3 Ways to Store Clothes in Your Garage

Storing clothes in your garage isn’t the most ideal storage space but it can make due in a pinch.

When you store clothes in your garage, wash your clothes beforehand and give away anything you don’t need. Keep your clothes in bins that aren’t airtight and out of the sunlight. Don’t vacuum pack any clothes or they may get damaged.

If you’re looking for some garage storage ideas for your clothes, you’ll find them below.

Let’s get started.

Should you store clothes in your garage?

Storing your clothes in your garage is not ideal as humidity and fluctuating temperatures can damage the fabric. It’s also a breeding ground for mold and you may have critters like moths or rats that love to chow down on clothes.

While it may not be the best storage option, I understand that you may not have anywhere else to store your goods. That’s OK because if you store your clothes in the garage properly, you should be fine storing your clothes for the long term.

Make sure you clean your clothes as well before you store them so they’re ready to go when getting them out in the future.

Below you’ll find a few ways to store clothes in your garage!

5 Ways to Store Clothes in Your Garage

1. 2PCS Durable Canvas

This canvas bag is a perfect way to store your clothes in your garage. It’ll let your clothes breathe so they won’t get damaged as well as keep any critters from making their way into your belongings.

You can also fit a pillow or comforter inside should you wish to utilize the other canvas bag in other ways. It’s also super affordable and will go a long way when your clothes will be protected for years to come. You can also stack these on an overhead garage storage rack no problem!

2. Whitmor Portable Wardrobe

What I like about this rack is that you’ll be able to move it around quite easily. It’ll also let your clothes breathe and keep any intruders out. The window lets you see inside so if you need to grab a piece of clothing, you’ll know exactly what’s inside.

This is a great choice if you want to store some of your winter clothes in the garage and have them available for easy access. It’s not a good buy if you know that your garage tends to get wet during the rainy months.

3. Rubbermaid Cleverstore

These containers are also a great way to store clothes in your garage. They come in a pack of 4 and hold 71 quarts each. A great feature is that it’s clear so when it comes time to get your clothes out again, you won’t need to look through several bins before finding your favorite sweater.

They also stack great which will be great if you want to tuck them away in a corner or overhead. You’ll be able to choose from 6 to 95 quarts giving you the flexibility of storage you need. They’re also not airtight which will let your clothes breathe and keep out any rodents.

What to Avoid When Storing Clothes in Your Garage

  • If you know your garage is susceptible to getting wet, it may not be a great place to store your clothes
  • Avoid keeping clothes you don’t need and give them away to charity
  • Don’t vacuum pack clothes
  • Keep your clothes out of the sun
  • Refold the clothes every now and again to keep them fresh

Final Thoughts

Keeping clothes in your garage is an ok option if you store them in the correct way. It’s a good time to get your garage organized beforehand so you won’t have difficulty later on finding a storage spot.

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