How to Organize Your Garage: 15 Quick Tips

When you aren’t consciously keeping your garage organized, it’s only a matter of time before you’re left with an unorganized mess. Over the years you’ve let your electronics, tools, and clutter collect dust in the garage. It’s time to do the impossible and get your garage organized.

Getting organized isn’t difficult and with the 15 easy organization tips below, you’ll have fun while you’re doing it.

Are you ready to start getting organized? Let’s get to it.

How to Start Organizing Your Garage

1. Start by throwing away the items you don’t need

Anything that doesn’t have a purpose in your garage needs to go. That includes the bucket of broken items that have been collecting dust for years.

You can make this process easier by making three piles in the driveway; keep, throw away and sell. Be tough when making these decisions as you have to deal with nostalgic emotions, but the items you don’t use need to go.

2. Get help

If you don’t have family (or kids) to help, call a friend over. This is a job that will take an entire weekend depending on the status of your garage. A helping hand or two goes a long way.

Divide up tasks so you can conquer two birds with one stone. You’ll be done before you know it.

3. Remove everything from your garage

After you’ve decided on what you’re going to keep, it’s time to remove everything from your garage. That means everything, even heavy furniture you’ve been keeping in the garage for years.

4. Give your garage a deep clean

If you’ve neglected your garage for some time, your floor and walls have collected dust, grime, dirt, and other unknown substances throughout the years.

I suggest starting by giving your garage floor a deep clean. The best solution for this is to use a pressure washer, your concrete will look new. If you don’t have access to one, then there are plenty of cleaning products that will remove iron, rust, and oil from your floor.

For the walls, you can use a soft sponge with a nonabrasive all-purpose cleaner. Put some elbow grease into it! It’s the only time you’ll be able to get into those unreachable places so get everything nice and clean.

5. Consider the layout of your garage

Before you move everything back in, take into account where you’ll place everything. It’s a good time to rethink the layout of your garage as you’re already in the process of organizing your garage.

  • Put your workbench on the wall nearest to your home so it’s near electrical outlets.
  • Place the bulky items that don’t get used away from foot traffic
  • Keep your fridge or freezer near the entrance of your home for easy access

If you park your car in your garage, make sure to account for that as well. Planning your layout in advance will save you a headache later on when you move everything back inside.

6. Seal or coat your garage floor

Sealing your concrete will protect your garage’s floor from rust, spills, and cracks. It also makes cleaning your garage floor incredibly easy.

If you want to spruce up the place, a polyurea or epoxy coating goes a long way. A coating will create a thick barrier between the concrete allowing for super easy cleanup.

You’ll be able to DIY, allowing you to save on professional installation. Your garage will be transformed from a grey eyesore to the talk of the town.

7. Keep certain items out of the garage

Avoid keeping any food (canned, dry, and pet) inside your garage so you don’t attract any creepy crawlies. Spiders also love hiding in cardboard, so recycle any boxes you have laying around.

Keep these items out of your garage to avoid potential damage or situations:

  • Propane tanks
  • Electronics
  • Bikes
  • Bedding/Clothes
  • Gas

8. Donate what you don’t need

If you’ve realized that you have three screwdriver sets, old clothes you won’t use, and electronics that are collecting dust, it’s a good idea to donate them.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

9. Inspect your garage for leaks

When your garage is empty it’s a good time to seal up any cracks or holes that you spot. These leaks will make your garage harder to insulate so taking care of them now will pay off later.

It’ll also help prevent any rat, spider, and fly infestations down the road.

10. Invest in storage bins

If you’ve run out of garage storage ideas, you’re in luck. Garage storage containers come in all shapes and sizes making organizing easy.

I recommend purchasing clear bins for the items that you use often like sports equipment and cleaning supplies. If you want to put your belongings in your garage as permanent storage, you can go for weatherproof bins that will keep your items safe should any flooding happen.

You’ll be able to easily stack them and it’ll make garage organization easy as 1-2-3!

11. Vertical garage storage ideas

Running out of space on the floor? It’s time to utilize vertical space!



Use pegboards to store your tools on the wall within easy reach. Instead of having buckets of tools laying around, you’ll know exactly where your tools are at all times. Make a habit of putting them back after you’re done, it’ll make staying organized easier!

You can check out the best pegboards for garage.


You can also install shelving that can hold all of your storage bins and belongings. It’s a great garage storage idea that creates space out of thin air. Another option is to utilize bike storage racks inside of your garage, keeping your bikes off the floor and stored securely.



Another surefire to save on space in your garage is by buying the best garage cabinets. Even the tightest budget can afford a space-saving cabinet solution that will go a long way.

12. Use overhead storage solutions

Even the tiniest garage has overhead space that can be used. With overhead garage storage racks, you can store items that you don’t use often out of sight.

I recommend using clear storage bins so you don’t need to open them to see what’s inside.

13. Move everything back in

Once you’ve figured out a plan, installed your new garage storage solutions, and taken the trash out, it’s time to move everything back inside your garage.

  • Keep the tools and items you use on a daily basis near your workbench for quick access.
  • Store your belongings in your new storage space
  • Make last-minute adjustments once you get a better idea of how your new layout funtions

14. Personalize it

It’s your garage and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you how you should organize it. Some operate fine in organized chaos and some crumble under the pressure of unorganized space.

Your garage is there to suit your needs, so don’t feel pressured to buy items that you won’t use. You can even use it as a good time to paint your garage door.

If you don’t have many items to store, you can get away with using a corner as a storage spot. If you’re a woodworker and are using up a large amount of space, storage solutions will help you reclaim your garage floor.

Not everyone needs a fancy garage, I prefer to keep it simple myself.

15. Keep up with the organization

Bring mindful attention to your actions when you’re in the garage. The next time you use a tool, put it back where it belongs. Have stuff that you can stow away in storage? Then take care of it right away.

When you take care of the order in your garage, you won’t have to go through the process of organizing it ever again. Enjoy your newly organized garage and feel free knowing that you won’t have to spend another weekend organizing again!

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