How to Get a Snake Out of Your Garage: 3 Methods

Having snake in your garage can either be cool.. or terrifying.

If you’re scared to death and need to get the snake out of your garage ASAP, you’ll find out exactly how to do so below.

Ready to get rid of that pesky snake?

Let’s get into it.

Why do snakes go into garages?

Snakes love to eat things that may be living in your garage. If you have mice, flies, spiders, rats, or any other creepy crawlies in your garage, they can attract hungry snakes.

Snakes also seek shelter to nest or they may merely be passing on through. They can crawl through the window, underneath your garage door, or through a hole in one of your walls.

Signs you have snakes in your garage

If you have noticed these signs, you may have snakes in your garage:

  • Shedded or moulted snakeskin
  • Slither tracks around your garage
  • Strange smells (snakes have a distinct smell)
  • Snake droppings
  • Weird noises

How to Get a Snake Out of your Garage

1. Call Wildlife Service

It’s recommended to call a wildlife service when dealing with snakes because they may be poisonous. Unless you’re able to identify the snake by its markings, it’s best to leave this to the professionals who know how to handle a snake.

2. Leave the windows and doors open

If you’re scared of snakes like me, you might want to try leaving the windows and garage door open and see if the snake will leave on its own. You won’t be putting yourself in danger and you’ll save some cash as well if it makes its way out.

3. Use a bucket and broom

If the snake is in clear sight, you can lay the bucket on the floor and broom the snake into the bucket. Once the snake has been trapped, cover the bucket and take it outside. Free the snake once you’re outsidee and let the snake slither away.

How to Prevent Future Snake Infestations

Once you’ve removed the snake, it’s best to follow the instructions below to prevent any future snake infestations from occurring.

1. Seal your garage door

If you haven’t sealed your garage door from the inside, then you’re going to want to do so. This will prevent snakes or any other creepy crawlies from slithering into your garage. You have a wide variety of options from weatherstripping to rubber seals.

Find the right product for your garage door to block snakes from entering.

2. Get rid of any pests in your garage

Snakes need to eat, and your garage may be prime hunting grounds for a hungry snake. If your garage has birds, squirrels, moths, mice, or spiders, you should take the required actions to get rid of them.

When you deprive the snakes of their food sources, they won’t have a reason to enter your garage. Get rid of any dried food well to prevent any mice from attracting snakes as well.

3. Fill any holes

You may not be aware of entry points in covered areas in your garage. A good way to find holes that snakes are coming in is to organize your garage. Get a good look at the corners and walls of your garage and patch any holes that you see. You can use tape as a short-term solution.

Also, a garage door threshold can also prevent snakes from sliding underneath your garage door.

4. Install snake proof fence

If you’ve tried everything and can’t get rid of the snakes, then you can install a snake-proof fence around your home and garden. It’s also a good idea to trim your grass so snakes don’t have any hiding places.

It will also keep out any rats, so the dual purpose fence will do a great job. It’s rust proof and only requires a shallow trench to be installed. You can also use it to keep out any chipmunks or skunks that may eat up your yard.

5. Use natural oils

You can use a mixture of clove and cinnamon oil to repel snakes from your garage. Take a spray bottle and fill it up with water and a few drops of clove and cinnamon oil. Spray the bottle around any entry points in your garages such as the door and windows. I don’t recommend spraying the snakes directly as they may attack you.

You can also use vinegar, lime and ammonia if you have it on hand.

Final Thoughts

Snakes in your garage can be scary, but the its better to deal with your fears rather than let them control your life. Show that snake who’s boss and call wildlife control to take care of the matter if you run out of options.

It’s better than never going into your garage again!

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