How to prevent door dings in garage: 4 Methods

Small garages may be causing you to ding your door on the wall, or even worse, your other car!

Instead of continuing to damage your car, you can try these quick fixes and see how fast you can prevent door dings in your garage.

Tools You’ll Need

  • Pool Noodle
  • Utility Knife
  • Double Sided Tape

How to prevent door dings from your garage wall

If you are hitting your car door against your garage wall, then follow the steps below to fix the issue. You can also purchase a garage wall protector instead of a pool noodle.

Step 1

Take a pool noodle that you have purchased or have laying around and cut it in half.

Step 2

Put double sided tape on the inside of the pool noodle and do the same for the other half.

Step 3

Stick the pool noodles on the spot where you ding your car door. You’ll prevent any future damage this way as your car door will hit the noodle and not your wall.

How to prevent door dings between 2 cars in garage

Option 1

If you’re wanting to save on cash, you can take your pool noodle either insert it through the pool noodle or cut it so it will fit. Attach string to both ends. In between your car doors, you’re going to want to install eyelet hooks so the device can hang in between your cars.

Once you’ve attached the device to the hooks, let it hang in between your two cars. This should prevent any future dings or scrapes.

Option 2

Instead of wasting precious time and energy, you can purchase a car door guard which you can take with you everywhere. The only downside here is that you’ll need to remove it any time you want to go inside your car.

Option 3

If you have any foam lying around, you can also hang it in between your two cars. This will create a barrier between your cars and prevent any damage.

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