How Long Do Garage Doors Last?

Looking to replace your garage door but unsure if it’s time? Below you’ll find out if your garage door is ready to be retired.

How long do garage doors last?

Most garage doors last between 15-30 years. The weather will have an effect on the longevity of your garage door as well as how much you use it. Wooden garage doors should last as long as a steel or aluminum door with proper maintenance.

When to replace your garage door

You should replace your garage door when you have the following issues:

Factoring in the spring

Depending on the type of spring system your garage door has, it can also be a point of failure.

Extension springs are quoted to last around 7-9 years while torsion springs last approximately 10,000 cycles. If your garage door springs break, you may want to consider replacing your garage door as well if your door is showing wear and tear.

You don’t want to end up fixing the springs only to have the door give out in a year or two!

Final Thoughts

Having to replace a garage door can be pricy, but you should try fixing a broken garage door yourself before paying for a replacement.

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