How Long Does Concrete Sealer Take to Dry?

When you seal your concrete, you need to let it dry depending on the type of concrete sealer before you can walk on it. How long does it take your concrete sealer to dry?

Penetrating and acrylic sealers will be dry to touch within 1-3 hours. Penetrating sealers should be dry for traffic within 24 hours, topical sealers take 48 hours to dry. Your results may vary depending on your location and weather.

You’ll be able to apply a second coat as recommended by the manufacturer (normally 2-4 hours). For best results, it’s best to wait 24 hours for the sealant to dry completely.

How Long Do Coatings Take to Dry?

Depending on if you have water-based epoxy, solid-based, or urethane coatings, times will vary.

Initial drying time for Concrete Coatings

CoatingDry Time
Polyurea4 Hours
Solids-based Epoxy24 Hours
Water-based Epoxy12-16 Hours

After the waiting period, you can resume light foot traffic. Remember, just because your coating is dry doesn’t mean that you can drive on your concrete. You’re going to want to wait an additional period of time until you can utilize your floor again.

Time Until Fully Dry

CoatingFull Dry Time
Polyurea24 Hours
Solids-based Epoxy5 Days
Water-based Epoxy3 Days

Don’t Forget Humidity, Location and Weather!

Take a look at the weather and ensure that you won’t have to deal with any rain.

If it’s humid outside, then your concrete is bound to absorb some of the moisture with its porous structure. You’ll want to avoid applying any sealer or coating when it’s humid out as they are bound to change colors.

All dry times may vary depending on where you live. Use your best judgment before moving any furniture or driving any vehicles on your newly coated concrete floor.

Final Words

Whether you have decorative concrete that needs sealing or your garage floor, you’re going to want to take your time to let your sealer or coating fully dry. If you aren’t patient, you’re going to have to apply a second coat within a few months once your coating starts to flake and erode.

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