7 Surefire Ways to Get a Bird Out of Your Garage

Turn around and BAM, you have a bird in your garage.

Birds are harmless but you may find that you and the bird are scared silly! You can escort the bird out of your garage safely thanks to the 7 ways you’ll find below.

Before you frighten the bird more with your panicking, find out how to remedy the problem.

Why birds fly into your garage

Birds have difficulty focusing on objects directly in front of them, they may simply see the light coming from a window and doors and think they can fly through your garage. Unfortunately for you, that means that they can get stuck in your garage.

Birds also seek food and a place to nest, and if there is extreme weather outside, they may find shelter in your garage. Birds are always looking for a safe space to land, and if they feel threatened they may make a drastic decision and fly into your garage.

How to Get a Bird out of Your Garage: 7 Ways

1. Lock down the area

What’s worse than a bird inside a garage? A bird inside your house! Make sure you keep the door going into your home locked so the bird doesn’t get scared and fly inside.

Close any cabinets or storage areas you have to keep the bird from entering those areas. It’s as scared as you are, so give the bird some breathing room.

Open the window if you have one as well as the garage door and see if the bird will leave on its own.

2. Close the lights

Turn off all the lights inside of your garage and drape the window as much as possible. Crack the window a tiny bit so the light only comes in through the window. Hopefully, the bird sees the light and tries to fly outside on its own. Give the bird some time to make their way out. If you don’t have a window in your garage, crack the garage door open a tiny bit instead.

3. Leave the garage

If you’re in the garage making a ruckus, the bird can get frightened and prevent it from flying away. Give the bird some space and leave the windows and garage door open so it has a chance to fly out. If you have a cat or other pets hollering, get them away as well.

Take a deep breath and let the bird do its thang!

4. Use a sheet

You can use a bed sheet to guide the bird to a window. Hold the sheet with both hands raised and guide the bird to the door or window.

5. Pick up the bird

If you’re braver than I, then you may be able to simply pick the bird up with your bare hands. If the bird lets you get near it, then gently pick it up and hold it with both hands. Bring it outside and set it free.

Be very careful when holding the bird as they are sensitive to pressure, you do not want to harm the bird in this process!

6. Trap the bird with a sheet

If you aren’t able to herd the bird with a sheet, you can try draping a sheet over the bird to trap it. Be very careful when handling the bird, and then release the bird once you’ve captured it.

7. Call a wildlife expert

If you’ve tried everything and the bird still hasn’t found its way outside, you should call a animal control to handle it from here. Animal control will escort the bird out with the tools they have at their disposal.

Final Thoughts

Having anything stuck in your garage can be a headache. Thankfully though, almost all critters can be evacuated out of your garage without harming them.

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