3 Ways to Store Tires in Your Garage

Before you store your summer/winter tires in the garage for a few months, store them the right way to prevent damage.

The best way to store unmounted tires is by storing them vertically sidewall to sidewall, preferably on a raised surface and off your garage floor. Mounted tires should be stored on hooks that go all the way through the wheel.

If you want to check out some tire storage ideas for your garage, you can find them all below.

Getting your Tires Ready for Storage

If you’re putting away tires for long-term storage, give them a quick cleaning with warm water and soap. Make sure the soap/cleaner you’re using isn’t petroleum-based as this can damage your tires and cause cracks. Get off as much built-up grime and dirt as you can and then let them dry.

After they’re dry, it’s a good time to check and maintain the air pressure on your tires as recommended by the tire manufacturer. When you take your tires off again, check their pressure again before installing them on your vehicle.

How to Store Unmounted Tires in Garage

If your tires are unmounted (without rims) then you’re going to want to store them stacked sidewall to sidewall. If your garage walls are white, then you may want to store them individually with covers to prevent them from staining your walls. It’s a good idea to remove as much air as you can before you seal up the bag as well.

Another tip is to store your garage on a barrier (like a pallet) so the tires don’t sit directly on the ground. This will prevent any moisture from building up. If your garage has moisture issues, then a garage dehumidifier may be a good option.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to store the tires outside of direct sunlight, so store them away from windows.

How to Store Tires Mounted on Rims in Garage

The best way to store mounted tires is with a hook through the rim so it supports the tire fully. You want the tire to be off the ground so it won’t be damaged by putting pressure on a single point.

Make sure that the hook goes ALL the way through the rim and not on the rim itself. If you do that, then the tire may become deformed from the weight being unevenly distributed.

If you don’t have hooks, then you can stack them vertically with the sidewall facing down so the rim isn’t putting pressure on the tread. This isn’t ideal, but it will work in a pinch.

Tire Garage Storage Ideas

1. Heininger 5392 Large GarageMate TireHide

If you’re storing your tires vertically, then you’re going to want to cover them in a trap for protection. This tarp slides easily over a stack of four large tires up to 30 inches. Instead of your tires becoming an unsightly mess, you’ll be able to keep the aesthetic of your garage in place.

This is one of the easiest, no-fuss tire storage options out there. It’s cheap as heck if you manage to repurpose a pallet that someone’s tossing out.

2. Heavy Duty Garage Tires Hooks 

You want hooks that go ALL the way through the tire so that you don’t put any unneeded pressure on the rims. These hooks are 12.4 inches long which will support your tires fully without needing to worry about storage damage.

They’re also rubber coated so they’ll keep your tires in place. The double hook design is a nice feature as well for extra support. Installation is a breeze only requiring two screws.

Once your tires come off their hooks, you can repurpose them and store anything else that is taking up space in your garage. Getting your garage organized is going to make your life a breeze, so do it when you get a chance!

3. MAXXHAUL 70489 Adjustable Wall Mount Tire Rack

While not the most ideal storage option, a wall rack is another option to consider. You may not have space to hang 4 tires individually and this is a great option to save on floor space.

You should be able to store your summer or snow tires without any issue. Purchasers mention that if you go with this rack, you should get your own lag bolts from the hardware store so it stays secure.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wanting to learn more about extending tire life, Goodyear created an amazing guide that you should check out. Storing tires in your garage isn’t difficult, but it is important to know exactly how to store them to prevent damage.

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