How to Keep Spiders Out Of Your Garage Forever


No one likes going to grab a screwdriver and having to worry if those damn spiders are out and about again.

We’ve all been there. Having bugs in your home (especially the garage!) is a nuisance and unless you know why it’s happening, it’s going to be tough to fix.

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The 9 Best Hole Saw Kits That Won’t Jam

hole saw

We reviewed over 22 Hole Saw Kits and found the best one to be Milwaukee 49-22-4185.

At Hack My Garage, we don’t simply put the highest ticket items at the top. We spend hours researching the best options available and layout the good and the bad making your life easy.

The Milwaukee 49-22-4185 hole saw kit comes with 22 hole saws making it easy to cut any shape hole you need. You’ll also have the luxury of using one mandrel which lets you swap out hole saws without much effort.

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