11 Garage Security Tips To Keep Bad Guys Out

With 9 percent of break-ins coming through the garage, you’re in the right in wanting to secure your garage door. Your power tools, equipment, and home deserve to be protected with care.

You’ll find that securing your garage door isn’t costly and easy to install yourself. Below are 11 different methods so you can find the best garage door security system for you.

Let’s get into it.

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How To Insulate A Garage: Walls, Door and Ceiling

Hot during the summer. Cold as heck during the winter. Your garage doesn’t have to be a place where you compromise with comfort for half the year.

Insulating your garage will maintain the temperature during summer and winter. You’ll save on electricity if you decide to heat or cool down your garage. You can turn your garage into a livable space which will increase the cost of your home.

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