11 Garage Security Tips To Keep Bad Guys Out

With 9 percent of break-ins coming through the garage, you’re in the right in wanting to secure your garage door. Your power tools, equipment, and home deserve to be protected with care.

You’ll find that securing your garage door isn’t costly and easy to install yourself. Below are 11 different methods so you can find the best garage door security system for you.

Let’s get into it.

1) Get a Garage Door Alarm

Bad guys scope out your garage and wait for the right moment to strike. They wait for your home to empty and then go straight for your prized possessions. As they open your garage door, *BEEP BEEP BEEP*, their ears are shattered by 120 decibels of high pitched alarms and they frantically run away.

Garage door alarms are a cheap way to secure your garage. The intruders will scramble when they think that the police have been notified. In reality, all that’s happened is they tripped your garage door alarm. It’s a simple solution that’ll make bad guys go running.

Another solution is a driveway alarm.

2) Lock Your Home’s Door

Crazy idea, I know. But with the hectic lifestyle we’ve all become accustomed to, simple tasks can often slip our minds. Before you leave your home or go to sleep, make sure that your garage door AND the door that leads into your house are locked.

This will help prevent intruders from gaining further access to your home if they manage to break in. You have to remember that locks won’t keep out a determined intruder, but it can make the job more difficult and deter them from continuing the job.

3) Utilize Motion Activated Lights

What’s a bad guy’s #1 fear? Being caught. If they walk towards your home and they’re greeted by bright, motion-activated LEDs, they’re going to think twice about committing a felony.

With the price being so affordable, it’s one of the best ways to bolster your garage door’s security. You’ll also get to enjoy proper night lighting for once!

4) Hide Your Garage Door Remote

Intruders can easily access your garage door if they spot your garage door remote clipped on your car’s visor.

It’s a minor annoyance to have to take your garage door remote inside, but it’ll pay off when you prevent burglars from having easy access to your home.

5) Invest in a Home Security System

Locks only do so much. If an intruder wants to get inside, they will. Adding an extra layer of security can provide peace of mind that simple solutions can’t. A home security system these days will run you around $15-35 a month with an upfront cost of $100-250.

Security systems will alert your local authorities should the alarm be tripped when they aren’t deactivated in time. The price of securing your garage isn’t all that much in the grand scheme of things when the average cost of a burglary is $2,799.

6) Deadlock Your Garage Door

Do you know how fast a burglar can open up a garage door from the outside? 6 seconds! You’ll be glad to know that the solution is quite an easy fix, locking the garage door from the inside.

All you have to do is screw on a deadlock next to your garage door’s railing and slide the lock over. Simple and easy fix to a scary situation.

7) Get a Dog 

Dogs love to bark at everything and anything. Burglars tend to avoid homes with large and loud dogs. You don’t need a large dog, even smaller ones can do a great job of deterring any unwanted home invaders. Imagine how fast they’ll run when they hear your chihuahua making a ruckus!

You’ll also get to enjoy life with a dog, which isn’t so bad! If you’ve been debating with the family on getting a dog, securing your home will sweeten up the deal a little bit.

8) Make Your Garage Smart

Garage door openers have gotten smart and so have garage door keypads. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get the features that are packed in this system. You’ll be able to enjoy opening up your garage door with an app and you’ll be notified when your garage door has been opened or closed.

The MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener will work with any garage door opener made after 1993. One downside of going with this model is that you do have to pay a tiny fee to add this to a smart home environment and your garage needs to be close enough to your router to get a signal.

9) Place Security Cameras near Your Garage Door

Security cameras are a statement to anyone passing by your home that they WILL be recorded. The message alone is enough to deter criminals from attempting to break in through your garage door. You’ll also be able to monitor if anyone steals your packages left on your front porch and keep an eye on those pesky neighbors.

I think that cameras are one of the most cost-effective ways of preventing any burglars. It’s comparable to leaving a notice outside of your house that there is an alarm installed. Even if there isn’t one installed, it’s the illusion that does the work for you.

10) Frost Up Your Windows

You’re going to want to avoid having your expensive tools and belongings in plain sight. You can prevent anyone from seeing inside of your garage’s windows by purchasing frosted window film. It’s a cheap and effective way of avoiding pre-meditated burglaries.

11) Get Home Insurance

You can invest in as many locks, alarms, and security systems as you want. If a burglar wants to get inside of your home, they will. This unfortunate truth is dealt with by purchasing home insurance. It’s a small price to pay when you have thousands of tools and belongings in storage laying around in your garage.

With an average cost of $1200 per year, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the mental anguish and material loss that a break-in can bring.

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