9 Best Garage Cabinets for Any Budget

Tired of rickety garage cabinets that aren’t worth a dang? With the right setup, you’ll have a new home for all of your tools, paints and other goodies that you want to keep organized.

Below you’ll find all the reviews for garage cabinets and our favorites right at the top.

Ready? Let’s get you organized!

9 Best Garage Cabinets

Best Garage Cabinet

Husky 24-Gauge Steel Freestanding Garage Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 48x72x18″
  • Has Wheels: No
  • Shelves: 3, holds 150lbs each

This garage cabinet is a beast and you’ll be able to store all of your garage knick-knacks with ease!

What I like

I love that this cabinet has 450lbs of weight capacity so it’ll be able to hold tools, paint or anything else you need to store. Each shelf can hold up to 150lbs each. The inside has an interior peg board which will allow you to hang racks and makes for easy access.

If you have kids that are running about, it has a lock on it so you can keep them out (or your nosy neighbors)! Poorly made cabinets can be difficult to shut, but with the magnetic closure at the top, you won’t have any difficulty closing the doors.

The most important feature is the adjustable shelves. Static shelves can prevent you from storing your awkwardly shaped objects and now you won’t ever have that problem! The back has grommets as well so you can loop your cords into this cabinet and charge your power tools.

If your garage gets super hot or cold, this cabinet is built to last through high humidity and extreme low temperature. The entire cabinet weighs 143lbs and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

What I don’t like

This garage cabinet does require assembly so you will need to get out your toolbox once you get it home. Reviewers mention that assembly is easy, but it does take some time.

It also doesn’t have wheels but for a heavy duty garage cabinet, you likely don’t want it to be rolling around!


The adjustable shelves, incredible weight capacity and the lifetime warranty make for the best garage cabinet I could find. If you’re looking to invest in your garage or workshop, look no further.

Also Great Garage Cabinets

Classic Series Steel Freestanding Garage Cabinet in Black

  • Dimensions: 36x72x18″
  • Has Wheels: No
  • Shelves: 4 holding 180lbs each

Can’t decide on the perfect garage cabinet color? This cabinet comes in a variety of amazing colors to choose from.

What I like

I love that you can choose between black, blue, charcoal, dove grey, putty, red and tropic sad finishes. Every garage is different, and a black cabinet is boring! Imagine a red cabinet and how it’ll brighten up the garage a little.

This cabinet has four adjustable shelves that can be moved in 2 inch increments. Each shelf holds up to 200lbs which is more than the first cabinet on this list. The door has a lock as well to keep your items safe and sound.

If you’re not handy, don’t worry. It comes pre-assembled unlike the first option on this list. Each door has 3 sets of hinges for added security and longeveity. This garage cabinet weighs 404lbs which is almost 40 pounds less than the Husky cabinet in first.

Total weight capacity for this cabinet is 800lbs which is almost double the Husky cabinet in first. You’ll have plenty of space to store all of your belongings and won’t have to worry about hitting the weight limit.

What I don’t like

Since it comes pre-assembled, it can be difficult to transport this item from the store to your home if you don’t own a truck.


If you have heavier items and want to pick a color to match your garage’s decor, this garage cabinet is perfect for you.

Best Heavy Duty Garage Cabinets

Husky Black and Gray Welded Steel Floor Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 46x72x24″
  • Has Wheels: No
  • Shelves: 3 shelves with 200lb limit each

Don’t let the picture fool you, this garage cabinet is big and strong!

What I like

My favorite part about this cabinet are the 24 inch deep shelves. You’ll be able to fit a TON of stuff on each shelf (up to 200lbs). You can adjust the shelves wherever you like as well all along the cabinet. I especially like the look of the wire shelves to boot. Not to mention the 20 inch gauge steel that this bad boy is made out of (thicker than normal cabinets at 24).

It comes pre-assembled so you won’t have to worry about getting your toolset out. The entire thing is a bit heavy at 218lbs, so bring a friend or a handtruck with you to get it situated. Don’t let the picture fool you, it’s 6 feet tall.

The back has a grommet so you can wire in some electric to power your tools while they rest. The front has a lock to keep out anyone who isn’t supposed to be messing with your belongings.

You won’t have to worry about high humidity or harsh extreme temperatures, it’s built to last. To top it all off, it comes with a lifetime warranty should anything go wrong with your new garage cabinet!

What I don’t like

This cabinet is a bit heavier than other options and doesn’t hold much more than other options on this list. The increase of price may not be worth it if you don’t need the added depth.


If you need an absolute beast of a garage cabinet that will last the test of time, this 20 gauge steel cabinet is the choice for you.

Best Rolling Garage Cabinets

Gladiator Premier Series Steel Freestanding Garage Cabinet 

  • Dimensions: 30x65x18″
  • Has Wheels: Yes
  • Shelves: 1 bottom and 2 adjustable shelves

This is a great option for durability AND mobility. 

What I like

One of my favorite things about this cabinet is the magnetic catch on the doors. This will help keep the doors closed securely in order to protect your items from dust and damage. It will also improve the organizational aesthetic of the space.

Another one of the most beneficial features is the lockable caster wheels. This makes it easy for you to move the cabinet around when you need to, but also to keep it safe in a certain area(even if you’re working on an uneven surface).

With multiple adjustable shelves and a couple of hooks, you will have the freedom to organize this cabinet however you wish to.

What I don’t like

One of the limitations of this cabinet comes from the middle partition. While it allows you to neatly organize small or tall/narrow items, it won’t accommodate bulkier objects.


If you’re looking for a durable and versatile garage cabinet to help you keep your smaller items out of the way, and you don’t also have large items to store, this Gladiator Premier Series freestanding garage cabinet is the best fit for your needs.

Best Budget Garage Cabinets

Plastic Freestanding Garage Cabinet in Gray 

  • Dimensions: 35x71x18″
  • Has Wheels: No
  • Shelves: 4

A versatile, lightweight alternative to more permanent, unwieldy cabinets for the budget-minded consumer.

What I like

One of the best features of this garage cabinet is its shelving versatility. With 4 full-length shelves, you can organize essentially any items in any arrangement that works for you. Each shelf is adjustable to give you the height you need for each product type.

Since this cabinet is made of plastic, it is lightweight and much more mobile than other cabinets made of steel and other heavy materials. This means users can rearrange their garage as often as desired with relative ease. This material choice also makes it more affordable than heavy-duty materials. 

If you will be using this cabinet in a place that others have access to, the lockable doors will be a great benefit to you. You’ll be able to keep all of your items safe from theft, and you’ll be able to protect your kids and pets from dangerous tools.

What I don’t like

One of the downsides to purchasing this affordable garage cabinet is the lack of wheels. You best be sure that it is placed exactly where you need it to be before you fill it with items, because moving it later will not be an easy task.


Overall, this is a great cabinet to buy if you’re shopping on a budget and you’re looking for the freedom to organize a wide range of items. It’s fairly simple in design, but it will perform its function as desired.

Best Garage Cabinet Drawer

Husky Heavy Duty Welded 18-Gauge Steel 5-Drawer

  • Dimensions: 28x32x21.5″
  • Has Wheels: No
  • Shelves: 5 drawers

If you’re looking for a secure, stable choice, there is no better option.

What I like

One of the things you’ll appreciate most about this drawer unit is its heavy duty design. It is built to withstand all damage types, and it can easily support up to 1100 lbs of total weight (120 lbs per drawer and 500 lbs on the top surface). Whatever work you need to do in the garage, this unit will hold up to frequent use.

One of my favorite features is that the cabinet surface doubles as a workspace. It is built low enough that the top of the cabinet is not wasted real estate, allowing you to maximize space efficiency and keep things neat and tidy simultaneously.

Another incredibly helpful feature is the drawer lock. With a single twist of a key, you can lock or unlock all the drawers at once. This is a great way to keep curious children away from dangerous tools.

What I don’t like

The drawers in this cabinet are all quite shallow. Unless you plan on using the top surface as a storage space as well, this garage cabinet is only suitable for tool storage with a handful of larger objects in the bottom drawer.


Anyone searching for an all-around reliable product for storing tools and other smaller items should choose this Husky Heavy Duty Welded 18-Gauge Steel 5-Drawer garage cabinet. It’s affordable and will provide a great facelift to your workshop.

Best Wall Hanging Garage Cabinet

Gladiator Premier Series Steel 2-Shelf Wall Mounted Garage Cabinet

  • Dimensions: 30x30x12″
  • Has Wheels: No
  • Shelves: 3

If floor space is a concern, this wall-hanging cabinet is the right choice.

What I like

One of the most notable benefits of purchasing this model is that it will arrive pre-assembled. This saves you the time and hassle of building the unit yourself, so you can get right into organizing your garage.

One cool thing about this garage cabinet is the variable shelf height. You will be able to accommodate a number of different item types without wasting precious garage space

The 200 lb weight capacity is something that everyone can appreciate. As long as you secure it properly into wall studs or to GearWall Panels/GearTrack Channels and don’t overload an individual shelf, this durable cabinet can hold all of the important items you need.

What I don’t like

The smaller capacity of this wall cabinet may become a problem for people who accumulate a lot of items destined for the garage. While the smaller space will force you to be more organized, it may also make access to each item more frustrating.


This versatile Gladiator mounted cabinet is the perfect solution for storing items safely out of reach of children, and out of your way. As long as you aren’t dependent on a large capacity, you won’t have any complaints.

Also Great Wall Hanging Garage Cabinet

Ryobi Steel 3-Shelf Wall Mounted Garage Cabinet in Platinum

  • Dimensions: 17x11x19″
  • Has Wheels: No
  • Shelves: 2

With easy access and helpful storage features, anyone needing a quick storage solution will appreciate this model.

What I like

One of the most unique things about this mounted garage cabinet is the peg holes on both sides. These holes are a great way to create some extra storage space via hooks, so items that don’t store well on shelves can still be lifted off the workspace or floor.

Another design element I like is the durable steel construction. It won’t easily give in to the wear and tear that comes with frequent use, and heavy/leaky items won’t damage the unit either.

The tool-hanging slots are another feature that is fairly unique to this model. It is a space-saving method of storing tools that keeps them within easy reach, so you won’t need to go digging through a tool chest for the things you use most often.

What I don’t like

The biggest complaint I have about this mounted cabinet is how small it is. You will fill it up quite quickly, and only small items will fit on the shallow shelves.


If you’re looking for a more space-efficient way to get some items off a workspace in your garage, this affordable Ryobi mounted cabinet is the way to go. It doesn’t have a lot of storage space, but it is compact enough to fit in tight spaces and can help you declutter.

Best Garage Cabinet Alternative

Husky Black 4-Tier Heavy Duty Garage Shelving Unit

  • Dimensions: 77x78x24″
  • Has Wheels: No
  • Shelves: 4 shelves holding 2500lbs each

If you have the space and the clutter that requires a large storage solution, this is the ideal option.

What I like

Users will be most impressed by the weight-bearing capacity of this cabinet: each shelf can support up to 2500 lbs, which is just staggering. Whether you have paint, automotive parts, heavy tools, or other work equipment to store, you can be sure that this unit will never buckle beneath the pressure.

The 4 shelves are adjustable in 3-inch increments, so you have the freedom to play around with the heights of each shelf to accommodate the items you need to store. This is a great way to maximize your efficiency and organization.

Another note to make is that this is one of the most durable garage shelves you’ll ever find. Its heavy-duty steel construction and coated finish ensure that it is essentially damage-proof. Longevity is certainly not an issue with this model.

What I don’t like

The only downside to this unit is its immense size. It is one of the tallest and longest units on the market, so while it will help you organize, it will also take up a significant portion of the real estate in your garage.


If you have large, heavy items to store, or simply a LOT of items that need a place to live outside of your actual home, this is the garage cabinet for you. Its large size, incredible weight-bearing ability, and simple design make it the perfect storage space for pretty much anything.

Final Thoughts

The best garage cabinet we could find was the Husky 24-Gauge Steel Freestanding Garage Cabinet. If you’re running low on space and budget, the Plastic Freestanding Garage Cabinet in Gray  is also a good fit.

You’ll find that getting a garage cabinet will help your garage get organized as well as overhead garage storage racks. Don’t forget your garage storage containers as well!

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