Best Wet Tile Saw for Easy Cuts

Are you interested in purchasing or upgrading a wet tile saw for at-home or professional use?

The Grizzly Industrial T28360-7″ wet tile saw is the best on the market. If you need a machine designed for durability and the user experience, the PORTER-CABLE Wet Tile Saw PCE980 is also a great option.

If affordability, portability, or mess-free cutting are features you are looking for, you’ll find products that offer those and more below.

Let’s get started.

Our Top Picks

Best: Grizzly Industrial T28360-7″

Runner Up: PORTER-CABLE Wet Tile Saw PCE980

Best Heavy Duty: Delta 96-107 7″

Best Wet Tile Saw for the Money: SKIL 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

Also Great Budget: Leegol Electric 7-Inch

Best Handheld: DEWALT Wet Tile Saw

Best Portable: Makita 4101RH 

Best Wet Tile Saw

Grizzly Industrial T28360-7″

The best wet tile saw on the market for performance quality and ease of operation is this Grizzly model.

  • Good for: Glass, stone, porcelain, and ceramic
  • Warranty: Unknown
  • Miter Cuts: Yes

What I like

The water pump capacity of 27 gallons per hour is quite respectable. A pump with this capacity guarantees you can work efficently, and the pump will keep up and ensure all of your cuts are high quality and consistent. Plus, it ensures safety standards are maintained.

The drain plug in the tub is one of the more convenient features built into this wet saw. Rather than needing to lift and dump any water that accumulates in the tile cutter tub, you can simply allow the water to exit through the drain plug into a water-safe area for removal later on.

The ultra quiet motor that powers this 7 inch wet tile saw is one of its most user-friendly features. Since many people will be using this saw when other people are around, the quiet motor will help cut down on noise pollution around the work area and limit the disruption to any workers or family members in the vicinity.

The backstop clamping plate offered by this tile saw is one of its most essential features. While cutting tile, it is imperative that the tile is secure on the table to prevent movement while operating the saw. Not only does this ensure the cut is straight and even, but it also guarantees your safety while working.

This tile saw is a battery powered model, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about hauling an extension cord around with you or worrying about outlet access at every job site. You’ll likely want to keep extra batteries or a charger with you at all times, but you’ll be the most mobile tile cutter out there with the battery power backing you up.

What I don’t like

One of the only downsides to this wet tile saw is its weight. While this won’t matter too much if you are securing it a worksite and leaving it there permanently, it will be a bit of a hassle if you will be travelling to various worksites on a regular basis or sharing the tool with someone else.


Overall, this Grizzly industrial T28360 7″ wet tile saw is one of the best tile saws on the market. Whether you are searching for a solid build, great user experience, or top tier tile cutting performance, this premium machine will make quick work of any tiling task you have ahead of you.

Also Great Wet Tile Saw


Choose this runner up if you’d like to invest in a tile saw with impressive durability and user-friendly features.

  • Good for: Porcelain, ceramic, and stone
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Miter Cuts: Yes

What I like

This tile saw takes mess-free tile cutting to a whole new level. Its impeccable design means that neither you nor your environment will end up soaked in water no matter the material you’re cutting or how long you use the saw. The splash guard keeps water away from you, so all you need to do is put a towel down for use even in finished homes.

The roll cage design of this tile saw is one of its best features. It allows you to carry the machine easily while also protecting the cutting cart should you drop it or it rolls around during transport. The added durability and user-friendliness are not something to discount.

This tile saw has an on-board miter square to assist with miter cuts and repeated rip cuts. Even during the most complicated tiling project, you’ll be impressed by the precise cutting you can achieve with this feature. With an accuracy of 1/16 of an inch on 12″ cuts, your cut quality will always be stupendous whether it is a straight line or on an angle.

The versatility of this tile saw is more than adequate for most projects. Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and stone can easily be cut with this machine. Whether you are working with large tiles or small, the 7 inch blade will perform as desired.

What I don’t like

You’ll have to be careful which blades you choose to replace the original; if it isn’t as thick as the PORTER-CABLE blade, your tile won’t be able to get around the guard support after it has been cut.


Overall, the PORTER-CABLE wet tile saw PCE980 is the right choice for anyone interested in portable tile saws that can accommodate a variety of material types and are easy to use. It is affordable as well, so it should be accessible to people at every income level.

Best Heavy Duty Wet Tile Saw

Delta 96-107 7″

For one of the best tile saws for hardcore performance and longevity, choose this Delta model.

  • Good for: Natural and man-made tile and pavers
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Miter Cuts: Yes

What I like

The diamond cutting wheel gives this machine the best cutting performance possible. Not only can it handle essentially any material type, but it can also cut almost twice the thickness of standard wet saws. Whether you are working with smaller tiles than average or larger tiles, you can rely on a smooth and consistent cut thanks to the strength of this blade.

The heavy duty rail system makes this model one of the best wet tile saws you can find. Not only will it hold up to heavy use on a regular basis, but it ensures premium cutting performance as well. Straight, accurate cuts are the name of the game for this model.

The 24″ rip cutting capacity makes this Delta wet saw the best in its class. No matter the tile length or thickness, this tabletop tile cutter will be able to handle any project size with ease. This gives you the freedom to get creative and improve your skills without worrying about the abilities of your machine.

The heavy duty adjustable rip fence is another great thing about this wet saw. It has positive stops at 0, 22.5, and 45 degrees, increasing the versatility of its cutting performance. Whether you are working on a simple tile project or one with complex design elements, this machine has the capabilities to bring you success.

What I don’t like

As wet saws go, this model is pretty flawless. Its one main detriment is its price. It is one of the most expensive models on the market, and while this is representative of its quality, it does limit the demographic that has the means to purchase it.


Overall, the Delta 96-107 7″ wet saw is the best choice if you’re looking for a heavy duty, tough as nails machine to help you find success with even the toughest tiling jobs. It may be a bit over-budget for some shoppers, but those who can afford it will appreciate its diamond blade and ability to cut material of any kind.

Best Wet Tile Saw for the Money

SKIL 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

If you need a budget-friendly wet tile saw that is easy to use, this 7″ SKIL tile saw is the model to choose.

  • Good for: Stone/masonry, glass, ceramic, and porcelain
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Miter Cuts: Yes

What I like

The corrosive-resistant stainless steel top on this wet tile saw is one of its best features. It can support tiles up to 12″ x 12″ in size, and is designed for longevity. Whether you are cutting tiles on a semi-regular basis or you only tackle DIY tile projects once in a while, the work surface of this machine will always be in pristine condition, and safe to work on.

The blade-cooling water reservoir is one of the most integral components of this wet tile saw. It has the capacity to keep the blade cool and minimise dust and debris while you work, ensuring your safety, the cleanliness of your work environment, and your visibility of your work surface.

The portability of this budget-friendly tile saw is one of its most notable features. It is compact and lightweight to make it easy for everyone to carry, it has a cord storage area to keep things neat while travelling or keeping it in storage. The small blade guard allows the blade to tuck completely into the machine when not in use to ensure safety and longevity of blade quality.

The versatility of this machine is a result of its diamond blades and adjustability. It can cut through stone and masonry, glass, porcelain, and even ceramic tile. The adjustable rip fence also increases the ability of this machine to perform a variety of cuts, allowing you to accomplish any project you have in mind.

What I don’t like

This saw doesn’t have the features in place for mess-free cutting, so you should expect to get water everywhere and have tile chips flying around depending on where you are using it. This is not an indoor model by any means.


Overall, the SKIL 7-inch wet tile saw is the best choice for high quality performance on a low budget. While it isn’t designed for everyday professional use, it has the cutting power, versatility, and portability that every weekend-DIYer will appreciate.

Also Great Budget Wet Tile Saw

Leegol Electric 7-Inch Bench Wet Tile Saw

If you prioritise affordability and you have only small projects in mind, this is the wet tile saw to buy.

  • Good for: Marble, porcelain, masonry, and ceramic
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Miter Cuts: No

What I like

The powerful induction motor can operate at up to 3550 rpm, making it one of the more powerful motors wet tile saws on this list. If you combine this motor power with a strong, durable saw blade, you’ll be able to cut through pretty much any material you could need to, including tough ceramic tiles.

This model comes with an adjustable rip fence with miter gauge. This setup ensures you can achieve an accurate cut line, one of the most important things to have go right when you cut tiles. Whether you are doing a miter or straight cut, accuracy will be crucial for the success of the project.

The blade guard on this model serves two purposes. First, it lowers the risk of bodily harm while operating such a tool, because the sharp edges of different blades can cause a lot of damage if not used safely. The blade guard is also designed to allow the blade to sit inside the tool completely when not in use, keeping young fingers safe and the blade free from damage if it gets knocked around during travel.

All tile cutters can appreciate a solid water reservoir system, and this tile saw incorporates this feature. Not only does it limit the amount of dust and debris that is mobile during cutting, but it can also help prevent burning of certain materials and while performing plunge cuts.

What I don’t like

The durability and overall build quality of this wet saw leave a lot to be desired. The chrome surface is prone to scratches and the instructions tell you not to use the included blade; this is a major red flag. If you choose this saw, it is recommended that you buy a different blade from your local hardware store.


Overall, this Leegol electric 7-inch bench wet tile saw is not the product you want to be buying if you have professional use in mind. For small, infrequent tiling projects, this is the ideal choice. It is affordable and can cut through a variety of material types.

Best Handheld Wet Tile Saw

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw

This is the best tile saw choice if you need a combination of portability, versatility, and mobility.

  • Good for: Granite, porcelain, concrete, ceramics, and other stone materials
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Miter Cuts: Yes

What I like

One of the coolest things about this tile saw is that it can be used as a dry tile saw or a wet tile saw. Both types of tile saws can be effective for different purposes, so this 2-in-1 design ensures that you can still use the machine effectively even when you don’t have access to a water source.

A 13-foot water line is one of the key features of this handheld saw. The freedom of this line allows you to move around a work space and to different project areas as needed, rather than having to move all the materials to the tile saw itself. This will increase your productivity a significant amount and make large tiles easier to work on.

This DEWALT handheld saw can perform bevel cuts up to 45 degrees, allowing you to perform angled cuts with ease. This will help you stay efficient while you work and also guarantees you’ll have some versatility in your cuts.

One feature that every user will appreciate is the lock-on button. This button will keep the saw operating even after you take your finger off the trigger, allowing you to rest your muscles during long jobs. Hand fatigue is a major limiting factor for productivity, so whether you are working on a small project or a large one, this button will be useful.

What I don’t like

The blade on this model is only 4 3/8″ rather than the standard 7″ blade that many tile saws have, so this will affect the abilities and cutting depth of the saw as a whole.


Overall, this DEWALT wet tile saw is the best wet handheld tile saw on the market. It is versatile, portable, and very easy to use. Whether you are looking for some mobility and great cutting power on a job site or for DIY tasks, this is the best of the best when it comes to handheld models.

Best Portable Wet Tile Saw

Makita 4101RH 5″ Masonry Saw

For unbeatable portability and overall cutting performance on the move, this Makita masonry saw is the best wet tile saw to choose.

  • Good for: Ceramic, marble, and other masonry materials
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Miter Cuts: Yes

What I like

This handheld tile saw has an adjustable cut depth, which is a unique feature found only among the best wet tile saws. This allows you to cater each cut to the size of material you have in front of you, ensuring you don’t push too far and hit your supporting material, but that you also can cut tile cleanly with a single pass.

The special watertight cover attached to this model helps prevents water from entering the motor compartment, which keep you safe and also keeps the unit functional. When working with power tools that incorporate water, those are two essential needs that should be met.

This handheld model is another one that has a lock-on button. This button allows the tile saw to operate continuously without you needing to hold down the trigger. This will eliminate hand fatigue and allow you to stay productive, even on long projects.

The compact, lightweight design of this machine makes it one of the best wet tile saws for portability. it can fit easily in any storage space or work vehicle, and its 6.6 lb weight ensures that you won’t get tired after using it for long periods of time.

What I don’t like

The 5″ cutting blade that is attached to this handheld model is smaller than the average cutting blade size by 2″. This will affect the cutting depth that the saw can achieve, so you’ll have to pay attention to the thickness of your materials before attempting to use this tile saw.


Overall, this Makita 4101RH 5″ masonry saw is a great fit for anyone needing portability more than anything else. It can cut through a variety of material types even though it is designed for masonry, and the lack of attached cutting surface means you have maximum mobility, just like a manual tile cutter can offer.

What to Look For in Wet Tile Saws?

1. Blade Type

There are two main things you need to think about when it comes to the type of blade included with a wet tile saw. The best tile saws will use diamond blades, since they are the strongest and most powerful blades you can purchase.

Other blade types will be effective, but won’t last as long and should be used on softer materials. Blade size/diameter will also affect the saw’s performance; larger blades will offer more cutting power and a deeper cutting depth.

2. Material Compatibility

Not every wet tile saw will be able to cut every material. Some are designed for ceramics, others for masonry. Some can even cut all material types quite effortlessly. It’s a good idea to know what materials you’ll be working with before you choose a saw.

3. Cut Accuracy

All of the best tile saws out there will offer nearly flawless cut accuracies. They may use stainless steel rollers to allow the saw to move in a perfectly straight line, or they may use a rip fence and miter gauge to ensure that the machine is performing well as it cuts tiles.

4. Cutting Depth

Different tile saws will have different cutting depths depending on their power and blade. Most tile saws will have cutting depths between 1 and 2 inches, but others can fall outside of this range for various reasons, such as a smaller blade or more powerful motor.

5. Tile Saw With Stand or Without

Some tile saws will come with their own stand, but most don’t. The inclusion of a stand will increase the price, so you’ll have to decide whether it is necessary to purchase a saw with a stand, or design a makeshift one at home.

How Messy is a Wet Tile Saw?

Wet tile saws can be very messy, but they don’t have to be. It all depends on the model. Some wet tile saws will have features like a splash guard and deep water tub, to help minimise the amount of spray that occurs when you cut tile.

The best wet tile saws will have a design that contains water spray to a very small radius around the saw, but others will spray water and tile chips all over you and your surroundings the entire time you cut tiles.

A dry tile saw can also be messy with dust and tile debris, and you’ll get covered in it since they don’t always have something similar to a splash guard, so some wet tile saws will actually be less messy.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in the best around, the Grizzly Industrial T28360-7″ wet tile saw is it. If you want a wet tile saw that is durable and easy to use in any environment, then we also recommend the PORTER-CABLE Wet Tile Saw PCE980.

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