The 11 Best Garage Floor Mats [Tough]

Protect your garage floor by investing in a garage floor mat. You’ll find that covering your garage from end to end with a mat will be one of the cheapest options compared to tiling or epoxying.

After looking through a bunch of garage floor mats, the best one I could find for covering your entire garage was the G-Floor Ribbed mat.

If you’re looking for a containment mat, the TruContain Containment mat will do you well.

Have a motorcycle or need to take care of oil spills? Check out the reviews below.

The 11 Best Garage Floor Mats

Armor All AASMVC88100FABRIC 8'4"x7'4" CHECK PRICE
IncStores StandardVINYL4'x6' CHECK PRICE
Maxsa InnovationsPOLYPROPLYENE11"x 21.5" CHECK PRICE
Drymate Oil Spill DRYMATE29"x36" CHECK PRICE
GelPro Anti-Fatigue NonslipFOAM20"x72" CHECK PRICE
Hanjet Garage Floor PVC FABRIC7'9"x18' CHECK PRICE

Best Garage Floor Mat

G-Floor Ribbed

G-Floor Ribbed

What I love about this garage floor mat is how big it is. You’ll be able to cover 127.5 sq. ft with just one mat. Covering your entire garage with a floor mat from end to end with this mat is one of the cheapest options.

A tiling job would cost around $1,000 for a 2 car garage. An epoxy job for a 2 car garage can go from 1600 to 6000. Two of these are in your garage and you’ll be set. The installation is incredibly easy and it requires no additional tools or glue.

Simply roll out the garage floor mat and cut it down to the size of your garage.

A garage floor mat is going to prevent concrete deterioration, hide cracks, stains, and save you money from any further damage. The parallel channel included with this mat will make cleanup a breeze with a broom or a damp mop.

G-floor was built to last, made out of 100 percent high-quality polyvinyl. It isn’t made out of filler material that will degrade over time. G-floor is also waterproof, making liquid cleanup a breeze.

Since this product ships rolled up, reviewers mentioned that the ends of this product come folded upwards and require heat or weight to flatten them out.

The G-Floor Ribbed goes up to 10’x24′ should you require any additional coverage. The best garage floor mat has to go to G-floor, having already reviewed all the garage tiles, it’s a money-saving bargain.

  • Able to cover the entire garage relatively cheaply
  • Waterproof
  • Ends may be curled up due to shipping

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Best Runner Up Garage Floor Mat

Armor All AASMVC88100

Armor All AASMVC88100

The Armor All AASMVC88100 is perfect if you only require a garage mat for a smaller vehicle. It isn’t made out of rubber, but it does have plenty of great features to make up for it.

The super-absorbent fabric material absorbs rain, snow, and wicks away any moisture brought into your garage. It’s slip-resistant and waterproof, the mat stays in place should you have any liquid contact.

You’ll be able to cover up any cracking or stained concrete you have in your garage. Replacing your concrete is no cheap task, a garage mat will protect against any further damage.

You won’t have any issues installing this mat, simply roll it out and adhere to the edge. You can cut it to fit any size garage. You’ll have less mess to clean as the mat can be used to dry off your shoes when you come inside.

No issues with cleaning this mat, just vacuum, power wash or hose off. It’s strong enough to survive a power washing so don’t be afraid to get it a bit dirty!

Many reviewers mentioned that this mat isn’t heavy-duty like the G-floor, but it never claimed to be. You’re purchasing a felt mat with a rubber back that will protect your garage floor from any damage.

  • Great for small vehicles
  • Keeps garage floor clean from any oil/debris
  • Requires adhesive
  • Made out of felt material

Best Budget Garage Floor Mat

IncStores Standard

IncStores Standard

You can’t go wrong with this garage floor mat. It’s made out of vinyl, comes in plenty of different finishes and colors, and is available up to 7.5’x25′.

Keep yourself safe by laying down this waterproof and slip-resistant mat in your garage. You won’t have to worry about falling over when walking over this mat.

When you need to clean up, sweep away any dust or debris. You’ll easily be able to wash the vinyl garage mat with water and soap to make it look new. One reviewer mentioned that his mat still looks new after a year of driving on it.

The feature I love most about this garage mat is the color options. You can pick from light gray, dark gray, and black. Not only that you can choose between diamond, ribbed, or coin finish to top off your garage’s look. Each pattern has its own unique features to make your garage special.

Incstores warns that due to manufacturing, some end pieces may not fit together perfectly side by side. You can also check out the wide variety of garage floor tiles that Incstores produces.

Reviewers also mentioned that this product can be thin, making it curl up if driven on with a motorcycle.

  • Best value garage mat
  • Color and finish options
  • Mat is thin

Best Runner Garage Floor Mat

Armor All AAGFRC299

Armor All AAGFRC299

The Armor All AAGFRC299 runner garage floor mat is LONG coming in at 29″x9′.

This mat is perfect for keeping a dry perimeter around your work surface keeping your concrete safe from any spillage. Line the outside of your garage with a few of these to keep any unwanted filth off your precious garage floor.

You’ll have no issue with the material as it’s not going to fry. It has a non-slip backing to make sure you stay in place and can be cut to fit any dimension garage.

Once it starts to look dirty as heck, take a hose or a power washer to it and you can clean it really quick like.

A few reviewers mentioned that this mat is thin. I think that if you’re looking to keep your garage clean, a few Armor All AAGFRC299 runner garage floor mats are going to be one of the cheapest ways to do so.

If you’re looking for more options, learn more about the best garage floor coatings.

  • Perfect for keeping your garage clean
  • Nonslip surface to reduce movement
  • Is thin

Best Motorcycle Garage Floor Mat



Have a motorcycle or golf cart that needs to be parked? The BDK GMT330 is one of the toughest garage mats for the job.

This mat is 1/3″ inch thick, making it incredibly durable. It’s extremely heavy at over 60 lbs, this garage mat was made to last. It’s slip-resistant making it perfect for an entryway as well as a parking mat for your motorcycle.

The deep channel design traps liquid, snow, and ice protecting the floor should anyone walk over it. If you’re constantly running in and out of your garage, this mat will be great at catching any outside mud, rain, or snow.

You also won’t have to worry if you park your hot motorcycle tires on it, it’s resistant to heat and liquid. The weight of the heavy-duty mat ensures that it won’t slip around should you need to take your ride for a spin.

The BDK GMT330 is the toughest mat on this list that I could find. You won’t be disappointed if you only need to park your bike on a mat.

  • Extremely heavy (60lbs)
  • Great for entryways
  • No cons! Seriously, it looks great.

Best Containment Garage Floor Mat

TruContain Containment

TruContain Containment

A garage containment floor mat is necessary if you’d like to keep your garage floor free from mud, snow, or oil. The TruContain Containment garage floor mat is one of the best options I could find.

You won’t have any issue with installation as there isn’t any assembly required. The material is made heavier than the other competition. Enjoy the free shipping if you live in the USA.

The seams of the mat are located underneath, with a textured surface for easy cleanup. It’ll easily catch any falling debris and your garage won’t turn into a swimming pool during the winter.

Cleaning the mat when it gets dirty takes around 25 minutes, faster than using a shop vac. Take it outside during the warmer months with a bucket and throw a soap and water mixture on it.

You can keep using it during the summer months if you’d like to enjoy cleaner concrete all year round.

The TruContain Containment is a great choice if you’re tired of cleaning your garage’s concrete every other day. Preserve the concrete of your floor easily with this mat.

  • Great for winter
  • Protects your concrete big time
  • May curl up after longterm usage

Runner Up Best Containment Garage Floor Mat



You’ll be able to enjoy the optimized fabric and Stay-Put corners that won’t curl up after long-term use. Included are a free squeegee and telescoping pole for easy cleanup.

Installation is not a problem, it’s ready to use right outside the box. The heat-sealed, watertight seams are thermally welded to make your garage containment mat durable.

You don’t have to suffer through a wet garage during the winter anymore with the AutoFloorGuard garage containment mat. During the summer you’ll be able to use it to keep your garage extra clean should any oil leakage occur.

Overall, not much of a difference from the first option. Both are priced very similarly and seem to do their job well.

AutoFloorGuard recommends letting the mat be in the sun after purchasing so that it will lay extra flat when it comes time to use it.

  • Stay-Put corners
  • Lays flat
  • Might be too short for your car

Best Budget Containment Mat

Hanjet Garage Floor

Hanjet Garage Floor

The Hanjet Garage Floor containment mat is another great choice for keeping your garage floor clean as heck.

You won’t need to install anything, take it out of the box and put it in its place. Boom, you’re finished! It’s made out of commercial-grade PVC fabric which ensures it’ll have a long life protecting your garage floor.

You’ll be pleased with the water-tight seams keeping the water where it belongs – off of your garage floor. It’s water-resistant with a cell foam containment edge which protects your garage floor from any leaking water.

Easily wash the mat should it get dirty or get mud on it with soap and water, dry and reuse.

HANJET recommends leaving this product in the sun for a while upon purchasing so that it can flatten out fully.

The Hanjet Garage Floor is another choice for keeping water off your garage floor.

  • Keeps garage floor dry
  • Easy installation
  • Needs to be left in the sun upon purchase to flatten out

Best Parking Garage Floor Mat

Maxsa Innovations

Maxsa Innovations

The Maxsa Innovations was one of the best parking garage mats I could find.

If you need to protect your garage floor from your tires, this is one of the cheapest methods to do it. After an epoxy job, it’s a good idea to ensure that you won’t have to do another coating by protecting your garage floor with this mat.

The built-in drip tray will help keep any water, snow, or dirt from damaging your garage floor. If you’re parking at night, the reflective strip will help you park exactly where you need to.

The 11″x21.5″ design was created to fit all passenger vehicles. I would make sure and double-check before purchase if your car will fit.

You don’t need to get out of your garage every time to see if you’re in the right place. The Maxsa Innovations parking garage mat will help you by making it easier to park. If you own two cars that need to be parked, this is one of the best solutions so that you park in the same place every time.

Reviewers mention that the design may not be big enough if you own an SUV or larger vehicle.

  • Easily park in the same spot every time
  • Great budget buy
  • Might not be suitable for SUV

Best Oil Spill Garage Floor Mat

Drymate Oil Spill

Drymate Oil Spill

You won’t have to spend a ton of money to take care of oil spills. The Drymate Oil Spill is a great garage spill mat that’ll keep you from cleanin’.

The absorbent material will keep liquids where they should be, off of your garage floor! Drymate material will wick away any moisture keeping your garage floor dry.

The slip-resistant backing makes sure the oil mat stays in place while you change the oil in your car. The waterproof layer is insurance in case oil starts leaking everywhere and you’re preoccupied with other tasks.

You’ll be able to reuse this mat even if it gets dirty, simply scrub it with soap and water and dry it.

Nothing fancy here, this oil spill mat was made to take care of oil spills and it does just that. It’s also a great price.

  • Takes care of oil spills
  • Made in the USA
  • Reusable
  • No cons!

Best Anti-Fatigue Mat for Concrete

GelPro Anti-Fatigue Nonslip

GelPro Anti-Fatigue Nonslip

Bad knees? Bad back? This anti-fatigue mat will keep you on your feet as one of the best anti-fatigue mats for the garage I could find.

Standing on hard floors all day can really tear your body apart, this mat will take care of just that.

The 1/2″ thick foam will reduce fatigue while standing, allowing you to work on your favorite DYI garage projects. It’ll support your feet, legs, and reduce lower back pain.

This mat is non-slip ensuring that you stay in place whenever you stand on it. Take it with you anywhere you need as it’s easily portable. The top of the mat is stain and water-resistant, easily clean with a damp cloth and detergent.

The modern design will keep you on the mat for longer, it’s incredibly sleek. It’ll match any decor you put it in.

One reviewer mentioned that they had issues with this mat staying in a place where they had water. Be on the lookout if you’re going to be near any puddles or spills.

  • Great for a bad back/knees
  • Keeps you on your feet longer
  • Hard to stay in place in a wet environment

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