rolling stool like this one.

A mechanic needs the proper tools, and this stool is going to help you get the job done right. Reviewers were impressed with the overall quality, and it’s not heavy so you won’t need to lug it around. If you need to get under your vehicles, you can also check out the best mechanics creeper for reviews of some niche shop stools out there.

If you’re after an upright rolling shop stool, then I’d recommend the Dewalt Padded 360-Degree Swivel Seat.

  • Light-weight, rolls around easy
  • Gets you to the right height for working on vehicles
  • Only useful if you’re a mechanic

Best Pneumatic Rolling Stool


Key Features:

  • 250lb weight capacity
  • Pneumatic adjustment
  • Seat height: 12.8″ to 17.3″

This stool isn’t like all the others. It’s got a seat height of 12.8″ to 17.3″ which is a bit shorter than all the other stools. The benefit is that you’ll be able to get into harder-to-reach areas, especially if you’re working as a mechanic.

The segmented tool tray allows you to keep your tools, screws, and lug nuts at an arm’s length. You won’t need to scramble to find the last screw, you’ll be able to stay organized and keep everything under in one place.

It also comes with 360-degree casters that will allow you to roll where you need to. The seat also swivels, giving you perfect control. The pneumatic system will make it easy to adjust the seat to your perfect height.

The weight limit is on the lower side, if you’re a bigger guy then you’re going to want to check out the AgiiMan Rolling Mechanic Stool instead with its 300lb weight limit.

If you’re constantly on the move and use a lot of tools, this stool is going to be a great addition to your garage. Purchasers loved the thick and comfy seat cushion.

If you’re after the best rolling shop stool, then I’d have to recommend the Dewalt Padded 360-Degree Swivel Seat instead of this item.

  • Perfect height for working on motorcycles/cars
  • Comfy, thick seat
  • Not suitable for bigger guys

What to Look for in the Best Shop Stools?


Every person is different and your results may vary in comfort levels across different shop stools. Shorter folks may need to opt for taller seats while taller folk will need a shorter stool.

Check the height of the stool and where your workspace will be and factor in your height. You want your feet to stay flat on the ground while you tinker away on your DIY crafts. Otherwise, you may have to deal with a sore back from being strained.

Weight capacity

Bigger guys will need to be aware of the weight capacity that the stool is going to offer. If you’re on the edge of the weight limit, then I suggest not going with that stool.

Manufacturers often rate their products in optimal conditions, and if you’re right at the border, I would expect that you’ll have problems sooner than later. Search for a shop stool that has plenty of weight capacity beyond your own weight.

Tool tray

A tool tray is going to be great for mechanics or anyone who needs to have their tools at the ready. They double as a footrest which can be an added benefit. Tool trays are not necessary, but you may find that having all of your tools at a moment’s notice is handy.

If you’re going to be working on schematics and using a computer in your workshop, then a tool tray isn’t going to be useful to you. If however you’re rolling around your workshop and fixing everything in sight, then a tool tray is necessary.


What you do in your garage or workshop will determine what type of shop stool you’re after. The best shop stools are going to have casters allowing you to move freely through your workshop.

One downside though is that if your floor is not smooth, then it may be difficult to roll around in it. Even the best shop stools have issues with casters getting caught.

If you’re going to be in a static position, there are plenty of stools without wheels to choose from.


How comfortable you will be is important. If you’re going to be sitting down for hours at a time, you will want a backrest of some kind.

An office chair may be a suitable alternative over a shop stool as you’ll not be able to get the best ergonomics even out of top rated shop stools.


Warranty is going to be vital to ensure you get the most out of your shop stool. A one year warranty is good, but browse the market for a brand that stands behind its products.

The Dewalt Padded 360-Degree Swivel Seat has a limited two year warranty. While it won’t cover 100% of all damages, it is nice knowing that your gear is going to be able to be fixed (especially at the price point)


Shop stools come in various prices from as cheap as $30 to as high as $500. No matter your budget, you’ll come across many different models at any price point. Even if you only have a few bucks to spend, you can still get a half-decent stool.

By choosing from a well-known brand, you’ll increase the chances that your stool lasts the test of time and is comfortable to boot.

Shop Stool FAQ

What is a pneumatic adjustment?

Pneumatic adjustments allow you to change the seat height using pressurized air to lift and lower the seat to your requirements. This is beneficial so you can adjust your chair to an ergonomic level.

Where should I store my shop stool?

A good place to store your shop stool is away from heavy foot traffic. If you can stow it under your work table, then that’s a great place as it won’t be tripped or knocked over.

If you don’t have room under your table, consider a corner. You don’t want any accidents to happen and it’s less likely anyone is going to bump into your chair.

What height should my shop stool be?

Your shop stool should be able to support you while keeping your feet on the ground. If it isn’t high enough, you’ll have issues finding a comfortable position. If it’s too high, then you won’t be able to keep your feet in a stable position.

Wrapping it Up

It’ll be hard to beat the Dewalt Padded 360-Degree Swivel Seat if you’re looking for one of the best rolling shop stool I could find. The heavy-duty construction is tough to beat.

If you don’t like yellow, you might be better off with something like WORKPRO Heavy Duty Adjustable, less flashy but still incredibly useful.

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