3 Steps to Store Your Mattress in the Garage

Storing your mattress in the garage isn’t the best way to store it, but you can if you have no other options.

If you have a way to regulate the temperature and humidity of your garage and space to store it flat, then storing your mattress in the garage is OK.

Below you’ll find out the three steps you need to take to ensure your mattress survives the rough conditions in your garage all year round.

Let’s get started.

Can you leave a mattress in the garage?

Storing a mattress in your garage isn’t your best bet but it can be done in a pinch. If you don’t have anywhere else to store your mattress, you will need to keep the temperature in your garage regulated. The reason for this is that your garage is prone to temperature fluctuations which can, in turn, damage your mattress from mold and mildew.

Another reason why storing your mattress in your garage isn’t a great idea is that you’ll need to store it flat. When you store your mattress on its side, you’ll find that the inner workings of your mattress will shift to one side. If you have latex or memory foam, the coils can collapse from being stored upright.

If you can’t control the temperature in your garage and don’t have space to lay it flat, then you’re better off storing your mattress in a temperature-controlled environment. You do have multiple ways to heat and cool your garage that you can consider before shelling out a ton of money for storage solutions.

How to store a mattress in your garage

If you have a way to ensure that the humidity levels in your garage stay low and it doesn’t get too hot/cold, you can follow the steps below to store your mattress in your garage.

1. Clean your mattress

Mattresses can build up dirt, dust mites, sweat, and dead skin over time. Before you put your mattress in storage, it’s a good idea to give it a cleaning so it doesn’t have a chance to mold over. The best way to clean a mattress is to start by vacuuming all sides of the mattress.

After you’ve vacuumed off any dirt and dust that you find, you can coat the mattress with baking soda for around an hour. This will help remove and pre-existing stains and remove any smells. Once the hour has passed, you can vacuum up the rest of the baking soda. If you have a foam-free mattress, an upholstery cleaner can be used instead.

Wait until your mattress is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

2. Put your mattress in a storage bag

A mattress bag will protect your mattress from any insects, liquid, and dust that may accumulate on it over time. Considering your garage is not the most ideal place to store your mattress in the first place, a mattress bag is going to be vital to ensure it stands the test of time. A simple mattress bag should do the trick!

If you don’t have an area to store your mattress that is out of direct sunlight, then you might want to go for a storage bag that is a solid color instead of clear.

3. Lay your mattress flat

Now that you’ve cleaned and put your mattress in a bag, it’s ready to be put to bed. If your garage isn’t organized then this task may be difficult. You can opt to utilize overhead garage storage if you don’t have any room left in your garage.

Laying your mattress flat will take up room in your garage but it will keep your mattress from warping. It’s up to you to decide if you’re ok with losing a portion of your garage to store your mattress. If you aren’t, then maybe it’s time to invest in a storage locker.

What to avoid when storing your mattress in the garage

  • Don’t store your mattress in direct sunlight
  • Don’t store your mattress in a hot or cold garage
  • Don’t store a dirty mattress
  • Don’t leave your mattress uncovered in the garage
  • Avoid storing your mattress on its side
  • Avoid storing your mattress in a humid garage

Final Thoughts

While storing your mattress in the garage isn’t optimal, it is possible if you do it the right way. If you don’t have any way to control the temperature/humidity in your garage then it’s advisable to store your mattress elsewhere.

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