How to Level a Concrete Floor: Easy Fix

garage floor

Over time your garage’s concrete floor can shift, making it an unlevel surface that is unpleasant to work on. You don’t need to hire a professional, with self-leveling concrete you can do it yourself.

Below you’ll find out how much it costs, what to do and what to watch out for.

Let’s get started.

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Can You Pour Concrete Over Existing Concrete?

Your concrete garage floor, driveway, or patio has a new crack in it every time you look at it. It’s getting to the point where pouring new concrete is a necessity, but can you save money by pouring a new slab over an old one?

You can pour concrete over existing concrete but you need to ensure that it’s done properly. If the proper care isn’t taken, your newly poured concrete will be brittle and deteriorate quickly.

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How to Clean a Garage Floor Quick and Easy

Let’s face the facts. After years of abuse, your garage floor is not looking so hot. You’ve been sweeping and mopping, but all the built-up grime doesn’t wash away anymore.

Cleaning your garage floor is easy, you just need to know the tips and tricks to do it right. Whether you’re looking to find out what the best cleaner is for a garage floor or how to get a garage floor ready for a paint job, you’ll find everything detailed out below.

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The Best Floor Jacks For Trucks: Safety First

After reviewing over 30 different floor jacks, we found the Blackhawk B6350 to be the best floor jack for trucks.

At Hack My Garage, we don’t simply put the highest ticket items at the top. We spend hours researching the best options available and lay out all the details for you to make your decisions better.

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The Best Workbench To Make Work Easy

We reviewed 5 workbenches and found the Keter Work Bench to be the best workbench for your garage.

Here at Hack My Garage, we don’t simply put the highest ticket items at the top. We dig deep to find you the best products and lay out the details for you to make the best decision. (Even if that means that you don’t purchase at all)

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The 9 Best Kerosene Heaters [Reviewed]

We reviewed 9 kerosene heaters and found that the best kerosene heater for garage is the Sengoku KeroHeat.

Here at Hack My Garage, we don’t simply place the highest-priced items at the top. We dig deep into analyzing the best options for you, the user. We find all the pros, cons, and anything you should watch out for before you spend a cent.

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The 11 Best Garage Floor Mats [Tough]

Protect your garage floor by investing in a garage floor mat. You’ll find that covering your garage from end to end with a mat will be one of the cheapest options compared to tiling or epoxying.

After looking through a bunch of garage floor mats, the best one I could find for covering your entire garage was the G-Floor Ribbed mat.

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The 7 Best Garage Vacuums [Powerful]

Tired of going to the car wash to vacuum up your car? Always have a mess in your garage that needs a powerful vacuum?

You’ll want a vacuum that’ll take care of any mess you have in your garage and then easily mount it on your wall.

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