The Best Surge Protector for Your Garage Door Opener

Want to protect your garage door opener from sudden bursts of electricity?

The GE UltraPro Surge Protector is a great option. It’s affordable and you’ll get two for the price. It also has an alarm should the device stop working, so you can replace it in a jiffy.

If you want to plug in multiple devices, the Monster Wall Tap Surge Protector is also a great option.

If you want to read the reviews, then you’ll find them all below.

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Best Surge Protector for Garage Door Opener

GE UltraPro Surge Protector 

What I like

The GE UltraPro is special, it has a built-in 88-decibel alarm. Surge protectors can stop working, and this device will let you know when it’s time to replace it. The good thing is that this comes in a 2 pack, so you’ll have a replacement ready to go when the time comes.

It has 1080 Joule surge protection which is enough for most power spikes that you’ll encounter. It also has an electronic rating of 120VAC 15a and 1800W.

Another benefit is that it’s a space saver. If you’re tight on space near your garage door opener, it’ll fit right in. You’ll be able to utilize the other outlet with no problem. It also comes with a lifetime warranty should anything go wrong.

What I don’t like

Nothing wrong with this one!


For this price, it’s hard to beat this surge protector. GE is also a respectable name brand, so this is why I think it’s the best surge protector for garage door openers.

  • Comes in a 2 pack
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable
  • Nothing bad with this one!

Also Great Surge Protector for Garage Door Opener

Tripp Lite Isobar

What I like

The Tripp’Lite will protect your garage door opener with no problem. It’s built to protect electronics from power surges and spikes so you won’t need to worry about your pricy investment going up in smoke. You’ll be able to sleep easy knowing the fail-safes within will keep your garage door opener safe.

It also comes with two outlets should you ever need to plug anything else up there next to your garage door opener. It utilizes a metal housing for longevity, to avoid any damage from falls.

It has diagnostic LEDs at the top so you know when you’re protected and if there is a surge present. You never know when you’ll have a short, and having an indicator light will save you the trouble of troubleshooting. You’ll also have 1410 joules of maximum protection.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty should anything go wrong. Hard to beat this deal!

What I don’t like

Some reviewers mentioned that the housing came loose after they unplugged it, which can cause it to disconnect from the unit. This can reduce the longevity of the item, but most reviewers were happy with their purchase.


You won’t need to spend a ton of money to feel protected during power spikes. With this surge protector, your garage door opener will be just fine. I think looking past the flaw of the housing coming a bit loose over time, it’s still a great buy.

  • LED indicator lights
  • Fairly priced
  • Housing has issues if you’re plugging and unplugging it repeatedly

Best Budget Surge Protector for Garage Door Opener

Belkin 1-Outlet Home Series

What I like

This is another great surge protector that will surely protect your garage door opener. It comes with two lights to inform you whether the connection is protected and grounded. You won’t have to do any guesswork with this surge protector.

It comes with 1080 joule energy rating which will protect your electronics from extreme power surges. You can use it with any electronic device you have and you’ll be free from any unwanted surges in the future.

GE offers a lifetime warranty with this surge protector as well as a $50,000 guarantee should it fry your electronics. It’s small enough that if you’re traveling, you can take it with you in any bag with no issue.

What I don’t like

The GE Ultra pro comes in a two-pack and this one only comes in one for nearly the same price.


If you’re after a quality surge protector for your garage door opener, it’s hard to find any faults with this option by Belkin.

  • Has indicator lights
  • Gives access to other outlet
  • Only comes in a 1 pack

Best Heavy Duty Surge Protector for Garage Door Opener

Monster Wall Tap Surge Protector

What I like

If you’re paranoid about keeping your garage door opener safe, this is the surge protector for you. It comes with a fireproof MOV that will ensure that electrical fires won’t happen even in the face of an extreme power surge.

It can also support up to 6 different devices at a 300-joule energy rating. This is great if you plug your garage door opener near the ground level, you’ll be able to protect all sorts of tools and gadgets in your garage. It even will protect your smartphone as well.

The LED light will indicate whether your devices are protected or not and if your outlet is wired correctly. This surge protector will block noise as well as interference if you plug in a garage TV or garage speakers.

What I don’t like

Some users mention that when they unplug a device, the entire device came out which can be a bit annoying.


If you need to plug in multiple devices at once, this surge protector is a great device. You’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that all of your garage devices are protected!

  • Great for multiple devices
  • Will protect smart devices
  • Can be a bit tricky to keep in the socket when you unplug devices

Final Thoughts

Protecting your garage door opener is super important, especially if you invest in the best garage door opener. The GE UltraPro Surge Protector will be sure to keep your opener protected from any surges at any hour of the day.

If you need to plug in multiple devices, then the Monster Wall Tap Surge Protector is also a great choice.

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