How to Keep Spiders Out Of Your Garage Forever

No one likes going to grab a screwdriver and having to worry if those damn spiders are out and about again.

We’ve all been there. Having bugs in your home (especially the garage!) is a nuisance and unless you know why it’s happening, it’s going to be tough to fix.

Below you’ll find out why spiders love hanging out in your garage and 9 ways to get rid of them.

If you’re ready to squash your spider problem, let’s get into it.

Why Your Garage Has Spiders

Did you know most common house spiders spend their entire lives indoors?

While it’s not likely you’ll find a brown recluse lurking in the shadows of your garage, it’s still important to know why you’re having infestation problems. Below are the most common reasons why spiders hang out in your garage or home.

  • Moisture – Different kinds of spiders either avoid or seek moist environments. Spiders seek shelter in their preferred environment.
  • Food – Spiders eat insects. If your garage had pre-existing critters, it’s likely that spiders are attracted to the food source.
  • Darkness – Some spiders prefer to lurk in the shadows. Your garage has plenty of nooks and crannies for creepy crawlies to hide under.
  • Damage areas – If your garage has any cracks and crevices, spiders have easy access to your garage.
  • Dust – If we’re being honest, the garage is the last place in the house to get a regular cleaning. Spiders love dusty places so they can spin their webs.
  • Vegetation – If you have a lot of shrubs, trees, or ivy around the perimeter of your garage, you might want to consider transplanting them to another area. Spiders love to live under vegetation.

Knowing why spiders love your garage will help you in the process of getting rid of them. You know now what to watch out for and can prevent any future infestations.

Ways to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Garage

Tried everything but can’t get the spiders out? You’re going to need to follow the steps below to get rid of spiders for good. It’s going to be a great time to do some cleaning as well!

1. Remove Everything in Your Garage

If you have nowhere to place your belongings, store them in the center of your garage. You’re going to need a clear view of the walls to ensure no spiders are about.

I’d recommend removing everything if possible so you can deep clean your garage. It’s not necessarily going to keep the spiders at bay, but might as well take advantage of the situation.

2. Throw Out Any Cardboard Boxes

Spiders are attracted to cardboard boxes as they’re a perfect environment for them to lay their eggs in. If you’re using the boxes as storage, it’s time to get organized.

Check out the best garage storage containers to find the perfect place to store your items. If you go with clear bins, you’ll have an easy way of identifying what’s in each bin. It’s also going to last a lifetime compared to cardboard boxes and you won’t need to worry about weather damage.

3. Throw Away Anything You Don’t Need

When your garage is a mess, it’s hard to know what area the problem is in. Reducing clutter is going to be a great way to identify the source of the problem.

Make two piles, one of the belongings you’re keeping and one for trash. You’ll be thankful when you realize how much junk you’re currently storing in your garage.

4. Identify Cracks and Crevices

If your garage is littered with tons of cracks and crevices, you’re going to need to seal the cracks. Also, check the area around your windows to make sure there aren’t any gaps letting spiders in.

All you need to do is head down to your local hardware store or pick up some caulk online. Take your time as you walk around the perimeter of your garage and fill any holes that you spot. Sealing the cracks will protect your garage from not only spiders but any kind of small intruder.

5. Be Aware of Outdoor and Indoor Lighting

Spiders eat insects and insects are attracted to light. If you have outdoor lights that stay on at night, consider turning them off. Killing their food supply will prevent spiders from having a snack in your garage.

For your inside lights, you can also use lights that have a yellow, pink, or orange tint. Insects are least attracted to these colors which in turn prevents spiders. Sodium light systems are a great choice for this.

6. Spray Peppermint Oil

Before you rush to go purchase spider repellent or call a professional, grab a spray bottle and fill it with water and 20-25 drops of peppermint oil. If you don’t have any peppermint oil, you can use any strong-smelling essential oil like tea tree oil instead. Spiders hate strong smells!

Spray the solution all over your garage. Since it’s not harmful, you can spray it all over your tools and in every nook and cranny. Just don’t spray it over your electronic stuff!

7. Lemon Peels

Throw some lemon peels around the corners of your garage. If you have lemon essence handy, you can spray that around your garage as well.

8. Use Spider Repellant

If you’ve tried all of the above and nothing has worked so far, it’s time to bust out the big guns. Buy some spider repellant and get it in every corner of your garage.

Make sure to keep your garage ventilated during this process as you don’t want to be breathing in those fumes.

9. Call a Professional

Pros are pros for a reason. I’m a big advocate for DIY, but if you can afford it calling an exterminator might be your best option. When all of your options have been exhausted, call a professional.

They can point out any details you might have missed and you’ll know exactly how to get rid of spiders in your garage. Don’t be afraid, call pest control today!

Dealing with Infestations as a Homeowner

Dealing with bugs, rats and flies sucks. If you’re hoping to find an easy answer to fixing your problem, there isn’t. You’re going to need to take the time and figure out the source so you can get rid of these pests for good.

You’ll be glad you did when you don’t have to worry about jumping spiders biting you! Take the time and be patient and you’ll have your infestation problem fixed in a jiffy. Have a fly problem? Learn how to get rid of flies in your garage.

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