3 Ways to Store Power Tools in the Garage

Power tools are great to have but what’re you supposed to do when it comes to storing them?

If you want to store power tools in the garage, then you need to keep an eye out for extreme heat/cold, dust, and humidity. Keep your power tools out of the sun and avoid storing them on the floor.

If you’re looking for some power tool storage ideas, you’ll find them below.

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Should You Store Power Tools in the Garage?

The main issue when storing your power tools in the garage is extreme temperature. Cold weather can cause metal or plastic to become brittle as well as cause damage to the battery.

Excessive heat can also cause your tools to overwork. If you work in your garage and you pull out an already hot tool, it can cause wear and tear on a device that’s being stressed. You can avoid this issue by storing your power tools inside during the months with extreme weather.

Dust accumulation is another factor. If your garage isn’t ventilated properly, dust within your power tool’s housing can cause gear wear, switch failure, and destroy the bearings within.

If you have a way to regulate the temperature and humidity in your garage then storing your power tools shouldn’t be an issue. If your garage gets super hot or cold during the summer/winter months, then either regulate the temperature or store the tools elsewhere.

You can find several options to dehumidify your garage all the way to heating and cooling solutions.

3 Ways to Store Power Tools in your Garage

1. Power Tools Storage Organizer

One way to store tools in your garage is with a power tool organizer. This will allow you to hang up to 5 of your favorite power tools so you can grab them when you need them. You also have tool storage available on the top so you’ll be able to get more than one use out of this organizer.

Another great feature is that it has two cubbies on the side that can hold your circular saw, track saw, briefcase, or anything else you wish to store in this cubby. I like that you can create a charging station on the top so you’ll have an easy time organizing your garage.

You will have to put this unit together as it doesn’t ship as a whole unit but rather pieces of wood. Reviewers mention that it did take a while to put together, but in the end, it was sturdy and they were happy with this organizer.

2. DEWALT Tool Box Tough System

Another option is this DeWALT toolbox. What I love about this option is that it has an IP65 integrated water seal so if you have any flooding in your garage, your tools should hold up. The side handles make it easy to carry so if you need to take your tools with you, you should be on the go in a jiffy.

It comes with thick structural foam inside so you can know your tools won’t be moving around when in storage. You also have inner verticle storage that you can use for your hand tools. Keep your power tools on the inside, the hand tools on the vertical storage and you should be organized, no prob!

One downfall of this type of storage is that you won’t be able to get your tools out without opening the box. I know that may seem obvious, but if you are always working, it may end up annoying that you need to open/close this toolbox. Reviewers mention that you can fit a few different power tools within without any problems!

3. StoreYourBoard Electric Drill Storage Rack

This shelf + storage rack combo will give you enough storage space to store four of your favorite power tools. It’s a budget option that will take care of your storage needs as well as provide a shelf on the top that you can transform into a charging station.

Whether you want to store your impact, hammer, or driver drills, you’ll have no issue doing so. The powder coated steel will resist rusting and will last longer than the wood options. My only gripe with this solution is that it only holds four tools which be a bummer if you have a lot of tools.

Installation is super easy and it comes with everything you need. Honestly, I prefer this simple option out of all the others. Super simple and does exactly what you need.

What to Avoid When Storing Power Tools in Your Garage

  • Avoid keeping your tools in the garage in extreme heat/cold
  • Keep your tools out of the garage if you know you have humidity issues
  • Never keep tools on the ground
  • Avoid storing dirty tools
  • Reduce the level of dust in your garage
  • Avoid keeping your tools in direct sunlight
  • Avoid starting an extremely cold tool without warming it up to reduce damage

Final Thoughts

Storing power tools in your garage is acceptable as long as you keep an eye on the weather, dust, and humidity levels in your garage. You have plenty of choices to choose from when storing your power tools. My favorite way would be with a cheap rack that will make it easy to pick up and go when you’re in a hurry.

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