How to Get Rid of Squirrels in The Garage: 5 Steps

Squirrels are cute but not when they’re in your garage!

You’re probably desperate to get these little critters out of your garage and back into the wild. You’ll find everything you need to get rid of squirrels in your garage below.

Let’s get rid of those pesky critters!

Signs there is a squirrel in your garage

  • Squirrel nests in storage bins and corners
  • Gnawed wires
  • Droppings that look like a small bean
  • Audible noises during the day

Why there are squirrels in your garage

The most common time for squirrels to find shelter is during the cold months. Squirrels also like to burrow, which would make an unorganized garage heaven for squirrels looking to nest.

Squirrels also eat insects, fruit, vegetables, birdseed, acorns, and nuts. If you have a birdfeeder around your home or inside your garage, it could be attracting squirrels. Trash with leftover food can also attract hungry squirrels if they don’t have sufficient food to eat.

Squirrels also need to find a way into your garage, so you likely have some hole for them to come and go as they please. Check the corners and hidden areas of your garage for any holes and block the pathway with either tape or caulking.

If you leave the window or garage door open often, they can also find their way into your garage.

How to get rid of squirrels in your garage

We’re going to get rid of the squirrel humanely! You’ll be able to relocate the squirrel once all is said and done. If you’ve left the windows and garage door open and the squirrel still hasn’t left, you can follow the steps below to get rid of the squirrel.

Step 1

The squirrels are in your garage for a reason, they’re seeking food. You need to remove the food sources so that you can lay the bait on the trap effectively. If they have food laying around to eat, they won’t be bothered searching for food.

Step 2

Buy a one-door cage trap from your local hardware store. They can be picked up for around $30-50 dollars which is a lot less than calling an exterminator. Leave the trap on a flat surface so the squirrel doesn’t knock it over.

Step 3

Set the bait inside the traps. Remember, squirrels like nuts, acorns, and fruits. Lay the food inside the trap and make sure that the squirrels will have to get on top of the trigger to get their food.

Get the trap ready and trip the trap to make sure it’s working. Once you’re satisfied, set the trap again and place it where the squirrel can find it.

Step 4

Now you’re going to have to wait. The squirrel will get hungry eventually, so let the squirrel come to you. If you’ve waited for a few days, you may need to relocate the trap and try again.

Step 5

Once the squirrel (or squirrels) have been trapped, you can relocate the squirrel outside to it’s proper home.

Preventing future squirrel infestations

  1. Ensure that you’ve checked all the corners and hidden areas of your garage for any entry holes and cover them up.
  2. Remove any birdfeed you have outside.
  3. Keep any pet food or dry food you have inside of the house.
  4. Clean your garage so the squirrels don’t have a place to burrow.
  5. Buy a garage door threshold

Final Thoughts

I always recommend getting rid of squirrels in your garage humanely. Unfortunately, these pesky critters can become dangerous if they decide to start gnawing on electrical wiring. If you have tried everything, then it’s recommended to hire pest control that can get rid of the squirrel permanently.

If you have other pesky critters in the garage you need to get rid of, you’ll find how to get rid of them below.

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